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Chapter 121: He’s The One to Die

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 121: He’s The One to Die

    Seeing the situation, Little Fatty was appalled. He could not be bothered to wait for HongYing’s reply and immediately shouted, “Junior sister, we will not be able to hold him down for any longer! Hurry up and leave! If not the both of us will die here together!”

    As HongYing heard that, her body shook as her eyes lit up and said resolutely, “I came back here to die with you!”

    ‘I came back here to die with you!’ Although these words were simple and unadorned, it showed the resolute feelings deep within HongYing’s heart! Her voice wasn’t loud, but it struck like thunder in Little Fatty’s ears, rooting him to the spot.

    He could never imagine that this lady who was always so high above and reachable, the only daughter of the sect master, the celestial maiden-like HongYing, would say something so moving in this life and death moment. At this moment, the distance between Little Fatty and HongYing was completely reduced to nothing as their hearts connected. Both of them sat on the wind copper bell and stared deep into each other's’ eyes. Both their faces slowly drew near to each other. At this moment, whether it was Tu QianCheng or anything that happened in the world, it all vanished from their minds. Their hearts could no longer contain anything else except for each other.

    Finally, the both of their faces became extremely close to each other as their cheeks met. Next, it was their soft lips, touching each other and producing a feeling like sparks flying, completely shocking the both of them as they simultaneously separated.

    HongYing, who gave up her first kiss became extremely embarrassed. But, she did not have any intention of backing out as she closed her eyes and stuck out her lips, waiting for Little Fatty.

    Facing the beauty in front of her, Little Fatty was filled with bliss at this moment. At the same time, a manly chauvinistic side of him came out as he thought to himself, ‘I must protect her! I cannot allow her to die in the hands of Tu QianCheng!’

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty smiled gently as he said to HongYing softly, “Junior sister, I will not allow you to die. The person who should die is him!”

    As HongYing heard that, she received a rude shock. She did not understand why Little Fatty would say something at this moment, it was as though he still had a trump card left unplayed.

    Thinking about this, HongYing forced open her eyes. The only thing she saw was Little Fatty’s right hand leaving the bell and raising high up in the sky. A ball of mystical inscriptions made from spiritual Qi slowly began to form a talisman in his hands.

    Finally, Little Fatty shouted with a loud roar, “Tu QianCheng, go and die!” As he said that, he used everything he had and smashed the talisman onto the large copper bell.

    The next moment, the large copper bell gave out a loud ring, spreading across a hundred kilometres. With his spiritual sense, Little Fatty could easily detect everything that was happening in the bell. Under the activation of the spiritual talisman, countless of sound waves were given out from the bell as it gathered back into the interior of the bell in a fixed and mystical fashion. They began to overlay upon each other, forming an extremely destructive force in the small region.

    Tu QianCheng who was within the bell didn’t even have time to let out a shriek as his soul was completely dissipated by the sound waves and bones reduced to mush. Especially his ferocious-looking eyes, they exploded on the spot in an extremely gruesome fashion. Tu QianCheng who terrorized the cultivator’s world for over a few centuries had completely died just like that.

    However, Little Fatty who used the spiritual talisman to kill Tu QianCheng did not have it easy either. In order to kill him in a single hit, all of his spiritual Qi had been used up in that single attack resulting in him being completely exhausted of spiritual Qi. Including his previous inner and physical injuries, even if he was an iron man, he wouldn’t be able to endure it.

    The poor Little Fatty felt a wave of pain pass through his entire body as he fell off the bell, completely powerless to keep himself steady.

    HongYing hurriedly flew down and grabbed Little Fatty, preventing him from falling down. But, Little Fatty’s face was completely pale as the corner of his lips slowly dribbled a streak of blood. HongYing became completely frantic as she held Little Fatty’s arms and shook it vigorously saying, “Fatty bro, fatty bro! What’s wrong with you?!”

    “Don’t shake me anymore!” Little Fatty said with a bitter laughter, “My spiritual Qi is completely exhausted and my organs have slightly shifted. Along with that is a little bit of fracture. It may seem frightening, but they are all light injuries. I would be fine after having some elixirs!”

    As HongYing heard that, she immediately said, “I have a Heavenly Mystical Elixir!”

    As she said that, she took out a small red bottle from her dimensional storage bag. From within, she took out a pearl sized, transparent elixir, giving out the fragrance of a top class elixir.

    Seeing that, Little Fatty did not know whether to laugh or cry as he hurriedly said, “I only have some light injuries. Any random elixirs would do. Such high-grade elixirs are unnecessary!”

    What was the Heavenly Mystical Elixir? It was the highest grade elixir produced within the Mystical Sky Yard. The materials alone required over hundreds of thousand-year-old herbs and required an expert years to complete it. The success rate was also extremely pitiful. Even with the wealth of the Mystical Sky Yard, a few hundred years of hard work would only yield about 10 of these elixirs.

    Such an item was extremely precious and would usually be given to the YuanYing cultivators to consume when they were injured. Even if it was them, they would only be willing to use it when they have serious injuries. For such light injures like Little Fatty, it was completely unnecessary.

