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Chapter 134: Sword Destroys the Cliff

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 134: Sword Destroys the Cliff

    What made her despaired was the fact that both her magical artifact and cultivation method were of the Wood type while the bees were of the Metal type. Metal is able to suppress Wood, this made her completely suppressed. The pressure which her magical artifact had to withstand was largely increased, also speeding up the exhaustion of her spiritual Qi. If she still can’t find a way out of this, then what awaits her is death!

    The lass was after all still rather young and had not experienced such tribulations. The wound on her shoulder, the pain from the poison, and the killing intent which was radiating from the bees all around her completely scared her silly. Thinking that she was sure to die here, she immediately burst out into tears right on the spot.

    Little Fatty who was watching by the side couldn’t imagine that this crafty lass who kept finding trouble with him would actually be scared to the point she cried. As such, he wasn’t able to hold it in and began laughing on the spot.

    The moment he laughed, the lass immediately found him. Now that she was hoping so hard for someone to come and save her, the moment she heard a laughter, she immediately shone her magical artifact mirror towards the laughter. With a ray of light, it cleared the surrounding fog and broke the Fog Concealment Spell which Little Fatty cast. In that instant, Little Fatty was discovered. The moment she saw that it was him, the lass became elated. After all, she saw how strong Little Fatty was, to the point where he could almost fight her senior sister on equal grounds! He would definitely be able to save her right now. Thus, she hurriedly pleaded out for help, “Fatty, fatty, save me!”

    The moment Little Fatty heard that he was almost angered to death as cursed, ‘Calling me fatty the moment you open your mouth, is that the way you plead for help?’

    Frustrated, Little Fatty rolled his eyes and acted as if he was ignorant, “Eh, is there a fatty here? Where, where?” As he said that, he pretended to look around him.

    As such, no matter how foolish she was, she also knew where her mistake was! Afraid that Little Fatty would leave her in the lurch, she hurriedly said, “Senior brother, senior brother, it is my fault! Hurry up and save me!”

    “Eh. Fatty to senior brother, I was actually promoted so quickly!” Little Fatty teased.“Aiyoh, I already know my mistake. Please stop teasing me! Hurry up and save me!” The lass said anxiously.

    “Alright, I shall not tease you anymore!” Little Fatty then acted and said, “With regards to your sincere apology, I am extremely pleased. So, I shall magnanimously forgive the young and ignorant you!”

    “Thank you, senior brother. Hurry up! Hurry and save me!” The lass hurriedly begged.

    “Save you?” Little Fatty said with disdain, “I only said that I would forgive you. What that means is that all our bad debts are now cleared. I never said that I was willing to save you! I have no such obligation!”

    “You, how can you be like this?” As she heard that, she almost fainted from anger as she hurriedly replied, “Didn’t your Daoist HuoLong senior say that after we come in, both our sects would be like a family? How can you leave me in the lurch like this?”

    “It’s good that you know that he was the one who said that. It has nothing to do with me~” Little Fatty shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

    “Dammit. I will definitely complain to Daoist HuoLong when I return!” The lass scolded in frustration.

    “Haha, okay. If you are able to leave here alive, I welcome you to complain to him!”

    “You~” Only then did she finally wake up and realise that she would definitely die here today if Little Fatty did not help her. Thinking about this, she immediately began crying in grievance as she said, “You baddie, you’re bullying me!”

    “Cheh!” Little Fatty said unhappily, “It seems that you also bullied me previously right?”

    “Didn’t I already admit my mistakes? Besides, you are a man, how can you be so petty!” She lamented in grievance.

    “Ai yah yah, it appears that I am really a bit petty. But, after being bullied by you and almost getting crippled by your senior sister, I just have to vent this anger!” Little Fatty then said with a devious laughter, “How about this, if you call me brother, I may forget about our past odds and save you if I am happy!” “Ah? How do you expect me to call you that?” The lass immediately replied in embarrassment.

    “If you don’t call me that, then I’m sorry that I can’t help you!” Little Fatty then added, “Just slowly wait for these bees to catch you and slowly bite you to death! I’m sure that they’ll definitely enjoy such a pretty feast. It is just that I don’t know if they’ll eat your feet first or your head first!”

    The lass was frightened by Little Fatty’s words as she shrieked, “Stop saying that, I will just call you brother! Brother, brother, please save me!”

