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Chapter 115: Celestial Mei Hua

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 115: Celestial Mei Hua

    Sensing a tinge of mockery from the sect master, the originally enraged Daoist Huo Long was even more certain that the sect master colluded with Little Fatty. Thus, he immediately roared, “Spiritual treasure my ass! There isn’t sh*t inside at all! You guys actually colluded to scam me!” As he said that, Daoist Huo Long waved his sleeves and a few million catties of black iron fragments spilled out from nowhere, filling the small courtyard up.

    At this moment, all the vegetation and fishes in the courtyard became unlucky. The flowers and grasses were crushed by the weight of the black iron. The pond became completely inundated with black iron, massacring all the goldfishes which were being reared. In a moment, the celestial like courtyard became a black iron courtyard. Even the sect master and his wife who were enjoying tea were not spared. If not for their quick reflexes, they would definitely be buried under the black iron.

    A brusque disruption of the courtyard caused the sect master to dodge hurriedly and was reduced to a sorry state. He could only helplessly see his beloved tea set get crushed under the weight of the black iron, causing him to seethe with rage.

    “Huo Long, are you looking for a fight?” The exasperated sect master drew out his Ferocious Dragon Sword and scolded. Then, a fiery red and ferocious sword Qi reverberated throughout the whole courtyard in an instant.

    Thankfully, the First Lady was sangfroid and hurriedly stopped her husband, asking him to sheathe his sword. Only then did she frustratedly say, “Senior brother Huo Long, if you have anything to say, you can feel free to speak. But is there any justification to you smashing our courtyard?!”

    Daoist Huo Long only wanted to pile up all the black iron fragments in order to prove his point. Clouded by anger, he did not consider anything else, resulting in such an outcome. All the countless precious and famous flowers painstakingly nurtured were completely ruined.

    Daoist Huo Long naturally did not desire such an outcome. But, since it already happened, he could not do anything about it. Thus, despite his wrongdoings, he still said unyieldingly, “How much can this broken courtyard be worth? Why don’t you talk about how you guys colluded to scam me off my Five Element Essence Swords?”

    “Senior brother Huo Long, watch your words!” The First Lady frowned and said, “Since when have we colluded with the kid!”

    “You dare say that you did not?” Daoist Huo Long immediately roared.

    “Of course we did not!” The First Lady then smiled bitterly and said, “I believe that senior brother still remembers that we were still discussing the bell together just a few days ago? At that moment, that child was already in closed-door training with both of our disciples guarding outside his house. When he exited, he immediately met us! During the whole process, did we ever have a chance to talk to him personally?”

    “This~” Daoist Huo Long was stunned as he heard that. Indeed, from the moment he heard the news, he sent his JinDan disciples to guard Little Fatty. There was completely no way for anyone else to come into contact with him personally.

    However, Daoist Huo Long still argued unreasonably, “You guys may have colluded right from the beginning!”

    After hearing that childish statement, the First Lady couldn’t help but snigger, “Senior brother Huo Long, you think too highly of us! Both of us did not learn the Plum Blossom Divination from senior sister and do not have the ability to read the future.”

    “But, do you dare say that you don’t know that nothing is in the bell?” Daoist Huo Long suddenly interrogated.

    “Tsk!” As the sect master heard that, he scorned, “Not only do we not know before, we still do not know if there is anything hidden inside!”

    “Of course there isn’t. Didn’t you see how I diced it up already? I can’t even find sh*t!” Daoist Huo Long said irascibly.

    “Heh heh, for someone as shrewd as junior brother Huo Long, you would probably say that you found nothing even if you found something!” The sect master said with ridicule, “Then, you would still be able to come here to complain and request a refund, right?”

    “What?!” Daoist Huo Long immediately shouted, “You’re saying that I’m maligning you?!”

    “Don’t tell me you’re not?” The sect master said coldly, “He wasn’t willing to sell it, but you were so insistent on buying it. After a few days later, you reduced it to such a mess and ran over claiming that we scammed you! Junior brother, there is a limit to how despicable a person can be!”

    “Bullsh*t, am I such a despicable person?” Daoist Huo Long immediately exclaimed.

    “If it was in the past, I would still treat you as a reputable figure. But ever since you bullied the young and forcefully bought Pudgy Boy’s black iron bell~! Heh heh~” The sect master coldly laughed and added, “Junior brother Huo Long, I really despise you!”

    “Ah!!~~” Daoist Huo Long became completely enraged as he bellowed towards the skies and was prepared to take action.

    The First Lady hurriedly injected herself between the both of them and solemnly said, “Senior Brother Huo Long, this was a decision of your own volition, no one forced you into it. As an elder, I don’t think you will bother making things difficult for a junior. Please be mindful of your conduct!”

    “I used the Five Element Essence Sword to exchange for a pile of scrap metal and you ask me to mind myself?” Daoist Huo Long scolded in frustration.

    “That bell is already reduced to such a state and whether or not there really is a treasure inside, it can no longer be determined. The only thing I can assure you is that the both of us definitely did not collude with that child to deceive you.” The First Lady then said imposingly, “In any case, this matter ends here. Whether or not you had some fortune or misfortune, it is all your business. I do not hope for you to make things difficult for that child!”

