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Chapter 119: Old Devil Feng Ning

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 119: Old Devil Feng Ning

    Obviously, any ordinary cultivator suffering from such injuries tantamounts to him dying over ten times already. Yet this person was still able to fly on his flying sword, a testament to how profound his cultivation was.

    However, no matter how profound his cultivation was, what threat can he pose after suffering such severe injuries. Since the other party was a sectless loose cultivator, there was no fear of any future ramifications. In other words, they are definitely going to take advantage of him today. Who wouldn’t be tempted by the possessions of such a strong cultivator?

    Thinking about this, both the foundational cultivator’s eyes lit up. The one on the left smiled to him with a proud face, “Senior, it seems like you have suffered grievous injuries!”

    “Do you want us brothers to help you?” The other foundational cultivator immediately asked.

    “Help me?” the guy said with a cold laughter, “Help relieve me of all my equipment?”“HAHA, senior is really so sharp!” The foundational cultivator on the left said with a loud laughter, “Senior has already been injured to such an extent, it must be such a torture to be alive. Why not we give you a helping hand?”

    “Us orthodox cultivators are naturally obliged to help people! Senior doesn’t need to give us any thanks!” The other foundational cultivator said with a cunning laughter, “We only want all the treasures currently in your possession!”

    “Haha!” After the person heard that, he gave an unbridled arrogant laughter, as though he had just heard the world’s funniest joke.

    “Senior, is there anything funny?” The foundational cultivator on the left frowned and asked.

    “Of course it’s funny!” The guy laughed and continued saying, “To think that I of the Tu family have robbed countless of cultivators and today, I am going to be robbed by these little brats. Don’t you think this is funny?” As he said that, he waved his right hand and a golden, 3-inch blade appeared in front of him. This blade had an antiquated appearance with a phoenix curling around it. The moment it appeared, it emitted an extremely loud shriek. That resounding sound was like thunder which reverberated throughout the nine heavens!

    All the cultivators immediately took a few steps back. It emitted such an overbearing presence upon its appearance. This artifact was definitely of the spiritual grade! Seeing the unique shape of the blade and that the other party mentioned that he was of the ‘Tu’ family, both the foundational cultivators and a few cultivator’s face changed as they shouted out in coordination, “Phoenix Crying Blade! You are Tu Qiancheng, Devilish Cry of the Phoenix!”

    “Heh heh, it is I indeed!” Tu Qiancheng immediately said in delight, “Juniors, you guys actually dare to rob me? HAHA, I admire all of your guts!”

    Having heard his affirmation, everyone present almost fainted!

    This Tu Qiancheng was an extremely famous Yuanying cultivator in the cultivation world. It is said that he was born a loose cultivator and had been bullied by countless of different sects during his cultivation journey and was long filled with rancor. It was a pity that his abilities back then was insufficient and could not fight with them, thus he could only endure.

    But, there was suddenly a day where Tu Qiancheng’s luck came. Under a chance encounter, he found the resting place of an ancient loose cultivator and obtained all of his treasures and cultivation methods. Not only was he able to become condense his Yuanying in a single try, he also obtained a spiritual artifact, the Phoenix Crying Blade.

    This spiritual artifact was something extraordinary. It wasn’t like other spiritual artifacts which came with formations or forbidden techniques; it only had a single specialty, that was its speed! Extreme speed! When the Phoenix Crying Blade moved, it would give off the cry of the phoenix. It is said that when the sound of the cry reaches the opponent, it would also be the time where the opponent’s head touches the floor. As such, there is the saying of ‘When the phoenix cries, the head falls’.

    Besides that, not only was the Phoenix Crying Blade fast, it was a flying sword which a cultivator could ride on. Under normal circumstances, the speed of an ordinary Yuanying cultivator would be about a few thousand units. The fast ones would be able to barely break the 10,000 mark units. But the basic flying speed of the Phoenix Crying Blade was 10,800! In other words, it is able to fly 5,400 kilometres in just 10 minutes!

    This was just far too horrifying. After he had the Phoenix Crying Blade, Tu Qiancheng became the fastest cultivator alive in the cultivation world.

    As such, Tu Qiancheng no longer had any scruples as he began to take revenge on all the sects which had bullied him previously. There were many small sects which were even decimated by him.

    Because the amount of injustice he suffered was too great in the past, he became a little sick in the mind. As such, his methods were extremely cruel as he diced the male cultivators into pieces and played the female cultivators to their deaths. He never had any compunctions when he did anything. Regardless of how large a sect one came from, be it from a righteous or evil sect, he would take action as long as he saw them. In just a short period of time, he caused a torrent of blood in the cultivation world.

    Both the righteous and evil sects even teamed up in an attempt to capture him but to no avail! With his Phoenix Crying Blade on hand, there weren’t many Yuanying cultivators which could fight with him. Unless they surrounded him, they wouldn’t be able to defeat him. But, even if they were to surround him, he could still use the perverse speed of the Phoenix Crying Blade to escape the encirclement of those experts easily.

