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Chapter 130: Nine Beauties Painting Fan

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 130: Nine Beauties Painting Fan

    As Feng heard what Hao said, he smiled and said, “How is that possible, our sect only has a single spiritual artifact. We can’t be compared to your sect and the Mystical Sky Yard, having a total of 3 spiritual artifacts. The difference in number is just too large. No matter how you look at it, we’re at a disadvantage!”

    Although he looked like he was at the losing end, but from his proud expression, Little Fatty could still tell that he completely did not mean what he said. It was obvious that he was confident about his own sect. This realisation gave Little Fatty a large shock. He just could not understand why this guy was so confident. From the looks of the other expert cultivators, it could be seen that they were extremely wary of this ‘Nine Beauties Painting’ magical artifact. It was as though it could really face the Divine Ice Soul Sword, Phoenix Crying Blade, World Coin and Mystical Tortoiseshell on its own.

    Just at this moment, the young man with the fan beside Feng said with arrogance, “Although we are slightly disadvantaged in terms of number, with the aid of the 3 seniors from the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion, we still have a fighting chance!”

    The moment he spoke, all of the younger generation disciples we all stunned as they thought to themselves, ‘Is this guy an idiot? Why would the elders from our sect help you people from the devil’s path?’And this sentence caused all the YuanYing cultivators’ faces to change greatly. Especially Hao and Daoist HuoLong, they were completely enraged as they heard that.

    Hao then said with a cold laughter, “Damn brat, don’t be too cocky. 4 of your previous sect masters’ skin are still in our Jade Pearl Pavilion being used as rugs! It seems that it will be your turn soon!”

    “In the doorstep of the Enforcement Hall of the Mystical Sky Yard, there are tens of backbones from the elders of your Thousands Desire Sect. I am getting tired of stepping on them for the past thousand years, maybe it is time to change it to this brat!” Daoist HuoLong immediately replied with killing intent.

    When both of them spoke, Little Fatty and all finally managed to understand something. It is said that in the punishment hall of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, all of their carpets were made from the human skin of those devilish sects. It is just that Little Fatty and all never imagined that there were even 4 sect masters of the Thousands Desire Sect which was there as well.

    As for the Mystical Sky Yard, the doorstep of the Enforcement Hall was made from the backbone of the experts from the evil sects and was called the Devil Bone Doorstep. Being a member of the Enforcement Hall, Little Fatty also saw it and stepped on it before. It was made from over hundreds of black backbones. He never imagined that there were tens of elders from the Thousands Desire Sect. You have to know, to be qualified to be part of the Devil Bone Doorstep, they had to be a YuanYing cultivator at least! It can be seen how intense this battle which lasted for over tens of thousands of years was. Facing the killing intent of these two YuanYing cultivators, this 13th XianTian stage disciple definitely could not withstand it. He was completely overwhelmed by the two gigantic spiritual Qi to the point he almost could not breathe. If not for Feng defending him in time, he would have probably made a fool of himself right on the spot.

    After Feng saved the young man, he said with resentment, “Both of you are elders, isn’t it a little too much for you to bully a junior like such!”

    Hao was obviously completely infuriated as she scolded without reservation, “This can only be blamed on you guys not teaching him properly. With such a lack of etiquette, it is best for you not to bring him out and shame himself!”

    “If this darn child does not pay attention to that stinking mouth of his,” Daoist HuoLong then added with a cold, vicious smile, “Feng fellow daoist, you cannot blame me for bullying the young!”

    “Hmph!” Feng was obviously not willing to face two experts by himself. He only coldly snorted and said, “I can’t be bothered with you guys!” As she said that, he led his disciples away.

    After Feng left, Daoist HuoLong and Hao stared at the teen and the Nine Beauties Painting in his hands. Seeing his sinister face, it was obvious that they hated him to the core.

    Following which, Daoist HuoLong and Hao looked at each other and communicated for a while with their spiritual sense. Then, Hao led her disciples away and they had their meeting in another spot.