    “Heh heh, I just plan to make things difficult for him, what can you do about that!” Daoist Huo Long laughed in rage.

    As the sect master heard that, he immediately shouted, “Try it if you dare!”

    The First Lady immediately held the fuming sect master back and said coldly to Daoist Huo Long, “Senior brother, you and my husband do not get along well and frequently quarrel. My position is awkward and thus I usually help neither of you. But this time, if you are really going to make things difficult for that child, I may join hands with my husband to play with you to the very end!”

    As Daoist Huo Long heard that, he immediately calmed down. You have to know, both he and the sect master were comparable in abilities. The difference wasn’t big, It was equally probable for either of them to win. As such, he was not afraid of the sect master. But if the sect master and his wife are to join hands, then his defeat is inevitable.

    Although Daoist Huo Long was fuming, he was not foolish to the point of fighting the both of them together. Thus, he furiously stomped his feet and growled, “Good, good good! I cannot offend the both of you, I am going to seek senior sister to redress this injustice!” As he said that, he turned into a streak of light and flashed through the air.

    Just as Daoist Huo Long was quarreling with the sect master and his wife, a lady dressed in white clothing was seated comfortably in a bamboo chair, drawing lackadaisically on a white piece of paper with a brush.

    The paper was an ordinary one. The brush was also an ordinary one. But the person drawing was most certainly not an ordinary one.

    She had an alluring charisma and a voluptuous figure, with a sublime and indolent face. Although she seemed like a middle aged lady, there was a unique charm of maturity emanating from her.

    As she casually flicked her snow white hands, an extremely life like plum blossom appeared on the white paper. The mystical feeling that was emitted by that painting, was greater than a real plum blossom.

    Just at this moment, a white dressed fairy appeared from the plum blossom forest. As she walked, there was a mysterious heavenly law which surrounded her which represented the Moon Water State. This lady was Miss Shui Jing who just completed her closed-door cultivation.

    She was holding a tray, with a pot of tea and two teacups. She gracefully walked towards the beautiful lady, placed down the tray and she greeted, “Master, your disciple brewed a pot of fragrant tea for you!”

    “En!” The beautiful lady, who was Celestial Mei Hua, casually threw the brush away and began to look at Miss Shui Jing carefully. Then, she exclaimed in surprise, “I never expected you to progress so quickly! In just a short few days, you have already mastered the ‘silent formula’ in the Divine Moon Water Formula. You are even able to freely control the Moon Water State. I originally thought that you would only be able to do that five years later, but unexpectedly you are able to do it right now. Your ability has astounded this master of yours!”

    “It’s all because of master’s good teaching!” Miss Shui Jing replied shyly.

    “You’re wrong, your progress this time is completely unrelated to master. It was all because of the man who went through dual cultivation with you!” Celestial Mei Hua then pretended to grieve, “I’m really embarrassed, your master couldn’t even be compared to a man!”

    As Shui Jing heard that, she almost fainted. How could an innocent lady like her handle such teasing? Her reticence became no more.

    “Master, what are you talking about?” Shui Jing resented bashfully.

    “Haha~” As she disturbed Shui Jing’s mental state with simple words, Celestial Mei Hua laughed delightfully and said, “My disciple, a single phrase is able to throw your mind into slight disarray. This can’t do! You still require more practice!”

    Only then did Shui Jing understand that her master was only testing her. But, she still resented, “Master, your disciple isn’t very capable. But your words were really too inappropriate!”

    “Can this be considered to be inappropriate? I have already shown mercy. You have to wait till you meet those brats of the devil’s path before you understand what is called inappropriate!” Celestial Mei Hua curled her lips and added, “The competition for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit is starting in three months time. That is something where no one would show mercy. The words of those of the devil’s path are extremely savage, and they are more than capable of spewing out more inappropriate things. If you’re not able to adapt, your mental state will easily crumble with just mere words, resulting in you being unable to calmly calculate their moves. With just your pitiful Water type spells, that wouldn’t even amount to anything at all. If you aren’t careful, you may not even be able to protect your life!”

    “Your disciple understands!” As Shui Jing heard that, she was immediately enlightened. Her eyes then regained their calmness as she once again returned to her ‘reticent’ state.

    Seeing that, Celestial Mei Hua nodded her head with satisfaction and said with a smile, “It’s good that you understand. This Divine Moon Water Formula is a perfect combination with the Plum Blossom Divination. Thus, you are able to wipe out all competitors at the same level as you. But, there is no such thing as a perfect cultivation technique. The Divine Moon Water Formula is also the same, and its greatest weakness is its high demands of one’s mental state. If you are affected by any negative emotions, your concentration would be broken and would easily make a mistake. The moment you calculate something wrongly, there is a chance for you to lose the whole fight. Thus, much emphasis is placed on the cultivation of one’s mental state. You are to achieve the state of being as calm as water, unaffected by anything which happens.”