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Chapter 126: Divine Ice Soul Sword

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 126: Divine Ice Soul Sword

    The giant magical artifact boat had a pretty decent speed of about 4000 units. Although it could not be compared to a YuanYing cultivator, it was comparable to an ordinary JinDan cultivator.

    With such speed, they finally arrived at a beautiful mountain peak at noon after 4 hours of flying.

    This was a mountain range with peaks of varying heights. A dense fog surrounded the mountain, but the mountain peak was completely clear, overlooking the beautiful scenery.

    When the people from the Mystical Sky Yard arrived, there were already 20 different giant magical artifacts from the other sects. Most of them were in the shape of a boat, but some were in the shape of a small hill or pavilion.

    There were already plenty of people standing on the mountain top, clustered into groups representing the sects they belonged to. Little Fatty and gang also flew down the boat under the lead of Daoist HuoLong and found a quiet place to wait.

    This was also the first time Little Fatty saw so many different cultivators from the different sects and could not help but start sizing them up carefully. Very quickly, he realized that all the people here were from the various large sects of the Vast Mountains.

    Although Little Fatty had never seen them before, he was able to tell from their dressing and appearances. For example, those who were dressed in red were probably the devil’s path cultivators from the Blood Shadow Sect. Those who were as skinny as bamboo poles were probably from the Bitter Bamboo Sect. Those whose dressings were embellished with plants and had bugs occasionally flying out of them were probably the bug cultivators from the Thousand Bug Range. Those with a body full of baleful energy were definitely from the Thousand Devil Sect.

    All of those devil cultivators had strange appearances and could be discerned from a single glance. As for those righteous cultivators, it was much more difficult to tell them apart. They all had the typical righteous appearances with magical artifacts on their backs. The only one easy to tell apart would be those from the Jade Pearl Pavilion because they were a bunch of beautiful ladies.

    Although it seemed like the positions they were standing at were all casually chosen, Little Fatty saw some meaning in the positions. Those from the evil and righteous would be split apart to two opposite ends, with a demarcation in between them avoiding any conflicts.

    But, 80% of the people present were either from the righteous or the evil sects. Despite the demarcation, they all glared at each other coldly. For all you know, a conflict could erupt anytime.

    Just as Little Fatty was surveying his surroundings, a group of ladies dressed in white appeared in front of them under the lead of a beautiful middle aged lady.

    The middle aged lady had an elegant demeanor as if the elegance was congenital. Her spiritual Qi was well controlled and it was obvious that she was a YuanYing cultivator. With a slight smile, she came to Daoist HuoLong and said politely, “Paying respects to senior brother HuoLong! After so many years of not seeing you, you are still as elegant as ever!

    “You flatter me!” Daoist HuoLong also did not dare be rude as he hurriedly responded, “Junior sister Hao is the one who is still as elegant as ever, I am already old!”

    “Haha, senior brother is too kind!” The beautiful lady responded with a smile, “The Mystical Sky Yard just killed Tu QianCheng and must be in the limelight currently. I suppose that senior brother must have played a big role in the event, so how can you still be old?”As Daoist HuoLong heard that, his face changed as he knew that she didn’t approach with friendly intentions. He immediately raised his guard and carefully replied, “Celestial Hao thinks too highly of me. The one who killed Tu QianCheng was just a junior, I had no part in it.”

    “Oh, really?” The beautiful lady’s eyes shone as she asked in curiosity, “I wonder which young valiant hero was the one who killed Tu QianCheng. I wonder if I would be lucky enough to meet him?”

    “Haha, of course!” Daoist HuoLong smiled slightly as he said to Little Fatty, “SongZhong, come pay your respects to senior Hao from the Jade Pearl Pavilion!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he could only come out and bow in respect. Just when he was about to pay his greetings, a wave of laughter accompanied by a mischievous voice sounded, “SongZhong, goodness! What a unique name!”

    “Hahahahah~” As she said that, all the ladies from the Jade Pearl Pavilion began to laugh.

    Even the celestial like beautiful lady could not help but burst out in laughter. The most infuriating fact was that the brats of the Mystical Sky Yard also joined in the fun and laughed together with everyone else. In the end, this made Little Fatty extremely awkward as anger began to surge in his heart. The words meant for him to pay his greetings were also unable to be spoken.

