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Chapter 131: The Hunt Begins

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 131: The Hunt Begins

    With a flash of white light, Little Fatty appeared in a dark place. The place around him felt extremely sinister and humid. Plus, there was even a fishy smell as though they were in a cave.

    Little Fatty was on top of a platform which was a transportation formation. Just a few minutes ago, he and all the participants of the hunt were called up onto a gigantic transportation portal where they were all sent out.

    According to what Daoist HuoLong said, the place which they were sent to was decided randomly, spread across the diameter of this place. In this gigantic ring-shaped mountain, it was filled with fog all year round and a cultivator’s spiritual sense would also be affected. There was also an extremely bizarre lightning in this place which was extremely strong. Even a YuanYing cultivator would not be able to fly around in here casually. As such, the cultivators who entered could only walk slowly. Without the aid of their flying swords, this place which was thousands of kilometres wide was more than enough for them to spend their next few months.

    After Little Fatty realised that he was in a cave, he immediately investigated his surroundings and tried finding an exit. But the moment he began to investigate, he received the shock of his life.

    As it turned out, surrounding the platform he was currently standing on was gigantic snakes. All of them were green and slimy, with the thickness of a water tank. There were tens of these snakes and they filled the cave completely.

    These long fellows were obviously shocked by the white light from Little Fatty’s teleportation. But as the white light faded away and only Little Fatty was left, they all began to stir as they looked like a pack of hungry wolves staring at their dinner.

    “Damn your granny!” Seeing this scene, Little Fatty couldn’t help but curse, “Which asshole was it who said that the teleportation was very safe? This daddy here wants to slaughter him!”

    Obviously, all of his complaints currently would not be heard by anyone. Thus, Little Fatty quickly quietened down his heart and began thinking of a plan.

    First, spiritual Qi was emanating from these snakes, and they were likely to be demonic beasts of at least the 3rd grade. The most annoying thing was that they were in a pack of tens or more. In addition, he was completely surrounded. No matter how he looked at it, he was at the losing end.

    Seeing them gradually slither closer to him, Little Fatty was filled with a sense of helplessness. He knew that if they were to get close to him, then he would be in deep trouble. It was best for him to kill them from afar. But if he wanted to do that, he would definitely have to use the divine lightning. Ever since the battle with Han Bing’er, he did not have much divine lightning leftover. Originally, he wanted to use it sparingly, but he never expected to face such a situation the moment he came in. Helplessly, he could only harden his heart as he took out 7 divine lightning and shot them towards the mouth of the cave.

    Being negative in nature, the snakes were naturally afraid of fire. Thus, the moment the Fire Divine Lightning was shot out, it brought them a calamity. Those who bore the brunt of the attack exploded on the spot and the whole cave was filled with blood. With the loud explosion and light, all the surrounding snakes immediately dodged out of fear. As such, there was an escape route that was created. Afraid to delay, Little Fatty immediately rushed out.

    Those large snakes were not pushovers either. The moment Little Fatty began running, they immediately noticed it and chased him ferociously. The two snakes that were nearest to him even opened their mouths and spit out their venoms.

    At this moment, Little Fatty did not dare to dodge at all. The moment he were to dodge, his speed would be affected and they would catch up. He could only release his wind copper bell to protect his back. In the end, when the venom came into contact with the wind copper bell, a sizzling sound could immediately be heard and smoke formed. Obviously, the wind copper layer was unable to withstand something so venomous and it was eroded away.

    Little Fatty who sensed everything with his spiritual Qi immediately picked up speed, afraid that the snakes would spit out more venom. But, no matter how fast he ran, he could not compete with the speed of demonic beasts. Very quickly, a few snakes caught up to him and began attacking the wind copper bell behind him.

    Little Fatty was really completely exasperated at this moment as he thought to himself, ‘If your daddy I don’t show my might, do you guys really take me to be a sick cat?’ thinking about that, he threw out a few Fire Divine Lightning. After a series of explosions, plenty of snakes were instantly reduced to ashes. As for the remaining ones, they did not dare to chase him further and all scattered away.

    Just as Little Fatty took care of the snakes behind him, he realised that he had already left the cave and appeared in a dense forest. Because of the thick fog, Little Fatty was only able to see a few hundred feet in front of him. Plus, this was only in the day, if it was at night, it would be even more pitiful.Outside the cave, was a wide place where he was definitely able to summon his large Wing Piercing Tiger to escape, without fear of the large snakes. But because he was too anxious previously, he ended up attacking, wasting a few divine lightnings.

    Since it had already happened, Little Fatty was unable to change anything. He could only shake his head and say with a bitter laughter, “What a bad start!”

