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Chapter 117: Hunting Demonic Beasts

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 117: Hunting Demonic Beasts

    “What?” Daoist Huo Long got rooted to the ground in shock, asking: “Is senior sister protecting him too?”

    Upon hearing this, Celestial Mei Hua rolled her eyes and could not help shouting: “You idiot! Can’t you differentiate the good and bad? We have been sect mates for a few centuries, and I have never met that Fatty before. Is there any need for me to protect him?”

    “Then what is senior sister trying to do?” Daoist Huo Long was now completely clueless, asked.

    “Heavenly secrets cannot be revealed!” Celestial Mei Hua instead shook her head saying. She then solemnly spoke: “The peaceful days in Mystical Sky Yard are about to come to an end. Within the next ten years, a huge calamity would befall upon us! Your senior sister doesn’t want to be drawn into the mess. Thus, from today onwards, I am going into closed-door cultivation. Even if Shui Jing walks out of Mount Little Blossom, I would not allow her re-entry. I will trouble you to look after her future days in the inner courts. If she commits any offense, please do not hold a grudge against her on my account!”

    “Senior sister, you…?” Hearing those words, Daoist Huo Long’s was clearly perturbed by this and wanted to continue this line of questioning.

    However, Celestial Mei Hua lifted up her teacup, and lightly sipped at the tea instead.

    This was obviously ‘serving tea to send a guest out!” Daoist Huo Long immediately realised that she did not want to reveal more about it. Helpless, he could only bid her farewell and take his leave. [1]

    Watching his silhouette disappear over the horizon, Celestial Mei Hua could not help but let out a sigh, muttering to herself: “I hope this parting is not eternal!”

    As she finished her musings, with a violent wave of her hand, she decisively restructured the many layers of restrictions on Mount Little Blossom. From then on, unless Celestial Mei Hua took the initiative to open up those restrictions, no others would be able to freely enter.

    Time passed in a flash and a month passed in just a blink of an eye. In this time, Little Fatty was painstakingly creating his wind copper outer layer on his large copper bell. Because the wind copper was a high-grade material and he had less of it, it was more difficult to stick it on the large copper bell. As such, with the effort of a month, Little Fatty could only come up with a 50 feet tall, 3 to 4 feet thick copper layer.

    The strength of this outer shell was definitely weaker as compared to the black iron shell. But, because of the higher quality of the wind copper and Little Fatty’s improved workmanship, the wind copper outer shell had about a fifth of the original defense of the black iron bell. Any normal foundational cultivator would not even be able to destroy it.

    A full month of hard work made Little Fatty feel inevitably bored. When he used up all his wind copper, Little Fatty could not help but to exit from close door cultivation. He could not wait to find a place with beautiful scenery to enjoy his barbecued eyeless fish and spiritual mushroom to reward himself.

    But before he had time to do anything else, a purple light flashed past and Hong Ying appeared in front of him with her Wing Piercing Tiger and said excitedly, “Fatty bro, you are finally out. Quickly follow me, they are about to leave!” As she said that, she pulled Little Fatty along with her before even waiting for a reply.

    Helpless, Little Fatty could only take out his own Wing Piercing Tiger to fly on his own.

    When they were flying, Little Fatty couldn’t help but ask in doubt, “Junior sister, where are we going?”

    “We’re going to hunt for demonic beasts!” Hong Ying exclaimed with a face full of excitement, “I definitely have to get some big returns this time!”

    “Hunt demonic beasts?” It was something that Little Fatty would have never guessed. Only after Hong Ying explained everything to him did he understand what was going on.

    As the hunt for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit drew closer, the cultivators of the upper echelons were afraid that the combat experience of their inner court elites was insufficient and would suffer in the hands of the other cultivators. Thus, they thought of an idea which was to allow them to hunt for demonic beasts in the nearby areas of the Mystical Sky Yard.

    It must be understood that the inner court elites are people who were heavily protected and would not take up missions like the outer court disciples. All of their resources required for cultivation would be directly issued from the sect. Thus, the combat experiences of the inner court disciples were extremely little. Apart from sparing with their fellow sect mates, they almost never came across any bloodshed.