    Daoist HuoLong was already prejudiced against Little Fatty and would not care about Little Fatty being humiliated. But, HongYing could not bear with the fact that Little Fatty was being bullied. She immediately stepped out and raged, “What are you guys laughing at! What’s so funny about that!”

    Even the originally quiet ShuiJing also couldn’t help but say with a frown, “The Jade Pearl Pavilion indeed has such an imposing grandeur, befitting a prestigious sect!”

    Senior Hao was startled as she heard the words from the two of them. With regards to HongYing, she was only shocked about how she protected Little Fatty. But, she saw with a single glance how she was a person who had completely no shrewdness in her heart. This made her much more relieved. Such a cultivator may become a cultivator with no limits to her strength. But with her simple mindset, she would never become the head of a sect and lead her sect to prosperity. But, ShuiJing was different. With a simple sentence, she sarcastically praised them and struck the key point of how they were going a bit too far. With a single sentence, she made the people from the Jade Pearl Pavilion feel extremely embarrassed about their conduct.

    The beautiful lady, Hao, was deep in thought. ‘It seems that the Mystical Sky Yard is really full of talents! It is one thing for HongYing to be so talented. For ShuiJing to be so talented and shrewd at the same time, she would probably be a great figure in the future. We must definitely pay attention to her!’

    This thought flashed through Hao’s mind as her face revealed nothing. She replied with a smile, “Ai yah yah, all of these rash brats from our sect embarrassed themselves!”

    With just a simple response, she successfully resolved the awkward situation, it can be seen that she was also a shrewd person.

    Then, she said to Little Fatty with a face full of smiles, “You are able to kill Tu QianCheng at such a young age, you definitely have a bright future ahead of you!”

    “You flatter me, it was only a fluke!” Little Fatty replied.

    “Of course it’s only a fluke. You are just someone who only knows how to take advantage of the situation!” A female cultivator from the Jade Pearl Pavilion mocked as if the elders’ presence did not bother her one bit.

    With regards to her rude actions, Hao chose to ignore it as she watched by the side with a smile. It was obvious that she had previously instructed her disciples to do that.

    Facing such a provocation, Little Fatty could not even be bothered to respond. He only rolled his eyes and ignored it completely. Seeing the situation, the other party thought that Little Fatty was looking down on her. Thus, she was enraged. She jumped out and said, “Darn fatty, don’t be so full of yourself. If you have the abilities, come out and fight me. Let me see if you’re a person who only knows how to rely on luck!”

    “Not interested!” Little Fatty replied nonchalantly.

    “What, you scared?” The other party provoked.

    “How can I not be scared!” Little Fatty pretended to be in the loss and said, “If I lose, I would be embarrassed for losing to a lady. If I win, I would still be embarrassed for bullying a lady! It is not as though I am dying to find something to do, why should I go and embarrass myself like that?”

    “Hahaha~” Nearby bystanders laughed at his riposte.

    Hao was also shocked in her heart as she said, ‘This darn fatty knows when to take a step back and is extremely shrewd. I can’t believe that he is someone so difficult to take care of! I better pay more attention to him in future.’

    Just as everyone was laughing, that young lady angrily barked, “Darn fatty, are you even a man? Why do you blabber so much!”

    This time, Little Fatty could not even be bothered to reply her as she turned her head to Hao and said, “Senior, the great battle is ahead of us and it is to our sects’ best interest to not start a fight with each other, lest we end up as a laughingstock!” As he said that, he turned and faced all those spectators, indicating that it wasn’t wise for them to fight amongst themselves now.

    However, Little Fatty obviously underestimated the bitterness the Jade Pearl Pavilion had towards him. Hao only smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, it is just a normal spar. Senior brother HuoLong, don’t you think so too?”

    “Haha, that’s also good!” Daoist HuoLong laughed cunningly. “Anyway, there is still some time before we can enter the restricted area. It isn’t too bad for the children to liven up the atmosphere!”

    Obviously, Daoist HuoLong can’t wait for this darn fatty he hated so much to exhaust his spiritual Qi. Thus, not only did he not protect Little Fatty, he even helped to push Little Fatty to it, making Little Fatty completely exasperated. But, he was still a senior and it wouldn’t be much of a use for Little Fatty to be angry.

