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Chapter 133: Beauty in Danger

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 133: Beauty in Danger

    The moment Little White Dragon heard what Little Fatty said, he was almost angered to death. “When my life is on the line, this darn fatty can still say such nonsense?! The moment this little master is fine, I will definitely let you pay the price!”Of course, all these threats can only be said in his heart. On the surface, he expressed a look of remorse and regret as he pleaded, “Junior brother, junior brother, it was my bad previously. Please, on behalf of us being sect mates, give me a helping hand!”

    “Ai yah yah. Yes, we are indeed sect mates!” Little Fatty then shook his head and said, “But, after walking for a whole day, I am already extremely hungry. I simply don’t have the strength to help senior brother at all!”

    Little White Dragon immediately rolled his eyes. “You had so much energy when you destroyed both my flying swords. Now that you talk about saving me, you are hungry?”But, just as the saying goes, being under the roof of others, one has no choice to lower his head. More than half of Little White Dragon’s spiritual Qi had already been exhausted. If he does not receive aid anytime soon, he would definitely be eaten alive by these flying ants. Thus, despite knowing that Little Fatty was making things difficult for him, he could only rein his anger in and plead, “Junior brother, please be magnanimous and save me first. When we’re out of here, I will treat you to all of the exotic delicacies which you can think of!”

    “Really?” Little Fatty then said with a cunning smile, “Even if I want to eat the Mystical Spiritual Fruit?”

    “This~” Little White Dragon was obviously not an idiot either. The moment Little Fatty spoke, the former immediately understood his intentions. This darn fatty wanted to extort the Mystical Spiritual Fruit which he just obtained.

    Although he could not bear to part with the Mystical Spiritual Fruit, his own life was still much more precious than it. Thus, he could only bear with the heartache and say with an apologetic smile, “Junior brother must be kidding, isn’t it just a Mystical Spiritual Fruit? As long as junior brother saves me, I will definitely give it to you without delay!”

    “Senior brother, it is not that junior brother doesn’t believe you. It is just that your younger brother, I, am completely weak from hunger. I can’t even walk anymore. Why not you first throw me the Mystical Spiritual Fruit and I will save you after I finish eating it?” Little Fatty said calmly.

    As Little White Dragon heard that, he was immediately anxious as he shouted, “But what if you leave after taking it?”

    “Senior brother, it seems that you don’t trust me!” Little Fatty then acted as though he was heartbroken and said in ‘grievance’, “If that’s the case, then I shall not disturb you any further. I shall just leave!” As he said that, Little Fatty was prepared to turn and walk away.

    Little White Dragon became terrified as he saw that. The moment Little Fatty left, won’t be become a goner? He then hurriedly shouted, “Don’t leave, don’t leave. I’ll just give it to you!” As he said that, he took out the jade box he just obtained. After stroking it a few times with reluctance, he threw it towards Little Fatty. At the same time, Little White Dragon threatened in his heart, ‘Darn fatty, this thing shall be kept with you for now, the moment this young master is free, I will definitely toy you to death!’

    Just when Little White Dragon was holding back the rage in his heart, Little Fatty happily received the jade box which came flying over. Then, he gleefully checked that the seal was still original and untouched. Only then did he keep it in satisfaction. Suddenly, his face changed, grabbed his stomach and shouted, “Oh no, senior brother! I’m having diarrhea! Wait for a moment! I’ll come save you after I let it all out!” As he said that, he rode on his Wing Piercing Tiger and ran away. Without giving Little White Dragon a chance to say anything, he disappeared into the dense vegetation.

    As Little White Dragon saw that, he was angered to the point his innards burned and almost puked blood on the spot. He then scolded in rage, “Darn fatty, you actually dare to deceive me! This isn’t the end~!”But, Little Fatty had already escaped far away and could not hear anything at all. No matter how much more he said, it would not save him from his predicament. Thus, after that scolding, he fiercely stomped his feet and rushed towards the forest.

    Although the dense forest was a cover for him, it also restricted his speed. Plus, the amount of spiritual Qi his fire dragon expends in the humid forest also increased. On the contrary, the fog and dense vegetation only posed a little obstruction to the small and agile flying ants. They continued chasing Little White Dragon fiercely.

