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Chapter 113: Bone Eroding Immortal Voice

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 113: Bone Eroding Immortal Voice

    After having an understanding of what transpired, the sect master and his wife had a new understanding of this crafty Little Fatty. However, Little Fatty only did that out of self-preservation and did not force Daoist Huo Yun to get tricked. It was due to his avarice, so Little Fatty could hardly be blamed. As such, the sect master and his wife also did not punish him. They only instructed him to act as though he wasn’t so incisive in the future, lest Daoist Huo Yun realise that he was tricked.

    Little Fatty naturally concurred and took his leave after paying compliments.

    After he left, the sect master and his wife stared at each other and laughed at the same time. The First Lady then shook her head and helplessly say, “This child, why isn’t he as honest as his father. His whole head is full of tricks and sneaky ideas!”

    “I think this is pretty good! He’s dad was often taken advantage of because he was too honest. In the hostile environment of the outer courts, Little Fatty would definitely be played to death by those machiavellian b*st*rds if he was honest!” The sect master then continued solemnly, “Back then, when they placed Pudgy Boy in the outer courts, they all had ill-intentions and thought that he wouldn’t be able to survive. But little did they expect that not only did the outer court environment not kill him, it made him become so crafty! In fact, for Daoist Huo Yun to be taken advantage of today can be said to be his just desserts!”

    “Haha, I think this is really the case!” The First Lady couldn’t help but laugh as she added, “It really is that what comes around, goes around!”

    “Haha!” The both of them then began to laugh again!

    After Little Fatty left the hidden room, he flew away on his flying sword to an isolated place hundreds of kilometres away. Then, he came in front of a 1000 feet high mountain and took out his Natal Artifact, the large copper bell.

    Actually, the only reason for Little Fatty’s visit is to test the new skill of his Natal Artifact, sound attack.

    In actual fact, back then when the bell rang, apart from an advancement in cultivation, Little Fatty received a mnemonic regarding the usage of the bell. In the past, because of his low cultivation, Little Fatty was completely unable to come into contact with something like that. He could only use the large copper bell as a large shield. After he knew about this elementary mnemonic, Little Fatty is finally able to use a function of the bell which was to give out a sound attack!

    Through the incarnation, Little Fatty learned that in order to allow the large bell to give out a sound attack, a spiritual Qi talisman had to be made first. Then, the talisman would be inserted into the bell before giving out different sounds based on the respective talismans.

    Currently, Little Fatty can only come into contact with 7 or 8 spiritual talismans. But with his abilities, he is only able to draw the simplest talisman, the Bone Eroding Immortal Voice. This Bone Eroding Immortal Voice causes the large copper bell to emit an extremely strong sound wave, capable of destroying the mountains.

    After many days of practice, Little Fatty was able to grasp the basic use of the Bone Eroding Immortal Voice. But, Little Fatty did not dare to test the might of the sound wave in the dimension of his Natal Artifact, afraid that it may destroy it. Thus, he could only delay it until now.

    After Little Fatty took out the bell, he shrunk it to a size of 2 feet high and pointed it at the mountain. Then he raised his right hand, drawing out an intricate, grey spiritual talisman. In just a short while, the grey-ish spiritual talisman appeared in mid air.

    Although this whole process seemed simple, it was actually extremely draining. With Little Fatty’s cultivation of the 11th XianTian stage, he had to exhaust over 80% of all his magical Qi before successfully drawing out this spiritual talisman. Furthermore, this was only the simplest talisman. The other talismans far exceeded his capabilities and he would not be able to draw them out even if he used all his might.

    After drawing the spiritual talisman, Little Fatty’s breathing became heavy and his body was drenched in perspiration. He dared not delay and injected the spiritual talisman into the large copper bell.

    Following which, Little Fatty heard a loud ring from the bell as a visible sound wave shot out of the bell towards the mountain.

    The next moment, the 1000 feet mountain was completely devastated, reduced to rubbles and the ensuing debris spread out like a tsunami.

    The aftershock of the attack scared Little Fatty as he hurriedly flew away on his flying sword. Only until he was at a certain altitude did he look down to realise that the mountain was completely gone, only leaving behind a pile of rocks.

    Seeing this, Little Fatty was both shocked and excited. He never expected that the elementary talisman would possess such strong prowess. How is this a Bone Eroding Immortal Voice? It would probably even smash the magical artifacts made of metal, into smithereens.

    Little Fatty was one who witnessed the might of the Azure Shadowless Divine Sword. Even if Mu Zi Rong consumed the vitality unleashing pill and unleashed the might of the sword, she would not be able to destroy this mountain in such a short time. It is evident that the prowess of the copper bell was many times stronger than the Azure Shadowless Divine Sword.

    Furthermore, according to what is recorded in the mnemonic, what Little Fatty just executed was merely the weakest form of attack to aim at an enemy. There exists an even stronger attack, which was to trap the enemy within the bell before unleashing the attack. Under such circumstances, the might of the Bone Eroding Immortal Voice would definitely increase over 10 times.

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty happily thought to himself, ‘Goodness, the might of this weapon is probably comparable to a spiritual artifact already. Don’t tell me the Natal Artifact which I obtained is actually a spiritual artifact.

    Instantly, Little Fatty became elated till he was a loss at what to do. Only after a while did Little Fatty regain composure and, “Although this thing is good, it sticks out like a sore thumb. The various engravings on the bell all seem like they are alive. So long as someone isn’t an idiot, he would be able to discern that this isn’t an ordinary item in a single glance. Such a treasure obviously couldn’t be taken out easily. The most irritating thing is that the outer shell of the bell had already been bought by Daoist Huo Yun and I do not have much black iron left. I probably won’t be able to take out this bell openly anymore!”

    “Eh!” Little Fatty’s eyes suddenly lit up as he had an idea, “I may not have much black iron, but I still have a large pile of wind copper. Why not give my treasure a wind copper cover? Haha, that shall be what I’ll do. My black iron bell had disappeared and my wind copper bell had appeared! Daoist Huo Long, buy my wind copper bell over if you have the guts!

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty could not be bothered about anything else as he flew back to his place to construct his new wind copper bell.