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Chapter 127: Sword Qi vs Divine Lightning

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 127: Sword Qi vs Divine Lightning

    After Han Bing’Er heard that, she laughed coldly before saying, “Senior brother Song, don’t let me look down on you!”

    Little Fatty rolled his eyes and responded with disdain, “I won’t lose anything even if you look down on me!” He was obviously saying that he would rather be looked down upon rather than fight her!

    Han Bing’Er frowned, “Senior brother Song, whether or not we fight today isn’t up to you to decide!”“Why?” Little Fatty asked in doubt, “We have no enmity in the past and this is our first time seeing each other. Why do you have to force me into it? Don’t tell me it is just for some reputation?”

    “That sort of reputation means nothing to me. The only reason why I am looking for you is because of Mu ZiRong, sister Mu.” Han Bing’Er’s face became serious as she said, “She is a good friend of mine, but have been injured by your despicable means and have to be bedridden for at least 10 years. Today, I am seeking justice for sister Mu!”

    Little Fatty was enlightened after having heard Han BingEr’s explanation. No wonder Hao came to find trouble with him, no wonder Daoist HuoLong did not stop her. So it seems that they are all in cahoots, ganging up to cripple Little Fatty here today.

    Little Fatty had long heard that Daoist HuoLong was very close to the people from the Jade Pearl Pavilion and had made visits to each other before. It must have been during one of those visits where Han Bing’Er and Mu ZiRong had developed a close friendship.

    In actual fact, Little Fatty’s guess was very accurate. Daoist HuoLong’s faction was indeed extremely close to the Jade Pearl Pavilion. Han Bing’Er and Mu ZiRong were also indeed extremely close friends. But, there was one thing which Little Fatty guessed wrongly. Development of the current matters was not due to any deliberate scheming between Daoist HuoLong and Hao. In actual fact, interactions between the two sects were scarce due to the long geographical distance separating them.

    The only reason why Hao came over to create trouble this time was because they felt indignant about Little Fatty killing Tu QianCheng. Coincidentally, Han Bing’Er received a letter from Mu ZiRong complaining about Little Fatty. This resulted in Han Bing’Er leveraging this situation. As for the Divine Ice Soul Sword, Han Bing’Er had only obtained it 1 to 2 years ago and it was not known to anyone, not from her sect. Not even Mu ZiRong knew about the matter. It would be even more impossible for Daoist HuoLong to have known about that. But, there was something that Daoist HuoLong could tell. Hao only wanted to find Little Fatty to vent some anger and not to completely cut off all ties with the Mystical Sky Yard.

    Under such circumstances, Daoist HuoLong naturally wouldn’t offend the Jade Pearl Pavilion just for Little Fatty. In fact, he can’t wait for the Jade Pearl Pavilion to help him take care of the darn fatty who scammed him off his Five Element Essence Swords. Thus, he decided to play along and act as though he was deaf.

    Since the other party had mentioned ‘Mu ZiRong’ and Daoist HuoLong was also coercing him into the battle, Little Fatty realised that it was an inevitable fight. It was just that the Divine Ice Soul Sword of the opponent was just too overwhelming. It was even stronger than the Phoenix Crying Blade, resulting in Little Fatty being extremely apprehensive to the fight. He was stuck in a dilemma.

    Thankfully, HongYing could no longer take it. She would not allow anyone to bully her Little Fatty. “Let me fight with you. Don’t you just want to bully him with your spiritual artifact? What’s so great about that!?”

    Seeing how HongYing stood out, Han Bing’er frowned and said calmly, “Little sister HongYing, this is between senior brother Song and I. Please do not interfere!”

    “What if I do want to interfere?” HongYing said with disdain, “I just won’t let you bully him!”

    It was obvious that Han Bing’er was unwilling to fight with HongYing. After all, her status was different. Injuring her was akin to offending an esteemed couple of the Mystical Sky Yard. As such, she cleverly looked towards Little Fatty and said, “Senior brother Song, as a man, don’t tell me you’re going to hide behind a girl’s back?”

    “Sometimes I will!” Little Fatty grinned.

    Han Bing’er was almost angered to death after hearing that. With a face brimming with anger, she said: “If that’s the case, then I shall exchange pointers with your junior sister before handling you!” She readied her stance.

    Hearing that, HongYing also eagerly readied her stance. Little Fatty then pulled HongYing back and said helplessly, “Junior sister, let me handle it!”

    “But senior brother, you don’t have a spiritual artifact. You can’t win against her!” HongYing was worried.“But even if you have a spiritual artifact, you still can’t win her!” Little Fatty said bitterly. “Since we are going to lose regardless, then let me go instead! Besides, I can’t always hide behind your back!”

    “But~” As HongYing heard that, she immediately wanted to say something else.

    But, she did not expect that Little Fatty pulled her behind him, “Be a good girl and listen to me. Although your senior brother is a little stupid, but I am not someone who will be easily bullied! Even the owner of the Divine Ice Soul Sword can’t bully me! Just wait and see. Trust me!”

