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Chapter 118: Unexpected Encounter

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 118: Unexpected Encounter

    Little White Dragon who was holding the White Dragon Sword was completely unafraid. When he was about a thousand feet away from the demonic beast, he pointed his finger at the demonic beast. The next moment, a 70 foot long, dragon-shaped, white sword Qi smashed onto the thick shell of the demonic beast.

    With a loud crack, the 4th grade Poisonous Rainbow Widow was split into two by the White Dragon Sword, with its colorful innards spilling all over the ground.

    Seeing how successful his attack was, Little White Dragon was elated. Then, he conceitedly mentioned, “So what if it’s a 4th-grade demonic beast? It can’t even take a single blow under my sword!”

    “Brother dragon, you’re formidable!” Those inner court elites who were like Little White Dragon’s lackeys immediately began bootlicking.

    However, the two foundational cultivators didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. One of them then couldn’t help but say, “Junior nephew, although this strike of yours seemed formidable, but it is nothing but the might of the magical artifact. You have not displayed much of your own skill at all!”

    “I just need to kill the demonic beast, why does it matter if I displayed skill or not?” Little White Dragon immediately refuted.

    Both the foundational cultivators almost fainted as they heard that, and the other foundational cultivator begin to explain, “Of course skill is important! For example, in that attack of yours, do you know how many things you ruined? At least tens of thousands of spiritual stones was ruined!”

    “Ah?” Little White Dragon was slightly shocked. After all, tens of thousands of spiritual stones was not a small sum to him either. The moment he heard that he cause such damage, he hurriedly pressed, “It shouldn’t be so exaggerated right?”

    “Exaggerated?” The foundational cultivator said with a bitter laughter, “The most valuable part of the Poisonous Rainbow Widow is its shell, venom sac, thread sac and core. But, it was all ruined in that attack of yours! If all these things were retrieved, it can be easily sold for at least seventy to eighty thousand spiritual stones!”

    As Little White Dragon heard that, he immediately became silent from guilt. If it was anyone else who showed such wastage, the two foundational cultivators would have probably started lambasting. But, Little White Dragon’s status was different and they did not dare offend him too much. Thus, they just let the matter rest and began explaining the correct approach to obtaining all the precious materials on the Poisonous Rainbow Widow.

    In the next few days, they found plenty of demonic beasts and almost everyone had a chance to fight with a demonic beast. Peerless Sword Deity also made the same mistake as Little White Dragon and excitedly smashed a 4th-grade demonic beast into pieces, wasting a rare skin and core; almost causing the two foundational cultivators to die from heartache. Only Hong Ying managed to have a perfect performance. Using an ordinary flying sword, she easily killed a 4th-grade demonic beast and kept the corpse of the beast intact, receiving praise from the two foundational cultivators.

    Today, after everyone had their try, it was time for Little Fatty to show what he got. As per normal, everyone got up early and left immediately after washing up in the morning. They flew along the river and swept the surroundings for any suitable spiritual beast along the way.

    After over four hours of walking, they still had no luck at all. Seeing that it was already noon, they all wanted to find a place to rest and settle lunch. But just at this moment, the faces of both the foundational cultivator changed as they looked towards the skies together.

    Seeing the situation, everyone knew that they found something and hurriedly looked in that direction as well. After a short while, a golden light could be seen flying over unsteadily from the horizon. That was obviously a sword light; one from a powerful cultivator. It is just that he seemed to be seriously injured, thus causing the sword light to be so nebulous and its flight path unsteady.

    It seemed that he also found out about Little Fatty and gang, and thus he immediately landed and disappeared over the upstream of the river.

    Witnessing this scene, everyone present was exhilarated. A heavily wounded individual, to the extent that he could not control his flying sword properly, was like a walking treasure trove.

    It must be understood that this was only about 10,000 kilometers away from the Mystical Sky Yard and could still be considered the territory of the Mystical Sky Yard. If it was an elder from their sect, then they would be heavily rewarded if they could rescue him back. If he was from another sect, they could kill him for all his possessions and there would not be any ramifications. After all, he was the one who barged into the territory of the Mystical Sky Yard. Besides, in this desolate mountain range, it was extremely easy for one to destroy all the evidence. As long as their lips were tightly sealed, no one would be able to find out about this.

    The Vast Mountains had plenty of cultivators and were not under any law jurisdiction. As long as they had the chance, nobody would probably reject such an expected fortune! Especially since he was a powerful cultivator, and would be extremely likely to have a magical artifact on himself. For them to reject such an easy fortune, they would probably be unable to answer to even themselves.