    A dozen Yuanying cultivators even fought him for a full ten years thinking that they found a weakness of his. Instead, a bunch of their disciples was annihilated by an ambush of his. It was completely useless, a Jindan cultivator was completely powerless against a Yuanying cultivator who was so swift and had a spiritual artifact. Tu Qiancheng even slaughtered the Jindan disciples of the opponent when there were fewer Yuanying cultivators and left imperiously!

    Under such circumstances, the Yuanying cultivators from the different sects could not be united. Countless failures caused them to blame one another. Thus, they could only helplessly give up and go back to their own sects under the protection of the sect formation. Even with the Phoenix Crying Sword, Tu Qiancheng would not dare to take any reckless actions. As long as their disciples do not leave the sect, they would still have the ability to protect themselves.

    The withdrawal of these cultivators made Tu Qiancheng even bolder and unrestrained. In the following 100 years, he used countless of cruel means to kill plenty of cultivators. It is said that hundreds of Jindan cultivators had died under his hands!

    After he killed them, he would definitely rob them. Jindan cultivators were rich for sure and would mostly have a magical artifact.

    The accumulation of all the victims’ wealth had greatly bolstered the amount of cultivation resources Tu Qiancheng had. These resources then allowed him to increase his cultivation, exacerbated his savage ambitions and fostered his belligerence. From there on, it formed an endless cycle of evil!

    But, when Tu Qiancheng was at the peak of his glory, he made a mistake of being overly haughty. The greatest mistake he made was to the thought of avarice. Under a chance encounter, he heard that Celestial Mei Hua had 2 spiritual artifacts which had not recognised an owner. The moment he heard that, he wanted to steal those 2 spiritual artifacts. The way he saw it, Celestial Mei Hua was not staying within sect grounds and was not under the protection of the sect’s formations. It was easy for him to infiltrate surreptitiously. Even if he failed, he would still be able to escape easily with his Phoenix Crying Blade.

    But, he had obviously underestimated Celestial Meihua’s Plum Blossom Divination. The moment he entertained the thought of stealing, Celestial Mei Hua felt it immediately. She immediately calculated and knew what was going on. Even the time he was going to take action, and the route he was going to take was all clearly calculated by her.

    In the end, Tu Qiancheng was in for big trouble! He thought that he would be able to stealthily enter the place, but fell into the trap of the other party. Finally, he landed himself in a trap which Celestial Mei Hua prepared for months. What lay in wait for Tu Qiancheng was not only the enormous Plum Blossom Formation. There were also Daoist Huo Long, the sect master and his wife and Celestial Mei Hua lying in wait for him. Under such circumstances, even if he had two or three Phoenix Crying Blades, he would not be able to defeat them.

    However, after robbing so many people for so many years, he also had accumulated plenty of wealth. It was normal for an ordinary Yuanying cultivator to have dozens of magical artifacts. But for Tu Qiancheng who killed so many Jindan cultivators, he had more than 300 magical artifacts! In order to escape, he steeled his heart and caused an explosion from a total of 256 magical artifacts in order to create a hole in the formation and relied on his Phoenix Crying Blade to escape.

    But, Celestial Mei Hua also managed to calculate that and gave him a heavy blow at the final moment, heavily injuring him. Only after tens of years of recuperation did he finally recover. But, little did he expect that the moment he left the mountain, he was immediately ambushed again and sustained such serious injuries. Now, he was even being robbed by lowly disciples who were not even at the Jindan stage.

    The notorious Tu Qiancheng who finally throughout all these years had met defeat under Mystical Sky Yard. This has helped raise the Mystical Sky Yard’s reputation to a greater level amongst cultivators. As such, everyone in the sect was all proud of this matter and had pleaded their seniors to tell them this story many times. Thus, everyone in the Mystical Sky Yard had heard this story before. As such, the moment Tu Qiancheng took out the Phoenix Crying Blade, everyone here, including Little Fatty, knew who the person in front of them was!

    After recognizing who he was, everyone present was shocked silly. They were all completely shocked that a bunch of rookies like them actually wanted to rob an old devil who had killed hundreds of Jindan cultivators. Aren’t they just seeking their deaths?

    Although they were shocked, Tu Qiancheng would not have any hesitation. With a cold laughter, he said with disdain, “A bunch of kids who don’t know what death is, all of you can go and die!” As he said that, with a tap from his right hand, the Phoenix Crying Sword let out a clear shriek as it flashed towards the crowd in a golden light.

    The moment they saw that, they knew that the old devil in front of them would not allow them to escape today. Plus, the Phoenix Crying Blade had an incredible reputation outside and was not something which they could escape from. Since things have already developed to such a point, all their fighting spirit was immediately stirred. Since they were already reduced to such a state, and they had 4 magical artifacts with them, they might still have a chance to survive if they fought with all they had got.