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Chapter 129: False Alarm

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 129: False Alarm

    You have to know, the acupoint of the inner core is the root of all cultivators. If this place were to be destroyed, even if one wasn’t killed, all of his cultivation would be lost. For Han Bing’er to deal such a heavy hand during a friendly spar between sects was considered over the top.

    Even Hao could not help but frown as she lectured Han Bing’er softly, “Bing’er, I only wanted you to teach him a lesson. How could you be so vicious?”

    Now, Hao was also completely frustrated. You have to know, although she wanted to find some trouble with the Mystical Sky Yard, it was only for her to vent some anger and not to fight the Mystical Sky Yard to the death. Thus, she only wanted Han Bing’er to defeat Little Fatty to teach him a lesson. It would not matter even if she were to injure him to the point he could not participate in the hunt for the Mystical Sky Fruit. But for Han Bing’er to cripple him was no different from killing him!

    Both of the sects had a long history of relationships, and for them to deal such a heavy hand here was no different from provoking the other party. Under such circumstances, even if it was for their own face, the Mystical Sky Yard would surely want to get an explanation from the Jade Pearl Pavilion. But, the Jade Pearl Pavilion could not possibly punish Han Bing’er who had been recognised by the Divine Ice Soul Sword as her owner. As such, they immediately fell into a dilemma. Thinking about this problem, this made Hao extremely vexed.

    As Han Bing’er heard that, she frowned and explained helplessly, “Senior aunt, your disciple did not intend for this to happen either. This is an accidental injury. You have to know, the might of senior brother Song’s divine lightning is extremely stunning, even above your disciple. The attack which I ambushed senior brother Song with was hastily aimed before firing it out. I completely did not use my spiritual sense to control it, afraid that it would be noticed by senior brother Song, then destroyed by his divine lightning. Under such circumstances, your disciple can only ensure that he get hit by the blow but not the position he is hit at.”

    Han Bing’er was actually a little depressed herself. She originally wanted to pierce a hole through Little Fatty, resulting in him having to recuperate for a while, missing the hunt for the Mystical Sky Fruit. As such, she could be considered to have taken revenge for Mu ZiRong. But she did not expect that her attack would be so accurate, directly piercing through the acupoint of his inner core. Now, she had probably crippled him!

    Facing Han Bing’er’s explanation, Hao definitely believed her. But, HongYing was completely unable to accept her explanation. She took out her Phoenix Crying Blade directly and rushed towards Han Bing’er. She then pointed her blade towards Han Bing’er and shouted, “Han Bing’er, turn around! I am going to cripple you to take revenge for fatty bro!”

    Han Bing’er turned around with a depressed look and said calmly, “Junior sister HongYing, you are not my opponent!”

    “We will find out after we fight!” As she said that, she unleashed her Phoenix Crying Blade and was about to attack.Seeing this, both Hao and Daoist HuoLong all became extremely anxious. HongYing’s status was just too sensitive. If she was injured, that would be an extremely grave matter. At that time, would the Mystical Sky Yard have to fight the Jade Pearl Pavilion to the death?

    But, this lass was obviously in a fit of anger and would not listen to anyone right now. Daoist HuoLong was also feeling guilty and did not dare to say much, afraid that he would attract fire to himself. If this lass were to vent her anger on him, then that wouldn’t be good. As for Hao, she was an outsider and he couldn’t ask her to do anything. Thus, she could do nothing but be anxious.

    However, just when everything was about to explode, Little Fatty suddenly waved to HongYing and shouted, “Junior sister, do not be rash, come here!” The moment Little Fatty spoke, everyone present was immediately shocked. The vigor which he had when he spoke showed that he was obviously not seriously injured. In no way did he looked like someone who had his inner core destroyed and was about to lose his cultivation.

    HongYing was also able to tell as she immediately flew right in front of Little Fatty seeing that he was alright and said, “Fatty bro, you’re alright already?”Little Fatty smiled slightly and said, “Haha, a mere sword Qi will not be able to cripple me!”

    Although Little Fatty said it so casually, he was actually bathed in cold sweat. In actual fact, the only reason why he was alright was because of the Natal Artifact hidden in his inner core. The moment that black pearl sensed the sword Qi enter his body, it activated its protective function and drew the attack into its own dimension. As such, the sword Qi only resulted in a light injury on his inner core. It did not penetrate deeply and definitely did not injure the acupoint of the inner core. Little Fatty then smeared a layer of high-grade spiritual medicine over it and the wound instantly healed.