    After sighing, Little Fatty summoned his Wing Piercing Tiger and flew up. After thinking for a moment, he also summoned all the 30 plus wind copper puppets which he refined in these few years. Although these fellows did not have a strong combat prowess, they were extremely useful in this place with low visibility and restricted spiritual sense.

    Under Little Fatty’s command, the 30 plus puppets spread out, forming a 100 feet circle. Although Little Fatty was unable to see them, he was able to feel their presence with the link between them. Thus, Little Fatty could be said to have someone to warn him of dangers. The moment they come under attack, Little Fatty would immediately detect that there is danger and raise his guard. As for Little Fatty himself, he sat on the Wing Piercing Tiger as it proceeded on top of the trees.

    Before they entered, Daoist HuoLong gave each of them a jade mirror with the map of this place. At the same time, it indicates the locations of the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. Despite how clear the map is, it doesn’t indicate to them their positions. Thus, the first thing they got to do was to familiarise themselves with the surrounding environment and deduce their location before determining the location they should head towards. Only then will they be able to use the map to find the Mystical Spiritual Fruit.

    Although Little Fatty wasn’t considered to be a genius, he wasn’t stupid either. At least, something as simple as understanding a map wouldn’t be much trouble for him. Very quickly, he found out the direction he was headed and his own location.

    At this moment, Little Fatty was to the west and was still about 500 km away from the center, which was the designated meeting point by Daoist HuoLong. Along the way was poison swarms, extremely large lakes, and many more areas which were not easily accessible. As such, it was obvious that he would definitely have to take a detour. According to Little Fatty’s pace, he would still need at least more than 10 days to reach there, even with his Wing Piercing Tiger. Plus, this was under the condition that there was no fighting. The moment he meets an extremely difficult to handle demonic beast or the cultivators from the other sects, then who knows when he would be able to reach?At this moment, Little Fatty suddenly realised that around a hundred kilometres behind him was a place hiding Mystical Spiritual Fruits. But if he were to go there first, then he would definitely delay the meeting time.

    After rubbing his head, Little Fatty finally decided that he would first go and obtain the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. As for Daoist HuoLong’s commands, he could go and die! Since it was still far from the meeting time, it would be good enough if he wasn’t the last!

    As such, Little Fatty started to move, aiming for the spiritual fruits.

    The Jade Green Screen was really a screwed up place. This place was really too humid, and extremely stuffy as well. After just walking a while, Little Fatty was completely soaked. Some of it was from his sweat, the rest from the fog.

    (T/N: The Jade Green Screen is the name of this place where the Mystical Spiritual Fruit is in)

    Helpless, Little Fatty also could not be bothered about his appearance. He took off his outer coat and continued his journey in the forest half naked.

    When he was walking, he realised another annoying part about this place. It was that venomous snakes were all around and there were as many demonic beasts such as dogs.

    Every few kilometres, he would definitely meet with a demonic beast attack. At least these demonic beasts were not too strong. After summoning his new Five Element Essence Sword, he was still able to deal with them.

    With Little Fatty’s strength, he was unable to completely unleash the power of the Five Element Essence Sword. Plus, because of the short time with the sword, he was only able to use it for brute force. He was unable to wield it like his limbs. But, this was a high-grade magical artifact after all. Plus, it had all 5 elements. Thus, it gave Little Fatty a great advantage when he was attacking. When he met a fire-breathing demonic beast, he could use the Water Essence sword. When he meet a Water type demonic beast, he could deal with it using his Earth Essence Sword. In other words, he could deal with the demonic beasts using their corresponding elements of weaknesses, making his life easier. All of these continuous battles also helped Little Fatty familiarise himself with the Five Element Essence Sword as he got more and more familiar with it.

    In a blink of an eye, a day has passed. Based on Little Fatty’s own calculations, he only walked tens of kilometres. He only killed 7 demonic beasts along the way but already lost 2 wind copper puppets along the way, making Little Fatty feel extremely depressed.

    As the sky darkened, Little Fatty did not dare walk any further. Thus, he found a quiet place, took out his wind copper bell to protect himself, and took a good night rest.

    The next morning when he set off, Little Fatty became smarter. This round, he kept the puppets helping him to scout the front. They were just too slow and would only slow down the Wing Piercing Tiger. Without these burdens, Little Fatty’s speed was much faster than before. When he meets any demonic beast along the way, he no longer killed them. He only took out his Five Element Essence Sword and scared them. The demonic beasts were sentient creatures, after all, thus they would usually leave. There were only a few stubborn ones or those extremely confident about their own abilities who would rush forward without a care of their own lives.

    Under such circumstances, Little Fatty’s speed was increased greatly. Finally, he arrived at the hiding place of the Mystical Spiritual Fruit in the evening.