    Daoist HuoLong also gathered all of the disciples over and announced, “All of you listen to me. I don’t care what kind of misunderstandings you have with the Jade Pearl Pavilion previously. From now on, you have to view the Jade Pearl Pavilion as an ally and face the enemy together! All of your target is the young man with the Nine Beauties Painting. If I am not mistaken, he is the the son of the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect and is called YuFeng. After all of you enter into the restriction, you will be sent to different places. The first thing that you will have to do is to gather together. The people from the Jade Pearl Pavilion will also gather with you. The second thing would be for you to find the people from the Thousands Desire Sect. With your combined effort, kill them all and snatch the Nine Beauties Painting! All the matters regarding the Mystical Spiritual Fruit must be placed down temporarily, understand?”“Understood!” Seeing the solemn expression on Daoist HuoLong face, they all did not dare delay and answered in unison.

    “Good that you understand!” Daoist HuoLong then said, “Children, I know that all of you can’t bear to let go of the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. But, the matters of the Nine Beauties Painting is even more important. Even if you guys do not have the Mystical Spiritual Fruit, but obtain the Nine Beauties Painting, then I can promise that the sect will prepare for each of you 2 Mystical Spiritual Fruits!”

    As they heard that, all of the disciples' eyes lit up. Little White Dragon then said in surprise, “Grand Senior Master, isn’t there only about 30 Mystical Spiritual Fruits? Adding the people from both our sects, there are 20 people. Doesn’t that mean that you will need at least 40 Mystical Spiritual Fruit?”

    “What do you know?” Daoist HuoLong then said with a cold laughter, “This is not the only place with the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. We can still obtain it from elsewhere, just that it would require more effort. But if you are able to obtain the Nine Beauties Painting, what can 40 Mystical Spiritual Fruits be considered? Besides that, the sect can reward each of you with a magical artifact!”

    As they heard that, they were all completely shocked. They never expected that the sect was willing to pay such a huge price to obtain the Nine Beauties Painting.HongYing then couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Senior uncle, what is so special about the Nine Beauties Painting? Is it worth so much effort?”

    “You guys will definitely face the Nine Beauties Painting this time. If that’s the case, then let me explain to you the origins of this spiritual artifact!” Daoist HuoLong then twiddled his moustache as he reminisced, “This item was refined by a super strong devil from the devil’s sect 10,000 years ago!” As he said that, he slowly explained the matters of the Nine Beauties Painting to everyone present.

    This Nine Beauties Painting was really extraordinary, in terms of its might, it was even stronger than the Divine Ice Soul Sword. If the items were to be divided into 9 levels, the Phoenix Crying Blade would only be a 1st or 2nd grade spiritual artifact and can be considered to be a lower end spiritual artifact. As for ShuiJing’s World Coin and Mystical Tortoiseshell, although its might was comparable or even weaker than the Phoenix Crying Blade, its main purpose was for divination after all. It was considered to be a assistive spiritual artifact, which was a rare and strong function. As such, it could be considered to be a 6th grade spiritual artifact. As for the Divine Ice Soul Sword, it was born from nature and was extremely powerful, at least a 8th grade spiritual artifact. However, the Nine Beauties Painting was unquestionably a 9th grade spiritual artifact, or it can be said to even exceed the 9th grade!The reason why the Nine Beauties Painting was so powerful was because of the materials used, skill involved in refinement and idea was just far too unique. The materials used were live cultivators, 9 female cultivators at the completion FenShen stage.

    These 9 cultivators were not casually chosen. They were all sword cultivators each of the 5 elements. There were 2 of them from the Jade Pearl Pavilion and one Mystical Sky Yard elder.

    As he heard that, Little Fatty and all finally understood why the young man holding the Nine Beauties Fan would say that 3 elders from their sect helped him. It was obvious that he was referring to the 3 elders used to refine the Nine Beauties Painting. At the same time, they also understood why Daoist HuoLong and Hao were so enraged when they heard that, pressuring a younger generation without concern of their status.

    As for the other 4, they were 4 buddhist nuns who were extremely capable existences. They were all trained in the buddhist laws and specialised in formations where they would join hands.

    These nine FenShen cultivators all had their consciousness and memories erased after being caught by the devil. Then, they were led to the Demonic Desire Witch for her to possess them. After which, they were refined with a special method for hundreds of years before finally being refined into an extremely special existence, a dual divine devil body!