    After a few minutes, a loud explosion sounded from the dense forest. At the same time, a giant fireball was created, burning the surrounding forest. But, the place was just too humid, and the fire was unable to last for long before quickly being extinguished.

    After another few minutes, Little Fatty who was riding his Wing Piercing Tiger appeared in the site of the explosion. After searching a while in the charred area, he found a set of white skeleton. From the remnant clothes on it, it was the skeleton of Little White Dragon. It was just a pity that he had already became White Dragon Skeleton!

    From the marks on the charred area, Little Fatty quickly deduced what happened in this place. Little White Dragon definitely ran out of spiritual Qi and was forced to detonate his magical artifact to try and wipe out all the flying ants chasing him. But, it was a pity that even after he detonated his magical artifact, it couldn’t save his life. Although many flying ants did die, but the remaining ones still devoured him in just a short while.

    With regards to Little White Dragon’s death, Little Fatty obviously felt no pity at all. The only thing which he felt was a waste was the magical artifact which was exploded. Little Fatty initially wanted to see if he could retrieve it but was disappointed. He was only able to get Little White Dragon’s dimensional storage bag which contained some valuable things. After all, he was an elite disciple in the sect, and everything in his possession added up to more than a million spiritual stones. It can still be considered to be a small fortune.

    Looking at the skeleton on the ground, Little Fatty acted as though he was in regret and said, “Senior brother, why couldn’t you have just held on for a little longer. In just a short while when I took a dump, you are already gone. You really put this junior brother in a spot! Haiz, since things have already developed as such, junior brother can only wish for you to be blissful. Plus, let me say something else, I think it’s best you not to be a human but a pig in your next life!As he said that, Little Fatty rode on his Wing Piercing Tiger towards another direction. In that direction, there was another Mystical Spiritual Fruit a few hundred kilometres away.

    After a few days, Little Fatty finally arrived at the next hiding spot of the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. But this time, he was obviously late because he saw someone arrive before him.

    The moment he saw someone, Little Fatty immediately kept his Wing Piercing Tiger. Then, he activated a Fog Concealment Spell.

    The Fog Concealment Spell was the lowest grade water type concealment spell, which shrouds one with a layer of fog. In other places, it may be rather useless. But in this place where the fog was so thick, it’s concealment effect was extremely good. It allowed Little Fatty to easily hide within the branches of the trees, spying on the other party.

    It was a white dressed female cultivator who was extremely pretty and fair. After looking carefully, Little Fatty was immediately elated as he thought to himself, ‘Enemies really always meet! It is actually this damn lass! Today, I will definitely toy with you properly!’

    This girl was a female cultivator from the Jade Pearl Pavilion who openly provoked Little Fatty a few days ago. Her words were vicious, and after creating so much trouble, Han Bing’er fought in place of her. In the end, it resulted in Little Fatty’s defeat and he was even almost crippled.

    Although Little Fatty beautifully said that he would settle the score another day, he was extremely resentful in his heart. He already had the intentions to find a chance to take his revenge. Even if he isn’t going to kill her, he must definitely make a fool out of her to take his revenge.

    The terrain here consists of a large waterfall which was a hundred feet tall. On the peak of the waterfall, there was a large tree. On the branch of the large tree, there was a large beehive several feet big with countless of fist-sized bees flying around. Above the hive, was a white jade box, identical to the one Little Fatty obtained.

    Seeing this, Little Fatty couldn’t help but cursed, ‘the cultivator who placed all of the Mystical Spiritual Fruit is really such a bastard. How could he place it in such a dangerous place? The last time, there was a magnetic mountain and flying ants. Without a protective magical artifact, one would have definitely died. Now, it seems like it was just placed atop a beehive, but from the body shape of that giant bee, strong steel wings, and sharp poisonous stinger, it would probably be even more difficult to deal with than the flying ants.

