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Chapter 128: Defea

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 128: Defeat

    Seeing this scene, Han Bing’er’s eyes lit up and she said with a smile, “Senior brother Song, it seems that you aren’t very adept at controlling your divine lightning. If that’s the case, why not this little sister accompany you to practice it!”As she said that, her beautiful hands continuously sent out waves of sword Qi. In just a single moment, the air was filled with the sound of sword Qi slicing through the air. The chill from the sword Qi even resulted in the surrounding 100 feet to be covered in a layer of frost.

    Facing the continuous attacks, Little Fatty could only helplessly send out all the Earth Divine Lightning which he had in storage. Relying on the fact the Earth element could subdue Water, he was able to barely withstand the attack. But what made him extremely anxious was the fact that the amount of divine lightning which he used was twice his opponent. If this were to continue, his heart would definitely end up bleeding from heartbreak. After all, the opponent’s sword Qi does not require much to produce. It was all provided by the Divine Ice Soul Sword. But, all of his divine lightning were painstakingly refined by himself. No matter what, he was definitely on the losing end.

    Facing Han Bing’er’s overbearing attacks, Little Fatty was flustered as he was forced to a point. The Little Fatty who had no intentions of attacking was already completely angered. He coldly threatened, “Junior sister, you have to understand, although the divine lightning’s weakness is that it is difficult to control, it is also extremely powerful. Its strength lies in the difficulty to defend against it. We have no enmity against each other and I do not want to be merciless. Please stop your actions right now, do not force me!”Obviously, this was the final warning that Little Fatty was going to give Han Bing’er. If she were to continue with her attacks, Little Fatty was also going to start retaliating.

    However, Little Fatty’s effort was completely wasted on her. Han Bing’er could not be bothered about this at all, only replying coldly, “Senior brother, if you have the ability, then unleash it by all means! That is exactly what I want!”As Little Fatty heard that, he was angered to the point his face began to twitch. Then, he could not help but say with a cold laughter, “If that’s the case, then junior sister can receive an attack of mine as well!” As he said that, his right hand shot out continuously and beads of golden, red and colourless divine lightning shot out like a thunderstorm of raindrops. The gold Earth Divine Lightning to defend against the sword Qi. The red Fire Divine Lightning was like a myriad of coloured dragons, rushing towards Han Bing’er. As for the colourless Negative Water Lightning, it silently crept behind Han Bing’er, with the intention to ambush her from the back.

    Because the sword Qi and the Earth Divine Lightning were continuously colliding with each other, the whole battlefield turned completely messy. Plus, the red Fire Divine Lightning was extremely eye catching and the Negative Water Lightning, being extremely plain was easily missed. Thus, the already lofty Han Bing’er did not notice the danger behind her back and focused all her attention to the Fire Divine Lightning. She then casually sent out a few waves of sword Qi and frozen the ferocious Fire Divine Lightning before they were even able to unleash all of their might.

    However, Little Fatty also used this opportunity to activate the few Negative Water Lightning that was positioned behind Han Bing’er’s back. By the time she realised, those divine lightning were only a few feet away from her. Such a distance was already within the explosion radius of the Negative Water Lightning.

    When Han Bing’er noticed the Negative Water Lightning, she was completely startled and her body jolted, sending out a white protective chilly Qi. Just at the last moment, she blocked the few Negative Water Lightning. The protective Qi which Han Bing’er sent out was also from the Divine Ice Soul Sword. But, the amount she borrowed this round was rather considerable. As such, the moment it appeared, the surroundings began to change and the temperature of the surrounding 10,000 feet immediately dropped to sub zero temperatures, to the point many cultivators present had to circulate their spiritual Qi to defend against the cold.

    As for those Water Divine Lightnings, they immediately exploded after coming into contact with the protective Qi. Although large crater was created behind Han Bing’er, her protective Qi was still intact and she was only slightly shaken. Then, a trace of blood was seen flowing from the corner of her lips, obviously being slightly injured. Under normal sparring rules, Little Fatty had already injured the other party and this battle should be ended right here with Little Fatty as the winner. But, be it Daoist Huo Long or Hao, they were completely silent. They could obviously see that Han Bing’er was stronger as a whole. It was just that she was careless which resulted in her injury. If this battle were to continue, she would most likely be the winner of the battle. Thus, they were not willing to just let Little Fatty off like that. As such, they both acted like they saw nothing and allowed the battle to continue.

    At this moment, Han Bing’er’s pale face turned resolute. She wiped away the blood from the corner of her lips and said seriously, “Senior brother Song, I never expected that you are a lightning cultivator with a grasp of 3 divine lightnings: Earth, Fire, and Water. It is really completely out of this little sister’s expectations.”

