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Chapter 122: Late Backup

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 122: Late Backup

    HongYing could also tell that Little Fatty was truly happy for her and satisfaction fills her heart. However, she really didn’t feel good reaping such a reward without doing anything. Tu QianCheng was afterall a YuanYing cultivator and could not only have a single spiritual artifact on hand. It was likely that he had other things on himself. Of course, those items would be of far less value than the spiritual artifact. But, it was definitely still going to be a astonishing amount of wealth. After all, how poor can a Yuanying cultivator get?Thinking about this, HongYing endured the feeling of disgust and searched Tu QianCheng’s corpse. She managed to find a black ring from his right hand. After wiping off the bloodstains on the ring, she handed it over to Little Fatty enthusiastically and said, “Fatty bro, dimensional storage ring! Plus, it’s of the highest grade! Even my dad doesn’t have something so exquisite. There is definitely a plethora of luxurious things inside. It’s all yours!”“Haha, then I shall feast my eyes on the items within!” Little Fatty did not hold back and took the ring over. He then used his spiritual sense to peruse within the ring. In the end, Little Fatty realised that the dimensional storage ring had a space of over 3000 feet in diameter. There were indeed many things inside. There were over thousands of high grade spiritual stones, tens of thousands of middle grade spiritual stone, and millions of low grade spiritual stones. As for the other miscellaneous items, they were all materials used for refining armaments and elixirs.

    After he swept this whole ring, Little Fatty could not help but ask in doubt, “Strange, there are many things inside, but not a single magical artifact. Didn’t they say that Tu QianCheng had killed over hundreds of JinDan cultivators and stole all of their magical artifacts? Where did it all disappear to?”“Maybe he used it up?” HongYing widened her eyes and said, “The last time Tu QianCheng got ambushed by my parents, he destroyed more than 200 magical artifacts in order to escape. This time when we saw him, he already had such heavy injuries. He should have just been attacked by a group of people. I guess, he exploded all those magical artifacts in order to escape!”

    “Very likely!” Little Fatty nodded his head in approval. Then he started taking the things out from the ring and placed them into the dimension within his Natal Artifact.

    Witnessing this, HongYing couldn’t help but inquire, “Fatty bro, what are you doing?”

    “Wealth should not be flaunted. There are over a few millions of spiritual stones here, we cannot let others find out about it. I’m taking majority of them out, leaving only some behind. If others were to see what is left behind, they would not be too jealous!” Little Fatty explained while he continued to transfer all the items.

    After HongYing heard that, she could not help but ask in doubt, “Fatty bro, so what if they know? Don’t tell me they would dare to rob you?”

    “Ah, how should I say this?” Little Fatty stared at this lass who had yet to experience the cruelties of this world. He then laughed bitterly and explained, “Maybe they won’t, but there may be people who will get tempted the moment they see the wealth. In any case, what I’m doing is just to take precautions against future troubles. Do you understand?”

    “This, I understand!” HongYing was not foolish and immediately understood after Little Fatty explained.

    “It’s good that you understand!” Little Fatty nodded his head with a smile and hurriedly transferred everything. In just a short while, he managed to transfer most of the things into his own dimension. All of the rare materials and herbs, were all taken away without leaving anything behind. He only left behind some of the common items.

    Seeing Little Fatty so busy at the side, doubts began arising in Hongying’s heart. There were really too many things in the ring, and ordinary dimensional storage bags would never be able to fit them all. Little Fatty obviously only had a trashy dimensional storage bag which definitely was not able to fit all these things. No matter who it was, they would definitely be suspicious. But, despite her young age, HongYing was very understanding. Seeing that Little Fatty did not explain, she knew that it was his secret. Thus, she asked no further but only played with her Phoenix Crying Blade gleefully.

    After completion, just when he wanted to say something, he heard a sound analogous to thunder approaching; shaking the mountain to the point the rocks began to crumble.

    “Tu QianCheng, you dare touch my daughter?! I will skin you alive!” Accompanying this loud voice, three figures smashed apart the waterfall as they rushed in. Accompanied by a big whirlwind, they appeared in front of Little Fatty and HongYing in an instant.

    All of these people were very obviously experts rushing in at full force. Although they immediately stopped when they entered, the violent winds they brought along with them was like a level 12 typhoon rushing in. Even someone as well-built as Little Fatty was instantly blown away, smashing into the cliffs of the wall.