    When Little Fatty was treating his injuries, he was also scanning the situation within his own dimension. He realised that the sword Qi which Han Bing’er shot out finally landed on the wind copper bell in his dimension. The 5-foot thick outer shell was instantly penetrated and the sword Qi was stopped by the body of the copper bell. Seeing this, Little Fatty couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat as he thought to himself, ‘If not for that treasure protecting me, I would have been crippled today! Damn you, Han Bing’er. You are really too viscous! You better not let me have any chance during this hunt for the Mystical Sky Fruit. If not, since you let my inner core bleed, I will let your ‘there’ bleed!’

    Of course, Little Fatty could only curse silently in his heart. On the surface, he appeared to be extremely upright as he cupped his fists and said, “Thank you, junior sister, for showing mercy today. I, SongZhong, willingly accept my defeat today. But, there are many more years to come and I will definitely find you to spar with again. I hope that junior sister will not be stingy with her teachings in future!”

    This sentence of Little Fatty could not have been better. On one hand, he willingly admitted his defeat. On the other hand, he declared that this matter wasn’t over and the grudge is already formed. As to whether or not he would wait 10 years for a gentleman’s revenge or be a despicable man that takes revenge from day to night was still uncertain! That was something for everyone to guess!

    Hearing what Little Fatty said, everyone present all praised him for being able to let go of things. Only Hao silently lamented in her heart, ‘Hai, I thought that this stupid looking darn fatty is an idiot who could only rely on his luck. But, he is a vicious tiger who pretends to be a pig. Not only is he able to wield 3 different types of divine lightning at his age, he is also extremely shrewd. From what he said just now, this brat probably already has formed a grudge towards us. With his talents, his closeness to HongYing, as well as his relationship with the upper echelons of the Mystical Sky Yard, he will probably be quite a lot of trouble in future!’Although Hao was depressed, Han Bing’er was not one who liked thinking too much. Facing Little Fatty’s words full of thorns, she only smiled and said calmly, “I welcome you anytime!” Then, she took a small bow and was about to turn and walk away.

    At this juncture, a nasal voice rang out, “Ai yah yah, the Jade Pearl Pavilion having a great war with the Mystical Sky Yard. What a lively scene!”

    Following this irritating voice, a group of strangely dressed cultivators walked in front of everyone shaking their heads.

    With a single glance, it was obvious to tell that these were cultivators walked the devil’s path. They were all filled with demonic aura with baleful looks on their faces. Leading the pack was a young and old combination. The old man was dressed fully in black with a black snake staff. His face was fully bearded and nothing much could be seen from it. However, wrapped around the staff was a live green snake which looked extremely frightening. As for the young man, which was also the one who spoke out, was a 20 odd years old man dressed in white. His clothes were gorgeous and were full of precious jewelry. Although he appeared to be extremely vulgar, he still attempted to look elegant. As he appeared in front of Little Fatty, he took out a jade green folding fan and began to flap the fan around as though he was a literary scholar.

    The jade fan in his hands was about one and a half foot wide. There was a beautiful flower pattern. On one side of the fan made from unknown materials, there was a drawing of five meditating female cultivators with a sword behind their backs. On the reverse side was four beautiful nuns reciting scriptures.

    These 9 females were all drawn to be extremely lifelike, as though they were really living things. The strangest thing was that be it the cultivator or nun, they dressed and acted in a magnanimous manner but their faces were filled with a cold and unresigned expression.

    When Little Fatty, HongYing and all saw this fan, they only found it to be strange but did not think much of it. But when Daoist HuoLong, Hao, and all the other YuanYing cultivators saw it, their faces all changed as they shouted in shock, “Nine Beauties Painting!”

    Following which, the peak was inevitably thrown into confusion as everyone gathered over, staring at the fan as though they saw an amazing item. There were even a few YuanYing cultivators who could not help but drool.

    Seeing this scene, no matter how stupid Little Fatty was, he also realised that the jade fan in the young man’s hand was definitely an amazing item. If not, these YuanYing cultivators would not lose their composure as such. You have to know, even when Han Bing’er’s Divine Ice Soul Sword was revealed, it only resulted in a small commotion. But when this Nine Beauties Painting was revealed, so many people were completely astonished. It could be inferred that the value of this painting was probably even above the Divine Ice Soul Sword!

    Little Fatty and all then thought to themselves in their heart, ‘The Divine Ice Soul Sword is already considered to be a top grade magical artifact. Plus, it was borne of the world naturally. If this item is even more stunning, what level would this item reach?’

    Just when Little Fatty and all were still in doubt, Hao awoke from her previous shock and said in surprise, “The Thousands Desire Sect is really amazing. This treasure which had been lost for over 10,000 years have actually been found by you. Daoist friend Feng is definitely going to profit much from this Mystical Spiritual Fruit hunt!”