    The divine devil body was just referring to the combination of a formless body and one with form. After the 9 female cultivators were refined into the divine devil body, they were able to freely interchange between both the bodies. When they became the body with the form, which was the body of the original righteous cultivator, they were able to freely use their daoist Qi. The 5 sword cultivators are able to form a Five Element Sword Formation with a peerless attack. The 4 buddhist nuns were able to form a Four Sided Devil Ambush Formation with a frightening defence. Because of their experience and memory, the strength of their original body was not reduced at all. Plus, once they were combined and fought in formations, their might was increased by a few times. In other words, in its full force, the might of this spiritual artifact was equivalent to that of tens of FenShen cultivators. It can be imagined just how scary it was!

    In truth, the might of the Nine Beauties Painting was not just limited to that. This was because the nine cultivators have their formless body transformation as well. When they transform into their formless body, they also become the Demonic Desire Witch and would be able to use the many strange spells of the extraterritorial devil, making them hard to guard against. The most irritating part was that the formless body had no form and shadow. They could come and go without a trace and even past through material objects, even if they were protective magical artifacts. Plus, normal magical artifacts and flying swords were unable to damage them. Only extremely powerful spells and spiritual artifacts were able to harm their formless body.

    When he talked about this, Daoist HuoLong even specially warn HongYing, telling her that the Phoenix Crying Blade was unable to harm the formless body of the extraterritorial devil and asked her to be especially careful. Amongst the disciples of both the sects, only the Divine Ice Soul Sword wielded by Han Bing’er is able to damage the formless body with its icy sword Qi. Plus, only ShuiJing’s Mystical Tortoiseshell is able to defend against the penetrative ability of the formless body.

    As for the rest of them, no matter how good their magical artifact was, it was still impossible to defend against the penetration of the formless body and was very likely for them to be possessed. In any case, they all had to be extremely careful and not end up in a tangle with the Nine Beauties Painting. The moment they meet, they have to unleash all their firepower and target the owner of the painting, YuFeng. If you are able to kill him, then the Nine Beauties Painting would also be crippled.

    Besides that, Daoist HuoLong and seriously warned them that if they could, they should attack first and not be the last person to kill YuFeng.The reasoning was simple, because YuFeng was the owner of the Nine Beauties Painting and was the son of the current sect master. Thus, great importance would definitely be attached to him and he would definitely have a special vengeful curse on his body. This curse would definitely be left on his body by the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect. To YuFeng, it was completely useless. But the moment YuFeng was killed, the curse would explode and stain the killer. No matter what, the curse could not be removed.

    If this happens, the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect would definitely be able to detect his son’s death. Then, he would be able to find the position of the killer through the curse. Following which, the killer would be in big trouble. The sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect can choose to catch the killer back then slowly torture him to death, or if the killer was protected, he could also remotely activate the curse, causing the killer unspeakable pain. Even if a YuanYing cultivator was protecting him, it would be useless. The YuanYing cultivator would only be able to see him get tortured to death.

    What Daoist HuoLong meant, was that when they were fighting, HongYing’s Phoenix Crying Blade and ShuiJing’s World Coin should attack first. Their might were not as strong as the Divine Ice Soul Sword but were slightly faster. They would be able to preemptively attack YuFeng, and hopefully destroy his protective magical artifacts and defence of the Nine Beauties Painting. At this moment, the Divine Ice Soul Sword would have probably arrived as well. With its strength, it would most likely be able to kill YuFeng, being stained with the curse of the Thousands Desire Sect. As such, the Thousands Desire Sect would lose a Nine Beauties Painting, the Jade Pearl Pavilion would have lost a spiritual artifact and talented disciple. Only the Mystical Sky Yard would be without loss, it can be said to kill many birds with a single stone.

    Of course, all of this was just Daoist HuoLong’s own thoughts. Whether or not it would succeed would also depend on whether or not there’ll be any unforeseen circumstances. As for who the Nine Beauties Painting belonged to afterwards, that didn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter which sect obtained it, so long as it didn’t belong to those on the devil’s path. The reason why such importance was placed on the Nine Beauties Painting was because there were two seniors from both the sects. It was a humiliation to both the sects. As such, when they received it, the only way to handle it would be to destroy it together, freeing their elders. Since it was going to be destroyed, then they would naturally not be bothered too much about who the painting was going to belong to.

    Just when Daoist HuoLong had finished instructing them, a JinDan disciple rushed over and politely said to Daoist HuoLong, “Master, it is time!”