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Chapter 116: Future Choice

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 116: Future Choice

    “Your disciple understands!” Shui Jing said calmly, “Rest assured, master, your disciple promises that I will not be affected by any exogenous factors!”

    “Really?” Celestial Mei Hua immediately said with a laugh, “Let your master test you again. If you are able to pass this test, I will be able to let you go fight for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit in peace!”

    “Please test me, master.” Shui Jing immediately said with utmost politeness.

    “Good, good, good!” Celestial Mei Hua expressed her delight thrice, then said with a cunning smile: “My disciple, hurry up and tell your master, in the broad daylight out in the open, you actually had dual cultivation with that Little Fatty. How was the feeling of doing it openly with him in broad daylight?”

    As Shui Jing heard that, her face immediately changed colours. It became occasionally red, occasionally white, occasionally purple. After her face changed colours thrice, she could not help but cry out, “Master, since when did I it in daylight?”Following her words, her Moon Water State collapsed once again.

    Seeing the situation, Celestial Mei Hua immediately laughed loudly and said, “My disciple, you lost again! How am I going to be at peace to let you face those cruel disciples of the devil’s path if you’re like that?”

    “But...but master, your words are really too ugly to hear.” Shui Jing lamented in grievance.

    “Trust me, child.” Celestial Mei Hua said sternly, “Those disciples of devil sect will definitely be 100 times more disgusting than me! If you can’t even pass my test, then you would most likely die in the fight for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit.”

    As Shui Jing heard that, she was stupefied. Then she frowned as she considered what her master said. Only after a while did she take in a deep breath and regain her state. When she spoke, it was with a calmness, “Master, your disciple understands. It seems that your disciple is still lacking and is unable to face such an attack. However, your disciple is not a person who gives up easily. I have decided that when I fight those disciples from the Devil’s sect, I will first shut off my hearing. Anyway, with my Plum Blossom Divination, I would be able to handle them even if I am deaf.”

    When Celestial Mei Hua heard that, her eyes lit up and she said with a smile, “Good good good, you are able to find a different method to face this problem. Your master is proud of you. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t matter much if I consider that you’ve passed.”

    “Thank you, master!” As Shui Jing heard that, she immediately said excitedly, “If that’s the case, can I go compete for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit now?”

    Celestial Mei Hua suddenly said with a mysterious smile, “It’s true that you can, but is there really the need?”

    Shui Jing was startled by what Celestial Mei Hua said and she asked in doubt, “Master, why do you say that?”

    Celestial Mei Hua did not answer the question directly. She only stood up slowly and looked to the plum forest and said, “Disciple. Tell me the truth, after you cultivated your temperament for so many years, your heart should already be as calm as water. But why is it that your state is so easily broken by your master for two consecutive times?”

    That’s...that’s because master’s words are too...too sharp!” Shui Jing answered with a bitter laughter.

    “Haha, really?” Celestial Mei Hua couldn’t help but laugh as she said, “Is it because my words are too sharp? Or is it because the shadow of that guy is affecting you?”

    “Master, what do you mean by this?” Shui Jing frowned and asked.

    “Divine dual cultivation, it is the most profound technique of dual cultivation. After the dual cultivation, both the parties would leave a mark in each of the other party’s spiritual sense. Celestial Mei Hua said seriously, “This mark is your weakness. The reason why you failed just now isn’t because my words are too sharp. But, it is because I mentioned ‘him’, touching your weakness and disrupting your state of mind! Am I right?”Shui Jing was first disbelieving. Then, she suddenly became at a loss as her state unconsciously disappeared.

    When Celestial Mei Hua saw that, she laughed bitterly and said, “It really is the case. I did not use any sharp words but only mentioned ‘him’ and your state crumbled!”

    “Master, what should your disciple do?” As Shui Jing heard that, she immediately asked.Again, Celestial Mei Hua did not answer her directly. Instead, she asked, “Do you still remember what I divined for you the first time we met?”

    “I remember.” Shui Jing nodded and she suddenly added, “Don’t tell me, he’s...he’s that guy?”

    “That’s right!” Celestial Mei Hua nodded her head and said, “Back then, I said that you are extremely talented and are naturally born with good fortune. In future, you will definitely be like a shooting star as you rise up to became a powerful figure in the cultivator’s world far exceeding your master. But, you are also destined to meet a nemesis in future who will be stuck in your life forever, bringing you endless sadness and trouble! But at the same time, he will also bring you many fortuitous encounters. The moment you two meet, you don’t need to ever think about being separated. I believe that you can also feel it that the little fatty who you had dual cultivation with is the fated nemesis in your life!”

    “...” Shui Jing’s heart became flustered as she did not know what to say.

    Celestial Mei Hua then added seriously, “But, you have not been completely entangled with him at this point. As such, so long as your master helps you, you can still break away from him.”

    “Master.” As Shui Jing heard that, a shock was displayed on her face as she asked, “Don’t tell me destiny can be changed?”

