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Chapter 124: Unlucky Jade Pearl Pavilion

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 124: Unlucky Jade Pearl Pavilion

    “How is that possible?” Daoist HuoLong was agitated as he heard that and hurriedly said, “Tu QianCheng has been terrorising the cultivation world for over hundreds of years. He had robbed countless of cultivators and is definitely richer than the four of us combined. But in this storage ring, not to mention the fact that there isn’t a single magical artifact. Even all the materials here are low in grade without a single one above the age of a thousand years. Even a JinDan disciple of mine is richer than him! Who would believe that this is all the wealth he has?”

    “Ha, since your JinDan disciples are richer than him, then do not bother splitting all of these. You can just give it all to my pudgy boy!” The sect master said without any regard. It was obvious that he was set on helping Little Fatty. Even if he knew that Little Fatty had hid something, he would not bother either.

    As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he roared, “In your dreams, I want to search him!”

    “You dare?!” The sect master immediately retaliated.

    Seeing that the both of them were on the verge of fighting, the First Lady intervened and said, “Look at what time is it already, both of you are still arguing like kids over here!”“He’s the one being unreasonable, fighting with a kid even though he’s so old. Can’t believe he isn’t embarrassed at all!” The sect master said with disdain.

    “Who is fighting with a kid? I am only fighting for the rights of my disciples!” Daoist HuoLong immediately argued.

    “Okay, okay. Both of you stop arguing!” Then, the First Lady turned her head and asked Little Fatty, “Child, did you hide anything?”

    “Ma’am, this is the only dimensional storage bag which I have. Take a look and see how much can it hold.” Little Fatty handed the dimensional storage bag to the First Lady as he pretended to be in grief.

    The First Lady then took the bag over and scanned it with her spiritual sense. Then, she handed it over to Daoist HuoLong and said, “Look, this child didn’t take anything at all.”

    “You are really measuring such a noble character with your vile character!” The sect master sarcastically scolded.

    Daoist HuoLong could not be bothered about that at all as he took the dimensional storage bag over. Indeed, he could not find anything inside. After that, he was still indignant as he scanned Little Fatty with his spiritual sense. But, he could not find another storage item on him. Only after that did he say with a frown, “Is Tu QianCheng really so poor?”

    “Nonsense, ever since he was injured by us previously, he has not shown his face for over a few decades! He could only survive on his savings for these few decades, it isn’t surprising if he is poorer!” The First Lady then added, “Enough, let’s not talk anymore rubbish. Even if these are the only things left, it is more than enough for the juniors to enjoy. The way I look at it, my daughter already has the Phoenix Crying Blade so she wouldn’t share the spoils of war. But, Little Fatty was the key figure in killing Tu QianCheng, so he should get the dimensional storage ring and 70% of whatever is inside!”“What? Just 30% for my disciples?” Daoist HuoLong immediately scolded in rage, “Aren’t you being overboard?”

    “Nope, you’re wrong. I am already being extremely magnanimous! According to the sect rules, they should be executed for fleeing from battle! Now, on account of your face, not only are we not punishing them but even rewarding them. What more do you have to say?” The First Lady said in dissatisfaction.“That’s right, even if it is just 30% of what is inside, it is more than enough to compensate for the destroyed magical artifact. No matter what, they have gained from this. If that’s not fine, then we can only punish them in accordance to the the sect’s rules!” The sect master said firmly.

    “You guys, you guys are bullying them!” Daoist HuoLong said in frustration.

    “We’re only analysing the situation for you!” The First Lady said calmly, “Running from battle, leaving their sect mates in peril, it is already good enough that they are not dead. You still want to take this opportunity to make a fortune?”

    “Even if senior sister was here, she would also handle it in this manner!” The sect master added, “If not, let’s go ask senior sister for her opinion?”

    “Forget it!” Daoist HuoLong knew that he was at the losing end. For him to be able to fight for enough benefits to compensate for the losses of his disciples was already pretty good. Thus. it wouldn’t be good for him to argue too much. Even if this were to be blown up, it wouldn’t be beneficial for him at all.

    Since Daoist HuoLong had agreed, the First Lady took out a pile of items from the dimensional storage ring. After Daoist HuoLong scanned it, he did not say anything else and left with his disciples after keeping the items. After all, the First Lady was extremely fair in the items she gave and the value of it would only be higher than 30%.

    The First Lady then returned the dimensional storage ring to Little Fatty with a smile before pulling her daughter back to their own residence. Now, the demonic hunting beast expedition is officially over and it was much more fulfilling than expected. HongYing received the Phoenix Crying Blade and Little Fatty also had plenty of rewards. The most important thing was that he won over the heart of the beautiful HongYing.

    After the sect master and his wife heard the details from HongYing, they knew that Little Fatty was willing to protect HongYing with his life, allowing her to leave first. Their impression of him changed for the better. In the past, they thought that this child was extremely crafty. But in a life and death situation, his was unequivocally reliable.