    Although Little Fatty was extremely pitiful, HongYing was completely find. Just when the typhoon struck, the sentient Phoenix Crying Blade immediately protected its owner; shrouding her in a light of gold, easily slicing the strong winds apart.

    HongYing initially thought that it was an enemy attack and hurriedly raised her guard. Only after a close look did she see that the four people in front of them were the 3 YuanYing cultivators of the Mystical Sky Yard, the sect master and his wife, and Daoist HuoLong. As for the fourth person, he was one of the foundational cultivators in charge of this demonic beast hunt. His appearance at this moment was extremely sorry, and was being carried in the hands of the sect master. His face was completely pale with blood stains staining the corner of his lips.

    After all those people from the hunt ran away, the foundational cultivators immediately broke a rescue talisman given to them by the First Lady. After all, her daughter was in the group of people. Despite the place being relatively safe, there may still be unexpected mishaps along the way. As the First Lady was concerned about her daughter’s safety, she gave both leaders a talisman each.

    After the talisman was shattered, it formed a large water mirror and the First Lady’s countenance can be seen within. This was a high grade long distance communication talisman. Even if they were thousands of kilometres apart, it would still allow them to communicate face to face.

    Both the foundational cultivators were not in the mood to admire how mystical the talisman was and hurriedly explained everything to the First Lady. After the First Lady heard Tu QianCheng’s name, she was shocked to the point her face changed colour. After she heard that HongYing did not escape, and could still be in the cave, she almost fainted on the spot.

    Following a commotion in the Mystical Sky Yard. what happened next was that the sect master and his wife met up with Daoist HuoLong and rushed over here. They also sent a letter of help to Celestial MeiHua, but to no avail. She was probably still in the midst of her close door cultivation. Although they had one less strong backup, they still rushed there immediately because of their worry for their daughter.

    With the frightening speed of a YuanYing cultivator, it only took them 20 to 30 minutes to arrive here. But, the three of them did not know the position of the cave and had to first find the foundational cultivator. The sect master, who was already extremely anxious at that moment just directly grabbed him like a dead dog and ordered him to lead to way.

    “Mum!” Seeing her mother, all of the grievance in HongYing’s heart flowed out as she kept her Phoenix Crying Blade and began crying in her mother’s bosom.

    Both the sect master and his wife doted upon their daughter a lot. Seeing her sad cries, they were both at a loss for what to do. In frustration, the sect master threw the foundational cultivator in his hands aside and hurriedly asked, “Daughter, where is Tu QianCheng and pudgy boy?”

    “They should be over there?” Only then did HongYing regained herself as she pointed towards the rear.

    Seeing where HongYing pointed, the 3 YuanYing cultivators were completely stunned! They could only see the Tu QianCheng, who wrecked havoc in the cultivation world, lying there like mud, apparently as dead as he can be.

    As for Little Fatty, he slowly crawled up with a body full of dirt. Although his clothes were not worn properly appeared dishevelled, he was completely uninjured and alive!

    Seeing this, the 3 YuanYing cultivators stared at each other in disbelief. A YuanYing cultivator wielding a spiritual artifact together with 2 XianTian rookies in a cave. In the end, after a round of battle, the one who died was the YuanYing cultivator. How could anyone believe that?

    The sect master then asked with a face full of shock, “Pudgy boy, tell me, what happened here?”

    Little Fatty rubbed his head and said with a bitter laughter, “Sect master, your disciple and junior sister HongYing managed to kill Tu QianCheng after so much effort. But, I was almost killed by you again!”

    As the sect master and all heard that, all their faces reddened. In actual fact, because of their violent entrance, it caused Little Fatty to be in such a pathetic state. Thankfully, Little Fatty had such a durable body. If it was any other cultivator, he would have probably fracture a few bones already.

    “Heh heh, isn’t it because I was anxious!” The sect master said in embarrassment.

    Daoist HuoLong could not be bothered about that as he interrogated, “Little fatty, you said that you killed Tu QianCheng? How come I just can’t believe you? Just with you? How can you kill a YuanYing cultivator?”

    “Reporting to grand senior uncle, if Tu QianCheng was in his prime, 10,000 of me would not be a match for him. But, he was seriously too injured when we met him. Thus, after your disciple trapped him with this bell, he died from his own injuries after struggling a while!”

    “Is this true?” The First Lady immediately asked her daughter in curiosity.

    “En en!” HongYing immediately nodded her head and said, “That’s the case!” Although she wasn’t sure why Little Fatty lied, but she still chose to support the man who took away her first kiss.