    Hearing what Little Fatty said, HongYing instantly knew that he probably had some shrewd idea in mind. Thus, she retreated to the side, “Alright senior brother, go ahead then. Go and take care of that fellow who doesn’t know the heights of heaven!”

    Little Fatty did not say anything in response but only smiled. He then took a few steps forward and stood in front of Han Bing’er and said calmly, “Since junior sister is in such a good mood, I can only accompany you for this battle!”

    Seeing Little Fatty stand out willingly, she said in surprise, “I didn’t expect that beneath that veneer of cunningness lies a hot-blooded young man! If that’s the case, then I shall not bully you. I will not use the Divine Ice Soul Sword. Plus, I will only use a single hand!”As she said that, she placed her left hand behind her back. Then, she raised her right hand and proudly said, “As long as senior brother Song is able to take on the attack of just this hand for 10 minutes, then the matters of sister Mu will be settled!”

    Seeing how the situation had developed, almost everyone on the peak had their attentions attracted over here. The moment Han Bing’er spoke, everyone all exclaimed in shock. What does it mean to be arrogant? This was what it means to be arrogant. In front of so many people, Han Bing’er actually proclaimed that she will not use her spiritual artifact and defeat a 13th XianTian disciple of the Mystical Sky Yard in 10 minutes with a single hand. The most important thing was that this was the disciple who killed Tu QianCheng two months ago.

    Everyone had their temper. Having being underestimated in public by a lady, even Little Fatty could not help but feel an anger rising in his chest.

    He then placed his left hand behind his back and raised his right hand. “Junior sister is in really high spirits today. Since that’s the case, then this foolish one will also use a single hand to play along with the junior sister. If the junior sister is able to harm me, I will not utter a single complaint!”

    Han Bing’er’s eyes shone after having heard that. She said calmly with a smile, “I didn’t expect senior brother Song to possess such arrogance. If that’s the case, be prepared to receive a sword strike from me!”

    As she said that, she snapped her fingers and a snow white chilly sword Qi shot towards Little Fatty.

    This sword Qi was not very long and was only about 10 feet long. It was as thick as a finger and seemed to be extremely insignificant. But, the amount of ice cold Qi it contained was extremely frightening. The moment it appeared, all the plants in the surrounding 100 feet immediately was shrouded in a layer of frost.

    Not to mention a XianTian cultivator, even a foundational cultivator may not be able to achieve such a mighty attack. Although Han Bing’er said that she will not use the Divine Ice Soul Sword, she obviously had borrowed the abilities of the spiritual artifact surreptitiously. Thus, she was able to come out with such a powerful attack. This was where her confidence was from. The way she saw it, there shouldn’t be anyone in the XianTian stage who was able to defend against the cold Qi of the Divine Ice Soul Sword.

    Facing the sword Qi which was emanating such coldness, Little Fatty also became serious and did not dare play around. He immediately snapped his finger and a yellow light shot out towards the sword Qi. As they collided, both the white and yellow Qi immediately exploded, resulting in an explosion that shook the mountains.

    After the ferocious explosion, a large crater appeared on the mountain, with a layer of ice flower within it, glistening under the sunlight.

    Han Bing’Er was astonished as her attack meant to probe Little Fatty was so easily deflected. “Earth Divine Lightning, senior brother Song is actually a lightning cultivator?!”

    Witnessing this, everyone present was also shocked. It must be understood that although there were few lightning cultivators, they were not rare either. But for someone in the XianTian stage to be a lightning cultivator who has free use of divine lightning was a sight rarely seen even in thousands of years. Not only did this require talent, it also necessitates an extremely large amount of resources and assistance from an expert as well. Even HongYing only managed to learn just the Fire Divine Lightning and did not dare to refine it on her own. Thus, she cannot be considered a lightning cultivator. As such, all these people were shocked that Little Fatty was able to become a lightning cultivator at such a young age.

    “Haha, I must have been a joke in your presence.” Although he was so calm and appeared unaffected on the surface, he was rather delighted in his heart. After all, he was in the presence of the various sects.

    Although Han Bing’er was surprised that Little Fatty was a lightning cultivator, she was not too bothered about it. She only sent out 3 waves of sword Qi and shot them towards Little Fatty with different trajectories. At the same time, she said calmly, “The might of senior brother’s divine lightning was indeed shocking. It is more than enough to defend against my sword Qi. But I wonder about your control over them!”

    The moment Han Bing’er said that, Little Fatty’s face became solemn. He then could not help but swear silently in his heart, ‘Why is this damn lass so sharp? Since she knows that it wasn’t easy to refine a divine lightning, I would definitely not use it so casually, much less practice controlling it. I definitely won’t be extremely familiar with controlling it. For her to make things difficult for me like that, she’s really damn irritating!’

    Little Fatty was frustrated. He was helpless against the 3 waves of sword Qi which Han Bing’er sent out. Thus, he could only send out a few divine lightnings, using sheer numbers to compensate for the lack of control.

    Everyone heard a series of explosions and Han Bing’er’s sword Qi was blocked. But, Little Fatty wasted a total of 5 divine lightnings. 5 vs 3, the difference in quantity obviously said something; that Han Bing’er was far superior to Little Fatty in terms of control.