    Hearing Daoist HuoLong’s reply, Hao immediately said with a smile, “My sentiments exactly! Since Daoist HuoLong agreed, then let us have a spar!”Seeing the situation, that young lady replied elatedly, “Haha, darn fatty. Let me see where you can escape to this time!”

    Little Fatty rolled his eyes irascibly and thought to himself, ‘Dealing with you is as easy as raising my hands. Do I even have to escape? Since you seek death, then don’t blame me for destroying such a beautiful flower! The Fire Divine Lightning that I just refined haven’t been used before yet! You shall be the first sacrifice for it then!’

    A killing intent flashed past Little Fatty’s eyes as he walked forward, ready to spar with her. But just at this moment, a voice with traces of hostility suddenly sounded, “Junior sister back down, let me handle this match!”

    As the voice sounded, a lady who was as beautiful as a fairy appeared in front of Little Fatty emitting a strange frost aura.

    Witnessing this, the young lady retorted, “Senior sister, why are you vying with me? You aren’t his opponent!” The young lady full of chill said, “You will lose out!”

    “Cheh, I don’t believe you!” The young lady was unresigned.

    But, Hao suddenly said, “Ping’Er, you back down first and let your senior sister take this round. Little brother Song is the most famous person in the Mystical Sky Yard and it is only proper for your senior sister to match him!”

    Hearing her master say that the young lady called Ping’Er hurriedly moved aside. Obviously, she was extremely clear about her master’s temperament and that she would not lie to her. Since her master said that she can’t win, then that would definitely be the case. That was the only reason why she was so obedient.

    At this moment, Little Fatty was carefully sizing up this chilly beauty in front of him. At the same time, he asked cordially, “Younger brother is called SongZhong, but how can I address senior sister?”“We are all at the 13th XianTian stage and our seniority should be according to our age. Thus, I should be the junior sister!” She smiled at Little Fatty slightly and continued with an unfriendly tone, “Little sister Han Bing’Er, pay her respects to Senior brother Song!”

    “You flatter me!” Seeing how respectful she was, he did not dare be disrespectful and replied, “So it is Junior sister Han, it is my honour!”

    Just when the both of them were going on with their pleasantries, Daoist HuoLong carefully looked at Han Bing’Er and said in shock, “Junior sister Hao, the frost aura on this disciple of yours is so unique, don’t tell me it’s that item?”

    “Haha, senior brother HuoLong is indeed wise. That’s right, Han Bing’Er is the owner of the treasure of my sect, the Divine Ice Soul Sword!” Hao smiled delightedly.

    The moment Hao said that all the bystanders deeply inhaled a breath of cold air. The reason was simple, the Divine Ice Soul Sword was just too famous. It was the greatest treasure of the Jade Pearl Pavilion.

    It is said that this item was not refined by a person. Rather, it was a sentient being born from a mountain range, millions of kilometers in the north. After it was born, it began to absorb the essence from nature to cultivate. After countless years, it became a XianTian sentience. In an accidental occurrence, it was discovered and subdued by a FenShen cultivator of the Jade Pearl Pavilion. Only after years of assiduous efforts did it become the extremely famous Divine Ice Soul Sword.

    It is said that in the hands of a powerful cultivator, it is able to freeze a radius of 500 kilometres in an instant. Be it man or animal, all will be wiped out in that instant. The might of the sword was something that could make a person tremble in fear. It can be said that this was a sword that was born just for killing. Comparatively, although the Phoenix Crying Blade was faster, it’s might was completely incomparable to the Divine Ice Soul Sword.

    Although the Divine Ice Soul Sword was in the Jade Pearl Pavilion, it had been in a secretive place cultivating after its previous owner passed away. It had not appeared for a millennium and was almost forgotten by everyone.

    A young lady, with name Han Bing’Er, then became the owner of the sword. There she was, challenging Little Fatty to a fight.

    After knowing that the Divine Ice Soul Sword was on Han Bing’Er, everyone present began to pity Little Fatty as they sighed, ‘This poor child is dead for sure!’

    Even Little Fatty started feeling apprehensive. He swallowed his saliva, “Junior sister Han, it is getting late already. Can we ‘spar’ again another time?” It was obvious that even this darn fatty was terrified of this mighty Divine Ice Soul Sword!