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Chapter 120: Mighty Old Devil

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 120: Mighty Old Devil

    Thinking about this, both the foundational cultivators, Little White Dragon and Peerless Sword Deity immediately regained their spirits. They shouted out loud and unleashed all their precious magical artifacts. Two flying swords, one extremely strong formless sword Qi, together with the mirror all pressed towards the unstable flashing gold sword light. It was obvious that the instability of the sword was caused by the heavy injuries of the owner.

    Seeing how the four magical artifacts unleashed such a formidable wave of spiritual Qi and how the opponent’s sword was flashing unsteadily, everyone began to see a shimmer of hope in the situation. They all stared with focus at the scene in front of them, hoping for a miracle to happen.

    But, reality is cruel and miracles do not occur so easily. Despite the formidable presence of the four magical artifacts, it was still weaker by a whole stage as compared to the spiritual artifact. This difference resulted in the complete defeat of the magical artifacts. After they came into contact, in just an instant, all the White Dragon Sword, Peerless Sword, and whatever magical artifacts were all shattered on the spot. It was as though they weren’t magical artifacts which were painstakingly refined, but just a pile of trashy scrap metal.

    Of the four magical artifacts, 3 were destroyed on the spot. The Peerless Sword was always on the user’s back and did not come into contact with the spiritual artifact. But, since its sword spirit was destroyed, the body of the scabbard was filled with cracks, being as good as ruined.

    Because all these 4 magical artifacts were all telepathically connected to their users, their destruction also caused damages to their owners’ spiritual sense. Blood immediately sprayed out of their mouths as they retreated behind with heavy injuries.

    As for the Phoenix Crying Blade, it only trembled slightly after destroying the four magical artifacts. After that, it proceeded to slash towards the crowd.

    At this moment, the four people in front already retreated to the second line of defense because of their injuries. As such, Hong Ying who was in the second line of defense became right in the front. Facing the blade full of deathly aura, this girl who had never faced a life and death battle before was instantly crippled with fear by the deathly aura as she stood motionless on the spot. As for the others, they were either injured or powerless to do anything and could only stare without any idea of what to do.

    Just when the beautiful lady was about to be split into two by the Phoenix Crying Blade, a large body fearlessly rushed in front of HongYing, defending her with his own body.

    Needless to say, this was Little Fatty who had been observing the fight at the rear. The moment he saw that HongYing was in danger, he did not even consider whether or not he would be able to defend against the Phoenix Crying Blade which destroyed the four magical artifacts. He only rushed out instinctively to protect the young lady.

    But, Little Fatty was not a brainless person after all and would definitely not block the Phoenix Crying Blade with his own body. As such, when he was rushing over, he took out his Natal Artifact and used it as a shield.

    Just as the wind copper bell appeared, the frightening golden blade smashed fiercely onto it. Everyone could only hear a loud bang as a large crater was made in the body of the wind copper bell. But, the most surprising thing was that the wind copper bell was able to defend against the attack of the Phoenix Crying Blade, despite how badly damaged it was. The Phoenix Crying Blade was then sent flying back towards its owner.

    However, being the owner of the bell, Little Fatty also did not have it easy. The Phoenix Crying Blade was a spiritual artifact after all and was being used by a YuanYing cultivator. Even if Tu QianCheng was already heavily injured; even if the Phoenix Crying Blade had already smashed four magical artifacts and did not have much power left; the might of the attack was still extremely frightening. Others may not know of the might of the attack, but Little Fatty was extremely clear.

    The four foot exterior of the bell which was filled with formations was completely sliced through by the blade. In fact, what stopped the attack was the actual body of the large copper bell.

    However, even if the blade was stopped, the strong force of the attack was still all unleashed on the large bell. In the end, the 30-foot tall bell which was heavy like a small hill was sent flying towards the crowd.

    Based on the weight of the bell and the force it was sent flying, it would be able to easily destroy a small hill, much less a bunch of weak cultivators!