    “It’s already too late, you now have to call me good brother, dearest brother!” Little Fatty said delightfully. The moment she heard that, she was nearly driven to insanity. But since she had already called him brother, plus her life was already in danger, she couldn’t be bothered with anything else. She could only shout out loudly, “Good brother, dearest brother, please come and save me! If you don’t save me any sooner, I’m going to die! Ah~!”

    As she said that, the protective light around her could not longer take it and it was broken under the bees’ assault. The next moment, countless of bees flooded towards her like shooting stars. In that instant, despair filled her face as she shut her eyes and await her death.

    But just at this moment, Little Fatty took action. First, it was a wave of 100 feet long fiery sword light, sweeping through the bees surrounding the lass. Fire suppresses Metal, plus the might of the Five Element Essence Sword, it immediately dealt fatal damage to the bees, burning all of those who was enveloped by the sword light alive.

    But, that was not the only action which Little Fatty took. When the sword light was still flashing, he threw out dozens of Fire Divine Lightning. They all exploded around the beehive and the dozens of red fireballs instantly destroyed the beehive. Although the white jade box was sent flying, Little Fatty immediately retrieved it with his sword light.

    In just a single breath, Little Fatty successfully saved her, killed the bees, destroyed the hive and snatched the treasure. The whole process was as smooth as flowing water and displayed the might of a lightning cultivator. The lass at the side was almost dumbfounded, just a moment ago, she was awaiting her death. The next moment, everything was over. It happened so quickly to the point she could not believe that it was real.

    After being stunned for a short moment, she saw Little Fatty playing with the jade box. Her eyes instantly lit up as she cried out emotionally to Little Fatty, “Dearest brother, you are really too amazing! I am completely amazed by you!”

    Following her voice, a wet lass ran to the side of Little Fatty, took his hands as she looked towards him with a face full of admiration.

    At this moment, her clothes were completely wet and they clung to her body, revealing all her exquisite curves and smooth skin. As Little Fatty saw that, a wave of lust overcame him as his tongue became dry. Before he regained his senses, he suddenly felt his hands become light and the jade box snatched away. Following which, the lass in front of him also disappeared mysteriously as though she never appeared.

    The concealment technique of a magical artifact? Little Fatty immediately knew what happened and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He never expected himself to be fooled by this lass.

    At this moment, the lass who was already hidden did not forget to lash out at him, “This darn shameless fatty. You actually took advantage of that situation and forced me to say something so mushy. You deserve to die 10,000 times! But, since my mood is good today, I shall not lower myself to your level. You must remember to be grateful to me and not find trouble with me in future! If not, if not, ~”As she said that, she was stumped. She wanted to threaten him but was not a match for him at all.

    Little Fatty then asked with a laugh, “If not, what can you do to me?”

    Helpless, the lass could only threaten and say, “If not, I will find senior sister Han Bing to pierce a sword through your inner core and cripple you!”As Little Fatty heard that, his face immediately turned green. “What this lass mean to say is that she wants to castrate me?”

    She immediately realised that she said something inappropriate and hurriedly escaped with a shriek.

    Seeing that she had already escaped, Little Fatty could only laugh bitterly. Too bad, who asked him to not have a single magical artifact which was able to break a concealment technique. Now, he could only watch as the opponent ran away like that.

    Besides, Little Fatty was extremely confident about this hunt. His objective was to obtain at least 9 Mystical Spiritual Fruits, 3 for him, Little Monkey, and Han LingFeng. It wouldn’t matter if that lass took one away from him. Besides, he was not willing to snatch the Mystical Spiritual Fruit from a lady.

    After which, Little Fatty did not leave immediately. He used his flying sword to slash at the center of the waterfall, uprooting the strange tea tree and placed it into his Natal Artifact.

    After that was settled, it was already dark and Little Fatty just decided to spend the night there, setting off the next morning.

    The next objective which Little Fatty had in mind was something near the center of the Jade Green Screen. Although he wanted to just completely ignore what Daoist HuoLong said, he couldn’t take it too far as it was still an important matter to the sect. Thus, he could only hunt the Mystical Spiritual Fruits which are along the way. According to his plan, he would be near to the meeting point after finding another 2 Mystical Spiritual Fruits.

    Although Little Fatty knew that all the hiding places of the Mystical Spiritual Fruits would probably be empty, he was still hanging on to the little hope that he was still able to get it.