    However, this hunt for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit involves the disciples from many different sects, including those from the devil’s path. They were scums who would kill without even batting an eyelid. In comparison, the inner court disciples of the Mystical Sky Yard were like flowers in the greenhouse. If they were to face them in such a condition, they would definitely lose out greatly. Thus, there was such an exercise for them to hunt for demonic beasts. In actual fact, this was just for them to experience actual combat and be familiar with the atmosphere of death.

    Of course, the sect would not throw these disciples to a place within the Vast Mountains where dangers lurked everywhere. They purposefully picked out a relatively safe place where the strongest demonic beast they would face would be around 4th grade which the inner court elites would be able to take care of. Apart from that, there were foundational stage inner court disciples to be their nannies in the case of any mishaps.

    Before they finished their conversation, Little Fatty and Hong Ying arrived at the gathering point.

    The Wing Piercing Tiger was indeed too eye catching. As the both of them appeared side by side, everyone’s eyes were immediately drawn to them. Despite them being inner court elites, they could not conceal their eyes of envy.

    Little Fatty knew that he was considered an outsider and did not want to attract any trouble. Thus, he kept his Wing Piercing Tiger and hid in a corner the moment he landed.

    As for Hong Ying, she entered the pavilion and was immediately surrounded by a bunch of people as though she was a superstar. Although she didn’t like these bootlickers, but since they were all from the same sect, she could not be too cold towards them and could only helplessly entertain them.

    Little Fatty was naturally incapable of helping. He only hid in a corner and silently watched everything happening in the pavilion.

    There was a total of 10 disciples participating in the hunt for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. All but Shui Jing were present today. They very naturally split into two different groups. First was the group of inner court elites who surrounded Hong Ying and those two shameless fools, Little White Dragon and Peerless Sword Deity. As for the other group, it was Little Fatty alone. It was obvious that he was completely ostracised after he defeated Mu Zi Rong and snatched her spot.

    Little Fatty was completely indifferent towards this and was completely focused on the leaders of this exercise, the two foundational stage cultivators. They were both dressed in green and carried a flying sword on their backs. Looking at them, they didn’t seem to be old and were well-known figures within the inner courts. They probably even had a magical artifact with them. Obviously, with the both of them present, this would definitely be a safe trip as long as no unforeseen circumstances occur.

    Suddenly the two foundational cultivators felt the time change and stood up saying to the crowd, “My fellow juniors, it isn’t early anymore and everyone is here. Shall we leave?”

    “Everyone is here?” Little White Dragon suddenly said, “But junior sister Shui Jing isn’t here yet!”

    “Yeah, if junior sister Shui Jing isn’t here, we’re not going anywhere!” Peerless Sword Deity shouted in disapproval.

    However, the other foundational cultivator spoke out with a smile, “Junior niece Shui Jing is in closed door cultivation and wouldn’t be participating in this demonic beast hunt. Thus, we are considered to be at full strength!”

    “So that’s the case!” As they heard that Shui Jing wasn’t coming, both Little White Dragon and Peerless Sword Deity became a little dejected. But, they still said in understanding, “If that’s the case, then let’s go!” 。

    “Okay! All of you, follow me!” As they finished their sentence, both of them controlled their flying swords and flew towards the East.

    When the 9 disciples saw that, they also followed on their flying swords. The moment they all started flying, the difference was immediately displayed. The strongest foundational cultivators flew casually and looked like they were taking a leisure flight.

    Both Little White Dragon and Peerless Sword Deity had magical artifacts. Little White Dragon had a White Dragon Sword and looked like he was riding on a dragon as he flew.

    The Peerless Sword which Peerless Sword Deity had was a sword sheath. He usually carried it on his back and gave out a formless sword Qi when it was being used. Thus, there was no obvious sword light when he was flying, which created a strange scene.

    Both of their magical artifacts were not of low grades and had a high flying speed, completely being able to compete with foundational cultivators. As for Little Fatty and Hong Ying, they were both of Wing Piercing Tigers and were not any much slower than the four in front. As for the other disciples, they were all using magical tool grade flying swords. Although they were all of high grades, but it still wasn’t enough to compare it with the leading group. Helplessly, they could only stay at the back. If not for the people in front slowing down slightly, they would have probably been left in the dust already.

