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Chapter 114: An Angry Huo Long

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 114: An Angry Huo Long

    Just as Little Fatty started painstakingly constructing his new wind copper bell, Daoist Huo Long was doing the diametrical opposite of him. He was meticulously dismantling the black iron bell.

    He couldn’t find any secret with his spiritual sense, hence he decided to slowly take the bell apart. Every single single fragment he took apart would not exceed an inch in length, lest he missed anything out.

    The bell was gargantuan and was millions catties heavy. Though Daoist Huo Yun, as a Yuanying cultivator, could smash it apart easily, it was a different case for him to take it apart fragment by fragment. The whole project was seriously too big and required an extremely huge amount of effort.

    Helpless, Daoist Huo Long could only call upon 2 of his closest JinDan disciples in order to complete this job. After countless sleepless nights, the 1000 feet tall black iron bell was finally broken down into multitudinous 1 inch fragments. But, the spiritual artifact which they were seeking, was nowhere to be found!

    Faced with such a situation, Daoist Huo Long who gave up his Five Element Essence Sword was anxious. His face darkened as he glared at his two exhausted disciples and coldly asked, “Did any of you find anything?”

    “We did not find anything, master!” Both the disciples helplessly shook their heads.

    “Did you guys not find anything, or are you guys just hiding it from me!” Daoist Huo Long raged all of a sudden.

    Seeing that their master suspected them, the two disciples began to tremble in fear. One of them hurriedly responded, “Master, we were both under your supervision the whole day, would we have the audacity to do anything funny?!”

    “Yes master! It is your disciple’s wish to show piety towards you. How would we commit such an impertinent act?” The other hurriedly said, “I suspect that there may be nothing inside at all! You may have been scammed by that darn fatty!”

    “Hmm..” As Daoist Huo Long heard that, his brows furrowed as he recalled what happened back then.

    Actually, Daoist Huo Long was already a few hundred years old and had seen countless of things. He could be counted as a old and wise person. Normally, those little tricks of Little Fatty would not be able to deceive him. But this time, Daoist Huo Long was completely overwhelmed by his greed. He was so obsessed with the spiritual artifact that he was not able to discern Little Fatty’s scheme. Now that he calmed down and recalled Little Fatty’s expression, no matter how he looked at it, it looked like a complete farce!

    Only then did Daoist Huo Long understood that he was actually fooled by that darn fatty! He raged, “Dammit, that darn fatty actually had so much guts to play such a trick on me! In a moment of carelessness, I actually fell for it!”

    As both the JinDan cultivators heard that, their brows furrowed together as they snarled, “Master! We cannot let this matter past! We are going to find that darn fatty for an explanation!” As they said that, they turned and was about to walk away.

    “Come back!” Daoist Huo Long suddenly called them back and said with frustration, “This deal was completed with the sect master and his wife as witnesses. Furthermore, both of us were willing parties. With my status, how can I casually back out! Do you guys think that my face isn’t thrown enough?”

    “But master, that brat fooled you…” A disciple lamented with indignation.

    “He only used his words and expression to trick me and did not lie to me. I can only blame my own greed for being fooled!” Daoist Huo Long said regretfully, “This darn fatty, despite his young age, he is actually so crafty and hard to deal with!”

    “But master, don’t tell me we’re going to just let it pass like that?” A disciple asked with heartache, “The Five Element Essence Swords is considered a top-grade set of magical artifacts. Each sword has the rare Five Element Spirit and has already began developing sentience. In another few hundred years, they could easily become a spiritual artifact. How could we just let such a good thing go to that darn fatty so easily?”

    As he heard that, Daoist Huo Long’s felt a knife stab through his heart. You have to know, the Five Element Spirit isn’t easy to find. This is something which could only be borne from the accumulation of the Five Element essence. In over 10,000 years, probably only one or two would appear. The Five Element essence which is from the Five Element Qi was originally extremely rare. Plus, a place where they would converge is even more rare. Furthermore, it is even rarer for a spirit to be born.

    In his few hundred years of lifetime, Daoist Huo Long had never seen a live Five Element spirit. As for this set of flying sword, each and every sword has its own corresponding essence spirit. Just based on this point alone is enough to exacerbate its value.

    Furthermore, the essence spirit already has its own sentience. Thus, if this flying sword were to be taken care of properly, it was almost an unequivocal outcome for it to become a spiritual artifact.

    However, since the Five Element Essence Sword contains all five elements, the user must also have all five elements. If not, the might of the sword would not be fully exhibited To a Fire type cultivator like Daoist Huo Long, only the fire essence sword was useful to him. The rest of them could only be put on display. As such, he had never used it before.

    But even if that was the case, Daoist Huo Long paid a lot of attention to this sword. He originally wanted to find a chance to exchange it for a suitable artifact for himself. But, because of the unique characteristic of the sword where the user had to possess all 5 elements, Daoist Huo Long had never found a suitable buyer. Thus, Little Fatty was the one who ended up receiving the longest end of the stick.

    Now, Daoist Huo Long could be said to have lost both his chicken and his egg. He used such a precious sword to exchange for a pile of scrap matter. How was it possible for him to accept such injustice in his heart?

    But being the senior of the sect, a YuanYing cultivator, it was impossible for him to put aside his face and find Little Fatty directly. But, he was also unresigned that he was scammed by Little Fatty. Finally, his eyes lit up and he hurriedly said, “Let me go and find the sect master. Those two are definitely in cahoots! They ganged up to fool me!” As he said that, he waved his hands and collected the whole pile of scrap metal and flew towards the residence of the sect master.

    In just a short while, Daoist Huo Long arrived at the courtyard of the sect master and his wife.

    Seeing the exasperated face on Daoist Huo Long, the sect master and his wife stared at each other as they both guessed what he was here for. It was most likely for that bell.

    Seeing that Daoist Huo Long’s moustache was crooked from his anger and his eyes was bloodshot from the many days of sleepless nights, the sect master was extremely happy in his heart about the pitiful look on Daoist Huo Long’s face. He then said, “Ai yah yah, isn’t this junior brother Huo Long? Weren’t you looking for your spiritual artifact? What are you doing here?”