    But, HongYing was just too concerned about Little Fatty, plus she did not really care about such an elixir. Thus, she did not bother about Little Fatty’s objections and stuffed it into his mouth directly.

    The Heavenly Mystical Elixir was not an ordinary pill. An elixir for YuanYing cultivators to consume would definitely have an extremely strong medicinal effect. Even with Little Fatty’s strong body, he was unable to completely endure it. He had no choice but to sit in meditation and guide the medicinal effects of the elixir.

    It was lucky that Little Fatty’s Primal Chaos Formula was considered magical. Plus, he had many injuries and managed to absorb most of the medicinal effects. Thus, in just a short 10 minutes, he was able to absorb all the medicinal effects of the elixir. Not only did his injuries completely heal, his cultivation also took a leap of growth. Now, he was already at the bottleneck of the 12th XianTian stage and could breakthrough to the 13th XianTian stage at any time. You have to know, it was only last month where he broke through to the 12th XianTian stage through dual cultivation with ShuiJing. Now, he was already at the bottleneck of advancement. Such a progress was completely unheard of. Obviously, this had to be the effect of the Heavenly Mystical Elixir.

    After meditation, Little Fatty stood up in satisfaction. But, HongYing suddenly hid to the side in embarrassment, wanting to look at him, but yet not daring to. Little Fatty was completely puzzled as he looked down at himself. Only then was he enlightened as he realised that he was half naked and looked extremely pitiful in his tattered robes. Little Fatty hurriedly took out a Daoist robe from his dimensional storage bag and hurriedly wore it.

    Only after he changed his clothes did HongYing dare to approach him and ask, “Fatty bro, are your injuries better?”

    “I have already used the Heavenly Mystical Elixir, how can I not be fine?” Little Fatty said with a bitter laughter.

    “Ah, it’s good that you’re fine!” Only then did HongYing let out a sigh of relief. Then, she pointed towards the large bell and asked curiously, “What about him?”

    “Heh heh, he is definitely not fine! He is already dead!” Little Fatty said with a laughter as he kept his wind copper bell. Then, a bloody corpse was revealed from underneath it.

    As HongYing saw the disgusting corpse, she frowned in disgust. However, her attention was very quickly attracted by the beautiful Phoenix Crying Blade. After it lost its owner, a spiritual artifact would normally choose another owner. Sometimes, it would choose the person who killed its previous owner. Other times, it would fly away on its own.

    As for this time, it was obvious that the Phoenix Crying Blade had made its decision. With a slight tremble, it let out a loud cry and rushed towards HongYing as a golden light.

    Seeing the situation, Little Fatty’s face changed colour as he hurriedly shouted, “Junior sister, be careful!” Although he wanted to protect HongYing, he was helpless about the speed of the Phoenix Crying Blade. It was completely fast as lighting, leaving Little Fatty completely helpless as he could only watch the gold light vanish into the forehead of HongYing.

    Just when Little Fatty thought that HongYing lost her life to the Phoenix Crying Blade, he suddenly realised in shock that there were no signs of injury on her forehead at all. Although HongYing was completely in shock and looked extremely nervous, but it was obvious that she was not injured at all, much less killed by the Phoenix Crying Blade.

    Such a situation completely shocked Little Fatty. But, he very quickly understood the situation as he mumbled to himself with a bitter laughter, “It can’t be what I think? Don’t tell me the Phoenix Crying Blade chose her as the next owner?”

    In reality, whatever Little Fatty guessed was completely true. After a short while, HongYing awoke in elation, and excitedly pulled Little Fatty’s hands and shouted, “Fatty bro, fatty bro, the Phoenix Crying Blade recognised me as its owner! It recognised me as its owner! It even gave me a set of blade technique, which is the method to control the Phoenix Crying Blade!”

    “Congratulations, congratulations!” Apart from congratulating her and laughing bitterly, what more could he say?

    Seeing that Little Fatty’s expression wasn’t too happy, HongYing came to her senses and said in embarrassment, “Fatty bro, it was all your effort to kill Tu QianCheng, but the good stuff was obtained by me!”

    “Haha, silly girl, what are you talking about!” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said magnanimously, “If you did not come to save me, I would have already died in the hands of Tu QianCheng! Besides, the Phoenix Crying Blade is a spiritual artifact which would choose its own owner. Since it chose you, it means that you are fated to have it. I will definitely be happy for you!”

    In actual fact, to say that Little Fatty did not feel anything in his heart, it was definitely a complete lie. After all, this was not something that can be easily found. It is an extremely rare spiritual artifact in the cultivation world! It was something that even a YuanYing cultivator would rarely have. Even the sect master of a large sect like the Mystical Sky Yard did not have one! It can be seen how precious it was.

    However, how could a spiritual artifact be something that can be obtained just because you wanted it? Fate was something which could not be seen but felt. If the spiritual artifact is not willing to follow you, it would be useless even if you forced it to. Plus, the actions of HongYing to come back and die with him brought their relationship to a whole new level. Thus, Little Fatty would not be bothered about who the Phoenix Crying Sword belonged to. As such, his congratulations to HongYing was from the bottom of his heart.