    During the journey, the two foundational cultivators did not forget to describe their destination and things to take note of. With their mental transmission, even if they were flying high in the sky, everyone was able to grasp every word clearly.

    The place that they were going was about 10,000 kilometres away from the Mystical Sky Yard, called the Thousand Jade Mountain. It is said that the view there was gorgeous, filled with jade green forests, beautiful lakes, nd streams.

    The most important thing was that the geography of the place was extremely similar to the place for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit hunt. Even the demonic beasts hiding there wasn’t any much different. It was the perfect place for them to train.

    According to the foundational cultivators, they would be staying here for a month. During this time, they would have to fight with a demonic beast of their level at least once and obtain victory. If they are not able to complete this, they would be punished when they returned. Of course, they would be rewarded for their good performance also.

    A distance of 10,000 kilometres would probably be a journey that would require a few days for ordinary XianTian cultivators. But to the inner court elites, it was only a day’s worth of effort to them. They all arrived at their destination as dusk came.

    Of course, after such a distance, it was still quite a burden to ordinary XianTian cultivators. Many of them were completely exhausted of their spiritual Qi as they reached and were extremely fatigued. Even Little White Dragon and Peerless Sword Deity were exhausted. Only Little Fatty and Hong Ying were both fine. The one flying was the Wing Piercing Tiger and they only had to sit down for a whole day. But, the large amount of spiritual stones which the Wing Piercing Tiger used up was something worthy of heartbreak.

    At least Little Fatty was a rich man, and Hong Ying, being the only daughter of the sect master, was definitely not poor. Such an amount of spiritual stones was not enough to make them feel the pinch.

    Besides them, the other two foundational cultivators were also fine. With their abilities, 10,000 kilometres was nothing to them. They considerately arranged the disciples to rest in meditation while they guarded the place through the night.

    After a silent night, all those who were in meditation all got up and were completely restored. They all rubbed their palms together and waited for the demonic beast hunting event.

    The two foundational cultivators knew that these teens were all living under the protection of their elders previously and had no experience with fighting demonic beasts. Thus, they were all so excited to give it a shot. Facing the excited mood of all these disciples, both the foundational cultivators were able to understand it. Thus, they did not say much and brought them directly into the mountains after washing up in the morning. As they walked, they explained to them what sort of demonic beasts would appear here, what were their specialities, and what to take note of.

    It was obvious that this wasn’t the first time the foundational cultivators were doing this. Their explanations were detailed and interesting; after everyone heard that, not only were they not bored, they all felt like they learned plenty.

    After a few hours of walking, the two foundational cultivators suddenly stopped. One of them then turned back and asked with a smile, “There is one in front suitable for some practise. Who wants to be the first to try?”

    “Let me try, let me try!” All of them shouted impatiently.

    Seeing such a situation, the other cultivator hurriedly said, “How about this, the one who can say the species of the demonic beast and its position would have a chance to fight it first!”

    As he said that, Little White Dragon immediately said with a cold laughter, “What’s so difficult about that? That is a 4th grade Poisonous Rainbow Widow, am I right?”

    “Eh?” As they heard that, everyone was immediately startled. Something which they did not even feel was already snatched by this brat. That was something that was really too out of the blue. Seeing everyone’s expression, Little White Dragon could not help but feel conceited. After a short while, the foundational cultivator suddenly said with enlightenment, “Ah, I understand. Your White Dragon Sword contains the soul of a White Dragon. That thing has an extremely strong spiritual sense. Thus, your spiritual sense would be equivalent to ours right now. That’s why you are be able to feel it!”

    “Ha, so this is the case!” Everyone was immediately enlightened, and also looked towards Little White Dragon’s act with disdain.

    As his little trick was revealed, Little White Dragon was angered in his heart. Just when he wanted to say something, the foundational cultivator did not give him that chance and said, “I’ve promised you previously. Since you are able to find it, this battle will be fought by you!” As Little White Dragon heard that, he immediately forgot everything that happened and said excitedly, “No problem, leave it to me!”

    As he said that, Little White Dragon flew on his flying sword and shot towards the front like a flash of light.

    [1] In ancient China, it is a custom for the host to send the guest out by drinking his cup of tea. This is to avoid an awkward situation of the host not knowing how to send the guest away.