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Chapter 125: ShuiJing’s Choice

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 125: ShuiJing’s Choice

    It was a pity that despite all their planning, life had once again mercilessly played them out. Just two days after they fatally injured Tu QianCheng, news came from the Mystical Sky Yard that Tu QianCheng was killed and the Phoenix Crying Blade recognised HongYing as its new owner. It can be imagined how much the Jade Pearl Pavilion wanted to puke blood after hearing such a news! They didn’t just prepare for many years, they even lost seven to eight JinDan disciples and 2 YuanYing cultivators were wounded in battle. In the end, they gained nothing at all.

    The moment the news broke out, everyone in the Jade Pearl Pavilion almost died from indignation. If it was any other sect, they would have probably went straight up to their door to seek justice no matter how large the sect was. But the problem was that the one who snatched their spoils of war was the Mystical Sky Yard. This made them feel that the matter was extremely difficult to handle. The reason why it was difficult wasn’t because they were afraid of the strength of the Mystical Sky Yard. The Jade Pearl Pavilion had more YuanYing cultivators while the Mystical Sky Yard had the strongest cultivator in the Vast Mountains, Celestial MeiHua. Comparable in power, they were both unafraid of one another.

    The conundrum was that their relationship was just too good. They had a lasting amicable diplomatic relationship and both sects also had countless inter-sect marriages. They could obviously not fall out with each other just because of a single spiritual artifact.

    But, they just weren’t resigned to this conclusion. Thus, the sect master of the Jade Pearl Pavilion wrote a letter to the sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard, explaining to them the whole process of the matter. They emphasised on their losses in the letter but did not mention anything about compensation.

    The sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard was no idiot. How could he not discerned the other party’s intentions? It was obvious that the Jade Pearl Pavilion wanted a cut of the spoils of war, at least enough to cover their losses. The sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard who received the letter also felt that the matter was extremely difficult to handle. If it was any other sect, he definitely wouldn’t bother much about the matter. But, the Jade Pearl Pavilion was not just any other sect. If he were to just give them a perfunctory answer, although they won’t fight, their relationship would definitely be strained.

    After a round of consideration and discussion with Daoist HuoLong, the final decision was to retrieve some items from the sect. Furthermore, they took some of their personal possessions and formed a gift worth over millions of spiritual stones and sent it to the Jade Pearl Pavilion.

    Although all of these things added up was still incomparable to a Phoenix Crying Blade, but it was at least a show of goodwill and would be able to compensate the losses of the Jade Pearl Pavilion. It could be said to have show the Jade Pearl Pavilion face.

    What the sect master and his wife did not expect was that not only did their actions not placate Jade Pearl Pavilion, it angered them instead. The way they see it, the wealth of Tu QianCheng was just too immense. For a guy to be able to blow up hundreds of magical artifacts, how much wealth had he amassed? It wouldn’t be surprising if his net worth was over billions of spiritual stones. After the Mystical Sky Yard obtained the Phoenix Crying Blade, what they gave them was not even 10% of the total wealth, which was far too stingy.

    In actual fact, the sect master also could not be blamed for being stingy. If they had obtained the real wealth of Tu QianCheng, he definitely wouldn’t have been so stingy. He would have given at least half of it to them. But the problem is, over 90% of Tu QianCheng’s possessions were taken by Little Fatty. Everything that was left behind was only worth a few million. As such, he even had to take things out from his own possessions in order to gather all of these items.

    But, the Jade Pearl Pavilion did not know about this, resulting in a misunderstanding towards the Mystical Sky Yard. From then on, the relationship between the two sects began to have some cracks in them. The main cause of this whole disaster, was that cunning Little Fatty.

    As both sects had their relationship strained over Tu QianCheng’s items, the instigator Little Fatty was nonchalant about this matter. He only followed his normal schedule, cultivating, refining divine lightning, and playing with HongYing.

    Under such relaxing circumstances, Little Fatty’s cultivation also quickly improved with the aid of many cultivation resources. Finally, before the fight for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit, Little Fatty had a stroke of inspiration and successfully broke through the 12th XianTian stage, stepping into the full completion of the XianTian stage.

    In a short 2 months, Little Fatty achieved yet another breakthrough. Of course, part of the reason was because of his hard work and resources. But the main reason was because of the Heavenly Mystical Elixir that HongYing fed him. If not for that elixir worth millions of spiritual stones, he would definitely not be able to achieve such quick cultivation progress in such a short time.

    The day when Little Fatty came out from his cultivation was coincidentally the day they were going to set off for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. Just when he left the house in the morning, he saw HongYing waiting for him already.

