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Chapter 132: Jade Box Trap

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 132: Jade Box Trap

    This place was no longer forested. It was a rocky area made from a special black rock. This place had a circumference of thousands of feet. There was no fog within and the view within was extremely clear. There were countless of large and small rocks around. The large ones were hundreds of feet tall, while the small ones were only a few feet tall. In the centre of the area was a protruding stone mountain with a fist-sized white jade box on its peak. On the jade box was a seal made from golden inscriptions.

    Because Daoist HuoLong had already informed them, Little Fatty immediately knew that the Mystical Spiritual Fruit was being kept in the jade box.

    Even though the treasure was right in front of him, Little Fatty did not blindly rush forward. He had already been warned that every place that the Mystical Spiritual Fruit were placed were all filled with dangers. Before obtaining the Mystical Spiritual Fruit, a battle had to be fought first. Thus, despite the peaceful looking place, Little Fatty did not dare let his guard down. He only scanned the area with his spiritual sense. But, it was to no avail. There was completely no spiritual Qi fluctuations, as though this was an empty area.

    Just as Little Fatty was plotting out a method in his head to explore his surroundings, he heard flitting sounds coming across the shrubbery ahead of him. A humanoid shadow burst out from the forested area, appearing on this blackened region, a mere few thousand feet opposite Little Fatty.

    Upon focusing his senses, it was to Little Fatty’s surprise that he knew the identity of the mysterious person, and was even familiar with him. It was actually the guy who had a reputation as a Little White Dragon! Who knew whether it was a coincidence or not, but his initial position was actually so close to Little Fatty, as a result causing them to meet when they both attempted to get this particular mystical spiritual fruit.

    At the same time, Little White Dragon had discovered the presence of Little Fatty. He was actually not stupid; looking at the latter’s position, he quickly came to the conclusion that Little Fatty had been a step earlier than him. According to the rules, when competing for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit, disciples of the same sect would not fight against each other, instead of abiding by the principle of ‘first come, first serve’. Thus, this particular fruit should belong to Little Fatty.

    However, this Little White Dragon was long used to having his way while in the Mystical Sky Yard. In front of such a huge treasure, how could he even bother to talk about reason? Even though he knew he was the subsequent party, he still rushed forward abruptly for the jade box as planned, at the same time yelling out threateningly: “Darn Fatty, this mystical spiritual fruit was first spotted by this young master, if you know what’s good for you then you better not fight over this with me!”

    Hearing this sentence, Little Fatty almost vomited blood in a fit of anger, thinking, ‘This bastard is fantastically thick-skinned, today let this nobleman teach him a lesson or two!’

    Just as Little Fatty was preparing to throw aside all decorum and brawl it out with him, he suddenly stiffened as he thought of something. After which he immediately discarded all thoughts of flipping out in retaliation, instead only giving a light smile, mildly speaking out: “Since senior apprentice brother says so, then it belongs to you, please go ahead and help yourself to it!”

    Little White Dragon had originally thought that Little Fatty would wrangle with him; never did he expect that the latter would be so terrified at the sight of him. In this situation, he mistook Little Fatty to be afraid of provoking him, and his ego soared, saying: “Looks like you are able to recognise your superiors! Haha!” He even slowed down his steps, so as to better show Little Fatty just how he was going to obtain the fruit in front of his nose!

    Hearing the arrogance in his tone, Little Fatty was thankful he did not drop dead on the spot due to his anger. He persevered and swallowed the anger, inwardly smiling grimly as he thought: ‘This idiot, losing his cool the moment he meets a precious treasure. To think that he actually forgot the warnings given by the seniors. I don’t believe this strange weird place would not even have a scrap of danger, I’ll wait for you to get your karma!”

    Thus, it came as no surprise to Little Fatty that when Little White Dragon leisurely soared over the tapered outcropping, taking up the jade box, the black region finally reacted with violent changes. Countless thumb-sized black flying ants surged up violently from amongst the rocks as far as the eye could see. They numbered in the ten thousands, covering both earth and sky as they threw themselves onto Little White Dragon, akin to a locust plague.

    Little White Dragon was immediately startled. Then, he hurriedly drew out his sword and wanted to fly away. But never did he expect that the moment he took his flying sword out, it was immediately attracted to the black rock under him.

    “Magnetic mountain?” Seeing the situation, Little White Dragon immediately shouted out in shock, “This place is actually a magnetic mountain? Goodness, my flying sword can’t even be used anymore. What should I do?”Although Little White Dragon was stunned, the flying ants would not be. In an instant, hundreds of flying ants swarmed towards him. Seeing their sharp fangs, it was likely that his flesh would surely be ripped off from a single bite.

    That brat was immediately shaken awake as he hurriedly shouted, “Burn, burn all these assholes to death!”

