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Chapter 135: ShuiJing in Danger

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 135: ShuiJing in Danger

    A few days later, Little Fatty arrived in the next hiding place only to find out that the Mystical Spiritual Fruit were indeed already taken away. The only items left behind were corpses of spiritual beasts and human body parts. From the way the scene looked, it seemed like a heavy price was paid.

    If Little Fatty did not have a mission on hand, he would definitely chase after this person who obviously originated from a devil’s sect. But, the traces of that fellow was in the direct opposite direction from where he wanted to go. Plus, this had already happened a few days ago and it would be difficult to judge how far he had already ran. Thus, Little Fatty could only helplessly give up and stick to his original plan.

    Just like that, Little Fatty travelled for another few days. This afternoon, just as he was flying across a bamboo forest on his Wing Piercing Tiger, he suddenly heard the clashing sounds of metal against metal. Immediately, Little Fatty determined that there was fighting in the vicinity. Furthermore, it seemed the fight was slowly drawing closer to him.

    After Little Fatty determined this, he hurriedly kept his Wing Piercing Tiger. Then using the Fog Concealment Spell to conceal any trace of himself, he thought, ‘It’s best that both of them get heavily injured in the process. Then, I would be able to take this big advantage!’

    While Little Fatty was busy imagining a beautiful scenario, the bamboo forest in front of him was abruptly destroyed by a powerful force. A whole few hundred feet promptly collapsed with clattering noises. From the smooth surface on the remaining bamboo, it was obvious that it was sliced apart by a sharp sword. Following which, a few figures flashed into sight.

    One of those figures was covered in a gold light, with gold coins surrounding her. Her figure immediately caught the attention of Little Fatty because that was the junior sister which he dual cultivated with before, Miss ShuiJing!

    At this moment, ShuiJing was in an extremely pitiful state. Despite having the protection of the Mystical Tortoiseshell, her clothes were still tattered and hair in a mess. Her left sleeve was completely torn, revealing a fair and white arm. Above her arm, scratches could be seen with traces of blood drawn.

    Surrounding ShuiJing was 9 vague figures, beautiful flirtatious figures which were skimpily dressed, possessing well developed figures. They obviously did not have physical bodies, seeing how they floated around ShuiJing like ghosts. As they travelled back and forth, they were completely silent and could pass through anything, including the bamboo in the forest.

    Little Fatty received a rude shock at this strange scene, and exclaimed in his heart, ‘All these strange beauties do not seem to have a physical body and look like the formless body which HuoLong mentioned. The appearance of those 9 ladies also seems to be extremely familiar, like the 9 seniors on the Nine Beauties Painting! Wait, it can’t be right? The one chasing after ShuiJing must be the owner of the Nine Beauties Painting, YuFeng!’

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty was in disbelief, before nodding his head and musing, ‘It must be him, apart from him, who else can force the strongest lady in the Mystical Sky Yard into such a pitiful state?’

    While Little Fatty dealing with his shock, 3 figures shot out and landed in front of ShuiJing. The first one, was the holder of the Nine Beauties Painting, son of the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect, YuFeng. Behind him were his two sect mates.

    With a cunning laughter, he took two steps forwards and said in conceit, “Miss ShuiJing, I have already said that you cannot outrun the formless body of the Demonic Desire Witch. Why are you struggling as such? Why not you hurry and submit to me? Don’t worry, I will definitely dote on you well!”

    In all honesty, this YuFeng was rather dashing. It was just that the things he does, coupled with the devious laughter on his face, completely spoiled his image. At this moment, he looked like a dog which could not keep in check his sexual desires, which was a completely disgusting sight.

    Even when facing such a strong opponent, with injuries on herself and her spiritual Qi almost exhausted, ShuiJing was not flustered at all. She still had the same calm expression as though everything was natural, allowing others to deeply respect her!

    With a smile, she confidently said, “Young master YuFeng, do you believe that after you chased me here, you have already signed your death warrant?”

    “HAHAHA!” After YuFeng heard that, he could not help but laugh out maniacally, “My death? Miss ShuiJing, you must be kidding! Do you think I will believe your lies? Let me tell you the truth, you will have to submit to me today whether you want me to or not. At most, I will just wait for you to exhaust all your spiritual Qi before allowing the devil to possess you. At that time, wouldn’t I also be able to allow you to die in pleasure? But, it is just that you will not be able to enjoy that wonderful sensation if that’s the case! HAHAHA!”

    As ShuiJing heard that, she was not angered at all. She only shook her head and said helplessly, “Death is at your doorstep but you are still ignorant. It really is such a pity!”