    After being alive for almost a thousand years, the sect master and his wife could naturally tell the affection HongYing and Little Fatty had towards each other. If it was in the past, they would not have wanted their daughter to be with a crafty fatty. But after this incident, their opinions changed and did not bother much about Little Fatty and HongYing, allowing nature to take its course.

    After this incident, Hongying and Little Fatty were inseparable after returning back to the mountains. Both of them would run around in the mountains, their joyful laughter resounded throughout. As long as one wasn’t blind, one would be able to tell that they were infatuated with each other.

    Seeing this pretty and ugly combination, many people’s eyes almost popped out. It is just like the saying, a fresh flower lodged into a pile of cow dung. All those young disciples who were secretly in love with HongYing were all cursing Little Fatty in their hearts. They were even planning how to get rid of him in the dark. News of how Little Fatty killed Tu QianCheng had a huge impact, and so none of the young disciples could muster the courage to face Little Fatty in battle. They could only look helplessly at the darn fatty and HongYing being happily together.

    To the Mystical Sky Yard, the whole situation can still be considered to be peaceful. The death of Tu QianCheng definitely made the disciples excited for a moment. But, he was not killed because of the abilities of the sect cultivators after all. Thus, the upper echelons were not willing to mention too much about the affair and the hype was diminished after a short while.

    But, there was no barrier that could prevent rumours from spreading in the cultivation world. The moment this matter happened, it spread across all of the sects within the Vast Mountains. There were even cultivators outside of the Vast Mountains who heard about it.

    Tu QianCheng who terrorised the cultivation world for hundreds of years died in the hands of the Mystical Sky Yard. If it was just this news, it would definitely be stunning, but no one would doubt it much. After all, the Mystical Sky Yard was extremely powerful, and it wouldn’t be surprising for them to be able to kill Tu QianCheng.

    But the news that was spread was that the one who killed Tu QianCheng was actually a lowly disciple in the Mystical Sky Yard, who couldn’t even enter the inner courts. The moment this news spread out, countless people were completely shocked. The name of pudgy boy, SongZhong, was widespread throughout the cultivation world.

    Plus, the fact that the Phoenix Crying Blade recognised HongYing as its new owner also attracted attention from all over, to a point even higher than Little Fatty. After all, Little Fatty was only lucky to have killed Tu QianCheng and it was likely for something like this to happen again. Thus, it was impossible for people to remember it forever. But it was different with HongYing, she was already a rare genius to begin with and had the special status as the daughter of the sect master. With such talent and status, she was bound to be very prominent in the future. Now, she even managed to gain the Phoenix Crying Blade.

    As such, her future could be said to be even more limitless, and she would easily exceed her parents’ renown. With such potential within her, all the different powers of the cultivation world would definitely pay attention to her.Regarding Tu QianCheng’s death, the normal reaction of the cultivation world would be positive. Many of them even gave their congratulations to the Mystical Sky Yard. But, there was only a single large sect which comprised of only female cultivators, the Jade Pearl Pavilion, which was completely silent. This is because, they were the one who injured Tu QianCheng!

    A few years ago, an elder from the Jade Pearl Pavilion coincidentally found the hiding place of Tu QianCheng. At that time, he was still recuperating from his injuries. That made the elder extremely excited as she hurriedly reported the matter to the sect master. Then, the Jade Pearl Pavilion had an elder’s meeting and decided to deploy the full force of the sect to ambush Tu QianCheng for his Phoenix Crying Blade.

    Being a sect as large as the Mystical Sky Yard, they only had one or two spiritual artifacts in the whole sect. Thus, with regards to the Phoenix Crying Blade, they placed extreme importance on it. As such, they sent out their full force, in order to ensure victory!

    In order to prevent Tu QianCheng from escaping, the Jade Pearl Sect did not dare to have a direct confrontation. Instead, they prepared surreptitiously for a few years, refining a special magical artifact formation flag. Only after they were fully familiar with it did they take action. All of the YuanYing cultivators in the Jade Pearl Sect, a total of six of them, all took action. They were then assisted by a formation set up by 100 JinDan cultivators.

    But, their plan just couldn’t keep up with the changes in time. Despite the power formation and all their experts, Tu QianCheng still managed to escape by exploding all of his magical artifacts, taking the Phoenix Crying Blade with him.

    Seeing that their plan failed right at the very end, a few elders of the Jade Pearl Pavilion almost wanted to puke blood. They hurriedly mobilised countless elites within the sect for a clandestine search.

    As for why they kept matters a secret, it was because this involved the Phoenix Crying Blade. It must be understood that with Tu QianCheng’s severe injuries, he was like a treasure chest. If news of it were to be leaked, it would definitely attract the undesired attention of the whole cultivation world. At that time, the Jade Pearl Pavilion may not be able to capture him, causing their efforts to be in vain.