    Following his roar, a one-foot sparkling jade gourd appeared beside him. As the gourd opened, a fiery red flame immediately spewed out and formed a dragon surrounding himself. All of the flying ants which came near it were immediately burnt to death. Obviously, this was a magical artifact which Daoist HuoLong prepared for him after he lost his previous one. By the looks of it, it seems that this magical artifact was even stronger than the previous flying sword.

    After burning countless of flying ants to death, Little White Dragon hurriedly picked up his flying sword and fled after storing it.

    But, he obviously underestimated the might of the flying ants. The tens of thousands which he burnt was nothing compared to the tens of millions which were present. As their brethren died, it angered them even further as they surrounded him from all directions, swearing to bite this annoying fellow to death.

    Of course, Little White Dragon who wielded a magical artifact was no weakling. He controlled the dragon to burn out a path for him as he killed his way to the edge of the black region.

    But, the flying ants obviously weren’t intending to let him go like that. They still chased him without a care for their lives. To Little White Dragon, these things were no longer any threat. This is because he was already out of the magnetic zone and could again fly on his flying sword. Although he could not fly very high, in order to avoid the lightning, the speed of a flying sword was still faster than the flying ant.

    Little White Dragon planned it extremely well and was extremely nimble. He hurriedly took out his flying sword the moment he left the magnetic mountain. But, before he was able to take off, a golden light broke through the air and smashed into his flying sword. With a loud bang, Little White Dragon’s 9th-grade magical tool was sliced into 2.

    Little White Dragon was immediately angered silly. You have to know, he would no longer be able to fly if he didn’t have his flying sword. (Duh) If he could not fly, he wouldn’t be able to shake the flying ants behind him off. Although the fire gourd was good, but the amount of spiritual Qi it exhausts is also extremely stunning. Little White Dragon definitely did not have the ability to burn all the flying ants to death. Before then, he would definitely exhaust all his spiritual Qi and become their dinner. In simple terms, destroying his flying sword now is as good as killing him!

    Little White Dragon was immediately exasperated as he turned and looked at where the golden light came from, only to see a familiar but extremely hateful face! It was the face of a Little Fatty full of cunning laughter. In his hands was the sharpest Metal Essence Sword!“Darn fatty, you actually dare use such underhand tactics against me! Your daddy I will not forget about this!” Facing a Little Fatty with that devious laughter, Little White Dragon almost died from anger on the spot. He could no longer control the rage within him as he began to vent his anger.

    Facing a frustrated Little White Dragon, Little Fatty was completely indifferent. He first rubbed his eyes with a bored look. Then, he said with a laughter, “Senior brother, don’t you think your threats now are a little useless? If I were you, I definitely wouldn’t threaten the only one who can save me in a life and death moment!”

    As Little White Dragon heard that, he immediately said with a cold laughter, “Do you think that I will die here? Go and continue dreaming! Do you think that I am a poor broke like you? I do not only have a single flying sword on myself!” As he said that, he took out another 8th-grade flying sword.

    This time round, he was extremely cautious about Little Fatty ambushing him. He even used the fire dragon to block Little Fatty’s attacking path. But, he completely underestimated Little Fatty’s abilities. With a wave of the hand, the Five Element Essence Sword shot out together towards Little White Dragon. Looking at its trajectory, it wasn’t to break the sword, but to attack Little White Dragon.

    Little White Dragon was immediately scared silly as he hurriedly blocked it. He hurriedly summoned all his magical tools, magical artifacts to help him block it. In the end, with the sounds of metal clashing, not only was his flying sword broken again, two of his protective magical artifact was also destroyed.

    Little White Dragon almost died on the spot from anger. He had thought that a single spare was enough and only prepared two flying swords! But he didn’t expect to meet this unreasonable Little Fatty, destroying all of them. As such, he is now completely in despair!

    Thinking about this, Little White Dragon was completely overtaken by anger as he shouted, “Darn fatty, are you trying to kill your fellow sect mate?”

    Little Fatty kept his flying swords as he admired the show of ‘Little White Dragon burning the flying ants’. Then, he said cheerfully, “Senior brother, did you just threaten me again?”

    Little White Dragon was first stunned for a moment, before immediately recovering his senses. He immediately realised there was a serious problem. In this situation, he could only rely on Little Fatty’s help. If not, he would have to die here. After all, without the flying sword, he would never be able to outrun the flying ants.

    Thinking about this, Little White Dragon was finally terrified as he pleaded, “I didn’t, I didn’t. Junior brother, it was my mistake previously, please save me!”

    “Junior apprentice brother? You deign to call me junior brother?” Little Fatty feigned calmness and answered: “I thought I was called darn Fatty!”