    Little Fatty, who was in front, had an instant change of expression the moment he saw the situation. He was definitely able to avoid the bell. But if he avoids it, HongYing who was behind him would end up becoming the victim.

    In order to protect HongYing who stood behind, Little Fatty gritted his teeth and resolutely chose to receive the bell. With a roar, all his muscles were flexed as they ripped apart his Taoist robes, revealing the firm muscles underneath it.

    At this moment, Little Fatty was in no way ‘Fat’. He was obviously an extremely muscular man. The amount of muscles on his body was something that a bear could not even compare to! It was as though he was born from the earth and the reincarnation of PanGu. Everyone was completely stunned when they saw that!

    (T/N: PanGu is believed to be the creator of the universe, born of the primordial chaos.)

    Following Little Fatty’s roar, his thick arms stretched forward and everyone heard a loud bang. With the force of a single person, he was able to stop the wind copper bell which was sent flying. His thick hands was dug at least a few inches into the wind copper shell! Both his feet shattered the ground, but his body was still stationary. HongYing who was behind him was completely uninjured.

    But, the force of the wind copper bell was really too great. Even if Little Fatty had such solid muscles and tendons, he was unable to endure such an impact. As such, the moment he received the impact of the bell, he also could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

    In just an instant, the Phoenix Crying Blade destroyed the four magical artifacts and was blocked by the wind copper bell. But to Little Fatty and all, that instant was already a life and death trial.

    HongYing who managed to escape from death looked at Little Fatty who was in front of her like an immovable mountain with a heart full of gratitude. But, everyone else immediately shouted after a moment of disbelief, “Run!” As they said that, they all turned to run away, leaving Little Fatty and HongYing behind.

    Seeing Little Fatty block his attack, Tu QianCheng was also a little shocked. Just that short moment of shock resulted in everyone escaping. He was immediately angered as he saw that; if word of him recuperating here were to get out, it would definitely bring a bunch of YuanYing cultivators here. In his current state, he would not be able to escape even with his Phoenix Crying Blade. Thus, he had to silence everyone here. As such, he hurriedly shouted, “Where do you think you’re going! All of you come here to die!”

    As he said that, the Phoenix Crying Blade once again cried out and was about to make its move. Little Fatty was appalled, but quickly regained himself as he roared, “Junior sister, leave! I’ll protect your rear!” As he said that, his right hand grabbed HongYing’s shoulder and threw her towards the outside. At the same time, he rushed towards Tu QianCheng like a whirlwind. Little Fatty knew that with his body size, he would never be faster than the Phoenix Crying Blade. It was useless even if he had the large copper bell. After all, with the opponent’s large experience as a YuanYing cultivator, he would not make the same mistake of trying to destroy the bell twice. Since it could not destroy it, all it had to do was to avoid it to kill both Little Fatty and HongYing. Thus, both of them could not leave together to expose both their backs for him to slash at. The only way would be for one of them to stay back, while the other escapes.

    Obviously, at this life and death moment, Little Fatty chose to allow HongYing to escape while he faced the frightening Phoenix Crying Blade.

    Although Little Fatty already had the mentality of death, he was strangely extremely peaceful. He even had the mental state of ShuiJing where his heart was as peaceful as a still lake.

    Such a mental state helped Little Fatty to predict the flying trajectory of the Phoenix Crying Blade as though it was a painting displayed right in front of him. The originally swift Phoenix Crying Blade slowly passed through in his brain, leaving behind an obvious trajectory.

    Little Fatty did not know why he was able to achieve all these. Such an ability to predict the future was obviously the abilities of Miss ShuiJing. Perhaps it had something to do with the dual cultivation he had with her previously.

    At this moment, Little Fatty naturally did not have the heart to care about all these things. He only had the heart to bother about his own survival. Since he knew the trajectory of the Phoenix Crying Blade, then everything became simpler. Little Fatty immediately stopped rushing forward, as he landed on the floor and took a large jump. He then grabbed the back of the bell and redirected its trajectory, throwing it towards the Phoenix Crying Blade.