    “Haha, of course. Destiny is like a long river, and countless of people are like leaves in the river who do not have the strength to fight against the strength of the river. They can only listen to the arrangements of destiny and go with the flow. But, some strong people are like large boats in the river, capable of moving about freely in the river. Although your master isn’t strong to that point, I still have the strength to save you who fell into the river. Of course, that is only possible because that fatty isn’t strong enough now. If I were to wait until he is strong enough to fight with me, then I would not be able to do anything either.”

    “Master, what do you want me to do?” Shui Jing suddenly asked.

    “It’s very simple. Give up this chance to fight for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit and go into seclusion with me for a hundred years. You will definitely able to forcefully remove his mark and completely rid yourself of his influence. From then on, you can peacefully go after the heavenly laws until you achieve ascension.” Celestial Mei Hua explained.

    “Must I really give up this chance?” Shui Jing said reluctantly.

    “Of course. The moment you join the fight for the Mystical Sky Fruit with him, both of you would definitely influence each other in that time, resulting in your futures to be completely entangled together forever. Even I would not be able to separate the two of you at that moment!” Celestial Mei Hua then said seriously, “Child, this is your only chance to get rid of him. If you give it up, you can only bow down to the arrangements of destiny being entangled with him for the rest of your life.”

    Shui Jing just kept silent as she frowned in consideration.

    Seeing the situation, Celestial Mei Hua thought that she was not willing to part with the Mystical Spiritual Fruit and immediately said with a smile, “Do not worry about the Mystical Sky Fruit. With your master’s face, they would give you 3 of it to eat with just a single letter from me! I promise that it will not delay your cultivation.”“But how would they just give you a treasure like that so casually?” Shui Jing asked in shock.

    “Hmph. Everything depends on might. In this world, your master is the only one who is able to breakthrough their defenses and destroy the Mystical Spiritual Fruit tree. They know my temper very well that I will not budge on something I said. Thus, it would not be worth offending me for such a small thing.” Celestial Mei Hua then said with a smile, “Losing 3 Mystical Spiritual Fruit isn’t a big loss to them. But if the tree were to be destroyed, their hearts would definitely be completely broken, no?”

    “Woah!” Shui Jing couldn’t help but say with a bitter laughter, “Master, your disciple was not aware that you have your moments of being unreasonable also!”

    “Haha, silly child.” Celestial Mei Hua couldn’t help but laugh, “The world of cultivators was never about being reasonable. It is only about strength. With strength, you have everything. Only when both parties are equal will they then sit down to negotiate! Alright, let me not talk about all these now, you will learn about it in future. I will not force you to make a decision now. Go into close door cultivation now; after three months when it is time to fight for the Mystical Sky Fruit, you can give me an answer! Being your master, my advice to you is to stay away from him. But if you do not make that choice, your master would not force you either, understand?”

    “Your disciple understands.” Shui Jing nodded her head as she prepared to take her leave. Then, a red streak of sword light suddenly flew over from the horizon.

    Celestial Mei Hua raised her hands and began to scan the horizon with her spiritual sense. Then, she used her Plum Blossom Divination to calculate something and said with a frown, “Your senior uncle Huo Long is being more and more hopeless! Take your leave first, I have some things to discuss with him.”“Yes, your disciple takes her leave.” Shui Jing paid her compliments and disappeared into the plum forest.

    Seeing Shui Jing leave, Celestial Mei Hua then flicked out a white sword light. After a short while, Daoist Huo Long appeared in front of her.Although Daoist Huo Long is always so loud and boisterous in front of the sect master, after seeing this senior sister, he hurriedly cupped his fists and politely said, “I pay my respects to senior sister.”

    Celestial Mei Hua only waved her hands and said, “Forget the pleasantries! Huo Long, I already know why you’re here for!”

    Daoist Huo Long already knew that Celestial Mei Hua is extremely skilled in divination. Thus, he was not shocked that she knew her purpose and only said with grievance, “Senior sister please advise!”

    “Hai, you still have the cheek to plead to me.” Celestial Mei Hua didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “You are already such an old person and you can actually be fooled by a Little Fatty because of a moment of greed. Are you embarrassed or not?”Daoist Huo Long’s face then turned red as he hurriedly said, “It’s all because they ganged up on me, that’s why I was fooled!”

    “That is just your excuses. The sect master and his wife were not involved in this matter at all.” Celestial Mei Hua said calmly, “Unless my Plum Blossom Divination is wrong! Or, you don’t even trust me at all.”

    “I wouldn’t dare to!” Daoist Huo Long was shocked as he hurriedly said, “Since senior sister says so, I will believe you and take my leave.”“Since you believe me, then let this matter rest!” Celestial Mei Hua said calmly.

    “What? That darn fatty scammed me off my Five Element Essence Sword and you ask me to forget about it?!” Daoist Huo Long cried out in indignation.