    “You’re too kind!” Little Fatty then frowned and said, “Junior sister, it wasn’t easy for the senior brother to refine these divine lightning and I do not want to use it on you. How about we consider this battle a draw for today?”“Not possible!” Han Bing’er immediately replied seriously, “What senior brother does not know is that this little sister is extremely stubborn and do not like to admit my loss. But, I was slightly injured by senior brother today. Although it taught me that I should not judge one by his appearances, I also am not willing to accept this in my heart!”

    “So what you mean is that today we have to fight to the point of death?” Little Fatty couldn’t help but say bitterly. “Not necessarily!” Han Bing’er then said seriously, “Just now, you taught this little sister plenty. Although I can’t really accept it in my heart, but I am not going to unreasonably continue this fight. How about this, I will only attack one more time. Whether or not senior brother is able to receive it, this battle will end here today.”

    Since she had already said that, what else can Little Fatty say? He could only laugh bitterly and answer, “If that’s the case, then please educate me!”

    “If that’s the case, then senior brother be careful!” As she said that, she took a deep breath and unleashed an extremely cold wave of Qi. Everyone around her immediately felt the temperature dropping extremely quickly as though it was winter. It was obvious that Han Bing’er had already unleashed her all and was prepared to deal her strongest blow.

    At this moment, Han Bing’er’s also slowly lifted her right hand and a hazy Qi appeared in her hands. The moment the white light and Qi condensed to the point where it materialised, Han Bing’er suddenly shouted, “Thousand Ice Blade!”

    Following her voice, countless of sword Qi shot out from the palm of her hands. They covered the skies and shot towards Little Fatty like thousands of arrows.

    At this moment, it was definitely the best choice for Little Fatty to protect himself with his wind copper bell. But, he previously said that he would only use his right hand. Even with his thick skin, it was impossible for him to go back on his word. Thus, he could only give it his all and send out all the divine lightning which he spent so much effort in refining.

    In just an instant, tens and hundreds of divine lightning were sent out by him, clashing with the sword Qi, sending out huge explosions. All of the spectators could only see the countless of sword Qi, explosions everywhere, and debris flying everywhere.

    Everyone present here were all not weak. Seeing that the battle between them was able to destroy the surrounding radius to such a point, they all couldn’t help but be shocked and thought to themselves, ‘Even the battle between normal foundational cultivators isn’t as intense as their fight. This is still the fight of them only using a hand each without any killing techniques. If they were to use all they had, how much scarier would the fight be?! I’m afraid, it may even be as though it was a battle between JinDan cultivators!’

    Thinking about this, everyone couldn’t help but be shocked in their hearts. You have to know that in the past, although the strengths of the elites from the various sects were strong, a disciple with such a strength was extremely rare. One would occasionally appear, but wouldn’t be much of a threat. After all, there were over 30 Mystical Spiritual Fruit and it was enough to be shared.

    But this year, there were 2 of these perverse elites. There even two more disciples with spiritual artifacts who had yet to appear. In such a way, they were definitely going to have a large advantage in the fight for the Mystical Spiritual Fruits. Whether or not the disciples from their sect are able to obtain the Mystical Spiritual Fruit is something worth considering about.

    Furthermore, all of these elites were from the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion. These strength of these two sects were already extremely strong. If they were to obtain a large amount of spiritual fruit and cultivate a stronger younger generation, it was something troubling to the other sects.

    Everyone here who led their teams were all elders in the various sects and were extremely shrewd. They were already able to see the hidden troubles in this matter. Since they were able to see the danger, these wily old foxes also quickly thought of a plan, that was to join forces against the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion. As though they had pre planned it, tens of the elders looked up together and began to communicate with each other with their spiritual sense. A scheme devised against two sects was also unknowingly formed through these interactions.

    Just when they were all plotting silently, the battle of the two involved was also ending. After Little Fatty used hundreds of divine lightning, a 100-foot crater was formed between the both of them. Finally, he was unable to defend against the opponent’s attack.

    At the same time, Han Bing’er also used the overbearing sword Qi to attract Little Fatty’s attention and secretly shot out a formless sword Qi with the essence of the cold Qi of the Divine Ice Soul Sword. It dug from underground and appeared in front of Little Fatty and exploded into action. The defenseless Little Fatty completely did not react as the sword Qi pierced through the acupoint of his inner core.

    Although Little Fatty had steel-like muscles and bones, it was unable to stop the spiritual Qi of a spiritual artifact. The sword Qi then penetrated through and left a thumb sized wound in Little Fatty’s inner core as blood began to splurt out profusely.

    As her attack achieved its objective, Han Bing’er immediately stopped and said calmly, “Senior brother Song, you have let me win!” As she said that, she turned back and walked away.

    “Fatty bro!” Seeing the situation, Hong Ying shouted and hurriedly supported the shaky Little Fatty. As she looked down at the place his injury was, she was immediately enraged as she jumped up and scolded, “Han Bing’er, you’re really vicious! Fatty bro was only sparing with you but you actually crippled him!”