    When HongYing saw him, she immediately ran over and took his hands excitedly, “Fatty bro, you successfully broke through!”

    “Yep!” Little Fatty smiled, “It was all because of the Heavenly Mystical Elixir which you fed me previously! It’s really a bit of a waste!”

    “What are you saying? For fatty bro, nothing is a waste!” HongYing continued with a smile then pulled Little Fatty on the Wing Piercing Tiger and excitedly said, “Today is the day to snatch for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit, it is time for us to meet them!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he naturally did not delay and flew up with HongYing. Both of them rode their Wing Piercing Tiger, transformed into streaks of purple light before flying into the inner court.

    In just a short while, both of them reached a tall pedestal. This pedestal was constructed by a spell, over 100 feet high. Above it, there was a white giant magical artifact flying boat resting on it.

    There were many people on the boat already. Little White Dragon and Peerless Sword Deity had arrived too. After their magical artifacts got destroyed, their elders immediately gave them another one. Although it could not be compared to what they had at first, it was still stronger than a magical tool. In these two months, they were refining their magical artifacts and that was their first time in a long while getting some fresh air.

    After Little Fatty and HongYing board the boat, there was immediately a foundational cultivator who approached them telling them where their rooms were and what to take note of. Little Fatty who had already rode on a flying boat before, was extremely familiar with it and brought HongYing to tour the boat after hearing what the foundational cultivator had to say.

    Everything felt so fresh to HongYing as it was her first time here. She gambolled around in the boat like a monkey. If anyone else dared to be so unrestrained, she would have probably been told off by the senior cultivators in the boat. But because of her prestige, those cultivators only shook their heads not knowing whether to laugh or cry at HongYing’s antics.

    Even if HongYing dared to be so unrestrained, Little Fatty did not. He did not join HongYing in her antics, but observed the situation on boat. At this moment, there were already 9 disciples who were here for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. Only ShuiJing wasn’t here. Leading this pack of disciples was actually the YuanYing cultivator, Daoist HuoLong. It can be seen how great an emphasis the Mystical Sky Yard place on this matter.

    Just at this moment, Daoist HuoLong who was meditating in the highest tower suddenly opened his eyes and asked. “Is it time yet?”

    “It is time already!” A JinDan cultivator behind him hurriedly replied.

    “Who else isn’t here yet?” Daoist HuoLong asked.

    “Only Miss ShuiJing isn’t here yet!” The JinDan cultivator said with a frown, “Shall I send someone to find h er?”

    “That’s not necessary!” Daoist HuoLong shook his head. “Since she isn’t here, then she would have probably listened to her master. If that’s the case, there isn’t the need to wait for her. Set off!”

    “Yes!” Despite the doubts in the JinDan cultivator’s heart, he dare not probe further and nodded his head. Then, he was about to activate the boat.

    But just at this moment, there was a white dressed figure arriving from afar. Seeing that, Daoist HuoLong hurriedly shouted, “Stop, ShuiJing is here!”

    The JinDan cultivator was stunned for a moment before he hurriedly stopped the boat’s activation. He then raised his head and saw Miss ShuiJing landing gently on the boat like a peaceful plum blossom.

    Knowing the circumstances, Daoist HuoLong asked, “ShuiJing, you’ve thought things through?”

    “Yes!” ShuiJing replied with a smile and bowed to Daoist HuoLong politely and said, “My teacher is going to enter into closed door cultivation for a hundred years and have completely sealed the Plum Blossom Mountain. In future, ShuiJing will have to trouble senior uncle to take care of me!”

    Obviously, Daoist HuoLong had already knew that ShuiJing may make an unexpected decision since he was already instructed by Celestial MeiHua. Although he did not know what ShuiJing’s choice entails, he could sense the gravity of the matter from looking at the solemn expression on his senior sister’s face.

    Daoist HuoLong originally thought that ShuiJing would choose the easier path, entering closed door cultivation with her master. But, he did not expect that ShuiJing would choose otherwise. Seeing ShuiJing appear, Daoist HuoLong also could not help but feel a little shocked.

    He had no further comments on that matter and calmly said, “When you come back, I will find a place for you to stay in the inner court. You can look for me if you have any problems in future!”

    “Yes, thank you senior uncle!” ShuiJing then bowed in gratitude. As she finished, she glanced at Little Fatty with a look of determination. Then without looking back, she left for her room to meditate.

    After ShuiJing left, Daoist HuoLong then instructed, “Set off!”

    “Yes, master!” The JinDan cultivator responded and activated the formations on the boat.

    After which, a green light surrounded the boat as it rose and began picking up speed in a particular direction. Basked in sunlight, the boat increased its speed and altitude until it disappeared into the horizons as a green light.