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty became even more careful. Then, he carefully took note of the surrounding. Only then did he see a strange old tea tree growing in the middle of the waterfall. Even though it was growing on the cliff, it still stubbornly grew to over a foot thick. From the looks of how old it looks, it is probably at least a thousand years old. The leaves on the tea tree were fresh and green, and the most mystical part about it was that the veins on the leaf naturally formed a circle. It looked like it vaguely formed the shape of a taijitu, as though it contained the laws of the world.

    But, this was something which can only be observed if one looked carefully. Under a cursory look, it only looked like a tea tree with some spiritual Qi. Little Fatty was only able to figure all these out because he stared carefully at it.

    Seeing this odd tea tree, Little Fatty’s heart was immediately moved. He immediately thought that his Natal Artifact seemed to lack some vitality. This tea tree didn’t seem too bad to him. Although it didn’t have much spiritual Qi, it was better than an ordinary tea tree without spiritual Qi at all. After everything is settled later, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea for him to keep it. Just when Little Fatty was thinking about all these, the lass opposite him finally could not hold back her temptation towards the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. She gently took out a green mirror magical artifact, and in an instant, she disappeared into thin air.

    Little Fatty who was hidden with the Fog Concealment Spell was shocked. He then thought to himself, ‘Disciples which come out from the Jade Pearl Pavilion are indeed different! Why does it seem that everyone has a magical artifact? The magical artifact she used looks like that of a mirror, the strangest of the magical artifacts. Be it attack, defence, concealment, investigation, it has all the different functions and is the favourite of all cultivators. I can’t imagine that even this mischievous lass is able to have one! But, from the spiritual Qi emanating from these bees, they don’t seem to be something good to provoke. It may not be so simple to just rely on concealment to steal the Mystical Spiritual Fruit!’

    Just when Little Fatty was thinking about that, a shriek sounded from the beehive. Following which, the poor lass held her shoulder as the concealment spell was broken.

    Despite her brilliant concealment, it was only able to fool the guards at the outer layer. The moment she reached the core, she was immediately discovered by a bee king who flew past her. It was the second fiercest bee in the hive, only second to the bee empress. In this hive of hundreds of thousands of bees, there were only a few bee kings. Unfortunately, this lass met with it.

    The moment they realised that someone approached their nest with concealment, they immediately attacked in rage. Although her magical artifact had a strong defence, it was only useful if she activated it. When she was in concealment, it was not possible for her to activate its defence at all.

    The result of that was that the lass failed. She was fiercely stung by the bee king on her shoulders. Thankfully, her clothes were made from heavenly silk and refined with a spell. As such, it was able to absorb most of the shock. If not, her arm would have definitely been crippled on the spot.

    But even if this was the case, the poisonous sting still pierced her skin and a scorching Metal type poison was injected. The lass immediately felt her whole body hurting as though thousands of knives were slicing her. Unable to bear the pain, she cried out and could no longer maintain her flight, falling from the sky.

    After such a setback, such excruciating pain, her face was completely filled with tears. But, those bees still would not let go of her as they rushed towards her and beginning attacking. In just an instant, buzzing sounds filled the air and countless of golden figures rushed towards the lass like meteors. Thankfully, the lass had refined her magical artifact for many years already and was already mentally connected to it. After it noticed that its owner was in danger, the green mirror immediately activated a green protective layer, surrounding her. When the bees all charged over, they were immediately reflected by the green light, saving her life.

    Despite the charge being blocked, the force from their charge sped up her descent even further. In the end, she landed in the water with a splash. The poor lady was immediately drenched, revealing all the curves on her body, allowing Little Fatty to have a good feast for his eyes.

    The cooling water immediately woke the lass in pain up. She immediately realised that the situation was dire and struggled to the river bank, wanting to fly away on her flying sword. Only then did she realise that she was already surrounded by the countless bees.

    Although these Metal type spiritual creatures were not big, they were all over 100 catties heavy. When they flew at top speed, the gust generated by their wings was enough to blow away all the stones around them. They charged at her from all directions, and in every moment, her protective light received the attack from thousands of bees. The gigantic pressure from all the attacks made it difficult for her to even walk, much less flying on her sword.