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Chapter 112: Unexpected Surprise

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 112: Unexpected Surprise

    “That's right!” The sect master immediately said with sarcasm, “What kind of business can a pauper engage in!”“Who’s a pauper?!” Daoist Huo Long scolded, “It is just that my hands are a little tied!”

    “I doubt so!” The First Lady suddenly added, “It isn’t that your hands are tied. Instead, you have so much on your hands that you can’t bear to give them up!”

    “What do you mean by that?” Daoist Huo Long anxiously rebutted.

    “Haha, what I mean is that you are too stingy!” As the First Lady said that, she turned to the sect master and said, “Senior brother, do you still remember the Five Elements Essence Sword!”

    “Heh heh!” The sect master also said with a cold laughter, “Of course I remember! Junior brother Huo Long obtained this treasure from an ancient cultivator’s residence a few decades ago. Although he couldn’t use it, he still showed it off for such a long period of time!”

    “@$#!” As Daoist Huo Long heard that, he immediately shouted, “You guys want me to use my Five Elements Essence Sword to change for this broken bell? It’s impossible!”

    “Haha, if that’s the case, then you should give up the idea! Pass the chance up to us!” The First Lady then turned to Little Fatty, “Child, I have plenty of magical artifacts here for you to choose from!”

    “Wait, wait!” As Daoist Huo Long saw the situation, he immediately became anxious. After all, the lure of a spiritual artifact was too much and he couldn’t help but feel tempted. At the same time, he could not bear to part with the Five Elements Essence Sword either. Thus, he instantly fell into a dilemma. He could only stall for time and say, “Let me think about it, okay?”

    Just at this moment, Little Fatty suddenly interrupted, “Madam, what is the Five Elements Essence Sword?”

    “Haha, that is a set consisting of five flying swords made of: Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Gold. Every single sword was refined repeatedly with the pure essence of all five elements. Furthermore, it was refined for over 10,000 years, resulting in every single sword being extremely close to having a sentience. With the five swords, they can be combined to form a large formation which is extremely powerful. Although it may still be weaker than a spiritual artifact, it is definitely able to be considered to be a 9th-grade magical artifact!” The First Lady smiled and continued, “This is an extremely good item. But it’s a pity that it is far too precious and your senior uncle Huo Long will never bear to give it up. You can give up the thought of having it!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he subconsciously replied, “Your disciple doesn’t want that, I only want my large bell back!”

    “Wo~” As Little Fatty said that, his face changed as though he knew that he said something wrongly and hurriedly covered his mouth with his hands, pretending to be calm. But, his eyes was filled with nervousness, as though he revealed a secret.

    Seeing the situation, the First Lady was shocked silly. Daoist Huo Long’s face lit up and he laughed, “Little fatty, I just have this weird temperament, the more you don’t want an item, the more I want to give it to you! Here, this is the Five Elements Essence Sword! That broken bell is now mine, haha!”

    As he said that, he casually threw out a set of 5 dazzling flying swords. Then, he laughed and flew away without a second word, not even bothering to say goodbye to the sect master and his wife.

    Only after he left did the sect master and his wife come to their senses. The First Lady immediately asked, “Child, don’t tell me the bell really contains a treasure?”

    “This, I also do not know!” Little Fatty said indifferently, then directed all his attention to the five 2-feet long swords.

    As the sect master saw the situation, he was in a fluster. “Brat, you must tell us the truth! If there is really a spiritual artifact hidden inside, I will help you snatch it back even if I have to sever all ties with him!”

    “Yes child, hurry and tell the truth! You don’t have to be afraid, we will not allow him to bully you with us here!” The First Lady also hurriedly added.

    Seeing how they were so concerned about him, Little Fatty was extremely touched and hurriedly reassured them with a smile, “Don’t worry, that is just a broken bell. How could there be a spiritual treasure hidden in it!”

    “Really?” When the sect master heard that, he immediately asked in doubt, “But why did you say that you rather keep your bell instead of having the Five Element Essence Sword?”

    “If I didn’t say that, how would senior uncle bear to give this treasure to me!” As Little Fatty said that, he admired the five swords excitedly and replied, “This is really something good! Even if I sold myself, I wouldn’t be able to afford it! But, someone gave it to me right now! Heh heh!”As the sect master and his wife heard that, they were immediately enlightened. Only then did they understand that all the YuanYing cultivators here were all tricked by this darn fatty!

    The First Lady then said with a bitter laughter, “This child, how could you do that?”As Little Fatty heard that, he hurriedly defended himself, “Madam, I didn’t force him to exchange it with me, On the contrary, he was the one who wanted to snatch my bell and force this Five Element Essence Sword onto me! For a senior to give to it me, I couldn’t possibly reject it right! That would completely show him no face!”

    The First Lady broke out into laughter as she heard that and laughingly scolded, “You cunning brat, still acting like you’re so innocent!”

    “Haha!” The sect master also burst out into laughter as he heard that and said, “Job well done! Just let that b*st*rd puke some blood as a punishment! Who asked him to bully my junior! He deserves it!”The First Lady shook her head with a bitter laughter and solemnly said, “Child, you must make sure that you’re right this time. Do not end up exchanging a spiritual artifact for a Five Element Essence Sword. You would lose out big time if that’s the case!”

    “Yeah! After all, that bell allowed seven people to advance a stage. Are you sure there is nothing wrong? Are you sure that it is only an ordinary bell!” The sect master also pressed.

    “I’m extremely sure!” Little Fatty said resolutely. At the same time, he said in his heart, ‘That was something refined by me, how can I not be sure!’

    Of course, Little Fatty was not an idiot. After he completed his closed-door cultivation, he did not exit immediately. He first took out the real treasure from the large iron bell. As such, the outer appearance of the bell did not change, but it had already turned into an empty shell.

    The reason why Little Fatty did that was because he felt that this bell was too outstanding. Not only did it block the attacks of a magical artifact, the ring from a few days ago even allowed Miss Shui Jing and him to advance a stage. Such an oddity would definitely garner the attention of others. Under such circumstances, to allow the precious copper bell to remain hidden within it was too dangerous.Thus, Little Fatty decided to find an opportunity to abandon the eye-catching bell in order to avoid trouble. Little did he expect that not only was he able to get rid of the bell, he was able to obtain the set of Five Elements Essence Sword.

    Actually, to Little Fatty who was so wealthy, despite the unexpected joy of receiving a set of Five Element Essence Sword, it was not something for him to be extremely excited over. The most important thing was that he was able to scam Daoist Huo Long once! In this world, what could make him feel better than to scam his enemy!