    As YuFeng heard that, he was almost angered to death. He simply laughed coldly and snickered, “ShuiJing, don’t tell me you have been scared silly by me? Your daddy, I, have the Nine Beauties Painting on me, of all the XianTian disciples who entered this Jade Green Screen, who can be a match for me? Who can kill me?”

    Before he even finished saying that, a loud voice resounded through the air, “I can kill you!”

    Following the sound, tens of red and golden divine lightning smashed towards YuFeng like shooting stars. At the same time, it was as though ShuiJing had already planned it with someone else as she retracted her Mystical Tortoiseshell and sent out her World Coin. The 6 coins turned into 6 golden light, smashing towards YuFeng’s head like lightning tearing through the night sky.

    Facing the sudden ambush, YuFeng was naturally startled. But, he was still an expert who had been through countless of battles after all. He quickly reacted and summoned the nine beauties to guard him.

    The Nine Beauties Painting was indeed the strongest existence amongst the spiritual artifacts. In just an instant, the 9 devils appeared in front of him and transformed into the divine body with form. Nine beautiful cultivators then appeared in the battlefield, with the 4 nuns in the centre, activating the Four Sided Devil Ambush Formation. A bright golden light was then activated, protecting YuFeng completely.

    The 5 sword cultivators held onto their flying swords and laid down the Five Element Sword Formation, increasing the layer of defence.

    You have to know, despite the Nine Beauties Painting being restricted by the strength of their owner, each of the 9 cultivators had the strength of a foundational cultivator. But after they combined into laying down a formation, their might is multiplied, as though they were a JinDan cultivator. Such a defence, was not something that the divine lightning of a XianTian cultivator could break.Not just that, after seeing that their young master was ambushed, both his sect mates also activated their protective magical artifacts and rushed in front of YuFeng, protecting him. At the same time, YuFeng also activated 3 of his own protective magical artifacts, defending in front of him.

    5 magical artifacts plus a Nine Beauties Painting. With such a defence, it was definitely considered to be overly extravagant. Not mentioning 2 XianTian disciples, even a JinDan cultivator would not be able to easily break through the many layers of defence.

    In just an instant, all of YuFeng’s defences was immediately up. YuFeng then could not help but reveal a conceited expression, as though he was waiting to see the expression of the one ambushing him after realising that he had so many layers of defence.

    But right at this moment, something that YuFeng would have never dreamt about happened. The tens of divine lightning which Little Fatty shot out changed direction right before colliding with YuFeng’s defense, shooting towards the cultivator of the 13th XianTian stage on his left.

    At the same time, the World Coin which ShuiJing shot out also turned and sprinted towards the cultivator on YuFeng’s right.

    Both of their teamworks were completely outstanding at this moment, as though they had practised this for countless of times before. But in reality, they had not even communicated about this at all.

    In actual fact, Little Fatty had no intentions of cooperating with ShuiJing. His motive was just to ambush and eliminate one of them. He knew that with YuFeng’s status, he would definitely have many protective treasures on him. Together with a Nine Beauties Painting, he would definitely not be able to kill him in a single attack no matter how strong he was. If he couldn’t kill him, then his advantage of ambushing them would be completely wasted and the situation would turn into a 3 vs 2 battle.

    But if Little Fatty were to target one of his followers, then the chances of him succeeding would greatly increase. Thus, he decided to come up with a plan to distract him, in order to kill that brat. In such a way, the situation would become a 2 vs 2 battle, which was much better than a 3 vs 2 battle.

    But, Little Fatty never expected ShuiJing’s Plum Blossom Divination to be perverse to such an extent that she was able to completely calculate his own moves. Thus, she was able to catch the prime opportunity to complete a stunning cooperation with Little Fatty. Those two disciples never expected that they were the targets for the ambush and had completely no preparation at all. They did not even have enough time to retract the magical artifacts which was protecting YuFeng. As such, their outcome was determined to be a tragic one! When Little Fatty’s divine lightning blew the cultivator up into smithereens, ShuiJing’s World Coin also killed the cultivator on the right. In just an instant, YuFeng became the only one left on the battlefield. Everything happened so quickly that he did not even understand what happened.

    Only after Little Fatty entered the battlefield with a face full of smile and dragging a large bell did YuFeng realise what happened. He then said in frustration, “Darn fatty, you dare ambush this young master?”

    “Has your head been kicked by a donkey?” Little Fatty replied with disdain, “This Daoist here ambushed the trash behind you! Since when did I ambush you?”

    “Pu~” The usually calm ShuiJing also couldn’t help but laugh at what Little Fatty said.

    As for YuFeng, he was angered to the point he coughed out blood on the spot. His two fingers pointed at Little Fatty, but the words could not come out of his mouth.