    Just when Little Fatty rushed towards Tu QianCheng without consideration for himself, HongYing was thrown out of the waterfall and was completely wet. But, her eyes had always been fixed on that brave silhouette. Tears filled her large beautiful eyes as they rolled down together with the water from the waterfall.

    Such a scene made HongYing fall into a dilemma in an instant. Should she leave her fatty bro behind and escape? Or should she courageously rush in to fight the enemy with him?

    Just when HongYing hesitated, the sounds of metal clashing came out from the cave, shocking her out of her reverie. At the same time, her heart also resolutely made her decision!

    As for Little Fatty in the cave, he was able to perfectly trap the Phoenix Crying Blade in the bell after seeing the trajectory of the blade. That scene was as though he was able to predict the future, making Tu QianCheng completely stunned.

    Although Little Fatty was able to successfully block the blade with the strong defense of the bell, the Phoenix Crying Blade was not worn down by any magical artifacts this time. The large force of the attack sent both Little Fatty and the bell flying until they smashed into the top of the cave.

    The large impact embedded both Little Fatty and the bell within the rocks of the cave. The whole cave was also shaken from the impact as the rocks began to fall from the ceiling.

    “Haha!” As Tu QianCheng saw that, he immediately said with a loud laughter, “So what if you’re able to block the attack of my Phoenix Crying Blade? You’re still going to be smashed to death! If you asked me, it would probably be a quicker and more painless death for you to die under my Phoenix Crying Blade. You would still be able to have a full corpse is that's the case. But now, you would only be a pile of meat!”

    Obviously, Tu QianCheng predicted that Little Fatty was sure to die under such his heavy attack with all his past experiences. As such, he laughed so crazily and relaxed his alertness.

    But, Tu QianCheng would not even be able to dream that Little Fatty’s body was strong enough to defend himself against the divine lightning he refined. His body was almost as strong as a defensive magical tool. Thus, under such a heavy blow, it was only enough for him to cough out blood but not receive any grave injuries.

    Just when Tu QianCheng was laughing heartily, Little Fatty who was in the rocks began to retaliate. With a roar, he shook his body and freed himself from the rocks. Then, he landed towards Tu QianCheng with his horrifying strength and the force of gravity. That scene was like a ferocious tiger coming down a hill, completely unblockable.

    Because everything which happened was too sudden, Tu QianCheng did not have the time to react. With a loud bang, he was trapped in the large copper bell together with his Phoenix Crying Sword.

    Seeing the situation, Tu QianCheng was immediately stunned. He hurriedly began struggling as he commanded his Phoenix Crying Blade to slash crazily at the large copper bell.

    Outside, Little Fatty heard the sounds metal clashing, as the bell began to shake unsteadily. He was scared to the point he hurriedly crawled on the head of the bell like a dog, stabilizing the bell with all his strength.

    Obviously, a heavily injured Tu QianCheng who already consecutively unleashed his Phoenix Crying Blade twice was already at his limit. No matter how hard he struggled, his strength was incomparable to before. Otherwise, Little Fatty would have long been sent flying.

    But, despite that being the case, Little Fatty still had a lot of trouble trying to stabilize the bell. He was not even able to stabilize it properly as the bell continued shaking as though it would be overturned anytime soon.

    The moment Tu QianCheng escaped, it was obvious that an injured Little Fatty would not be able to defend against a single slash of the Phoenix Crying Blade and would die here for sure.

    Just at this dangerous moment, a figure flew in from the outside. In the next moment, HongYing appeared on top of the bell as she knelt on the bell and pushed down on the bell. With the extra manpower, the shaking of the bell was immediately lessened.

    But, Little Fatty was completely shocked. He was not willing to let HongYing be exposed to such danger as he hurriedly asked, “Why did you come back? Didn’t I ask you to escape?”

    Before HongYing had the chance to answer him, Tu QianCheng who was below sensed the new danger and he struggled even more furiously. The moment he began struggling furiously, both HongYing and Little Fatty were almost unable to handle it.