    Thinking about this, both the foundational cultivators and all the disciples began to look at each other with greedy eyes. Only Hong Ying was still completely lost about the intricacies of the matter. Thus, she was the first to ask, “It seems that a senior is injured, let us quickly go take a look!”

    “That’s right!” The foundational cultivator immediately said with a smile, “If he is an elder of our sect, we can also save him immediately!”

    “What if he isn’t an elder of our sect?” Little White Dragon immediately asked nervously.

    “Then that would be troublesome. This is the territory of the Mystical Sky Yard, if we meet anyone of unknown origins, we can only bring them back to the sect for the elders to handle the matter!” The other foundational cultivator said calmly.

    “What if he resists?” Peerless Sword Deity immediately asked.

    “Heh heh, on account of the safety of our sect, we cannot show any mercy!” That foundational cultivator then looked at the disciples with a deep expression and said, “Do you understand?”

    “I understand!” Everyone immediately answered with a knowing expression.

    But, only Hong Ying remained clueless to what was happening. She also could not be bothered to say anything else but mounted onto her Wing Piercing Tiger and hurried everyone as she flew, “Stop talking nonsense, hurry and save him!” Seeing the situation, everyone also hurriedly followed her.

    Everyone followed Hong Ying and quickly flew to a placed where the gold light disappeared. The only thing that was there was a large body of water and a tall cliff which formed a waterfall. Everything in the surroundings was extremely sparse with no dense vegetation to hide anyone. As everyone spread out to search the surroundings, apart from the occasional traces of blood, they could not find anything else. The injured person seemed to have vanished into thin air.

    Everyone then gathered together again in bewilderment. The foundational cultivator then suddenly said, “Is it possible that he hid with an invisible magical artifact?”“Not possible, I just used a spell that renders invisibility futile, to scan the place just now and did not find anything at all!” The other cultivator answered.

    “Then how did he just disappear like that?”

    “Can it be that he hid in the ground?”“Idiot, how could a person who was unable to ride a flying sword steadily still survive hidden underground. Don’t tell me he wants to bury himself to death?” All the teens were extremely competitive and all started bickering.

    But, the silent Little Fatty looked towards the waterfall on the horizon and suddenly said, “It is said that the larger the waterfall, the more likely for it to have a cave behind it!”

    As Little Fatty said that, everyone immediately became silent. The foundational cultivator then said excitedly, “That’s right. That fellow is already seriously injured. It is very likely for him to hide within the cave behind the waterfall!”

    “What are we waiting for, let’s go!” The other foundational cultivator said impatiently. Then, he flew towards the waterfall directly. Seeing that, everyone else followed him immediately.

    The waterfall was just a few kilometers away and could be easily reached in a blink of an eye by these cultivators. They all flew in front of the waterfall and a foundational cultivator cast a spell, diverting the water to the side, revealing a 30-foot tall cave. The most important thing was that there were fresh bloodstains at the entrance of the cave.

    Seeing this scene, everyone present was overjoyed. The other foundational cultivators then instructed, “Everyone be on your guard. Those with magical artifacts walk in the front, while the rest of you follow behind closely!” As he said that, he brandished a mirror-shaped black magical artifact and convened with the other foundational cultivator, Little White Dragon, and Peerless Sword Deity. The four of them then carefully investigated the cave.

    Hong Ying, unwilling to be left out, followed behind together with the remaining few disciples. As for Little Fatty, he was at the very end, following Hong Ying carefully to protect her in times of need.

    Such a large group of people with magical artifacts and tools illuminated the dark cave with its resplendence completely. As they walked in, they realised that the cave was really big. It was 50 to 60 feet tall, and 70 to 80 feet wide. The ground was also not wet as expected, but rather dry instead.

    After a few dozens of steps, they found a few puddles of blood. It can be seen that the cultivator was heavily injured, resulting in him puking out blood along the way. After another few more steps and turning a corner, they met the cultivator at the end of the cave.

    This person was completely soaked in blood with his face full of blood stains and dirt. His appearance could not longer be seen clearly, but his Taoist robes very obviously did not have any sect insignia, indicating that he was very likely to be a rogue cultivator. As for his injuries, that can be completely described as a spectacle too horrible to endure.

    This person was only left with a single right arm intact. His left leg was amputated from below the knees, obviously done by a sharp weapon. As for his right leg, it looked burnt, to the point his calf disappeared. His left arm was completely missing, with a portion of his left shoulder missing as well, as though it was bitten off by a ferocious beast.

    Besides that, there were still plenty of injuries across his body, being completely bloodied. As for the most lethal wound, it was two small wounds which were obviously the wound from penetration. One was on his chest, almost piercing through his heart. The other near the acupoint of his inner core, still bleeding profusely.