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Chapter 111: Competition (of another type)

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 111: Competition (of another type)

    The First Lady could not take it any longer too and spoke coldly, “Senior brother Huo Long, this child never said that he was going to give it to you. He only said that he doesn’t have a good magical tool and still requires that bell.”

    “Haha, is that right!” Daoist Huo Long interrupted, laughing, “That means that he will give me the bell if he has a good magical tool! Isn’t it just a magical tool? I can just give one of it to him!”

    As he said that, Daoist Huo Long casually threw a 7th-grade magical tool flying sword to Little Fatty as though he was sending away a beggar.

    Seeing this scene, the Sect Master immediately scolded, “When did he say that he was going to exchange it with you? You are just forcing him to do this exchange!”

    “I doubt so!” Daoist Huo Long then smiled and said to Little Fatty, “Little Fatty, you have tortured my Rong’er quite badly! 10 years of recuperation and over a million spiritual stones spent on spiritual medicine! Being her elder, I am extremely displeased about this matter! But, you are a junior after all and it wouldn’t be good for me to be too calculative. If you can do something to make me feel satisfied today, I can promise you that this matter would be treated as though it never happened. But, if you continue to go against me… Heh heh, even if I do not lower myself to bully a junior, those children of mine would not take it lying down!”

    “Are you the only one with children?” The sect master then raged, “If you think you can threaten Pudgy boy then you’re deeply mistaken! As long as I am not dead, nobody would be able to bully him! You can try if you don’t believe it!”“Senior brother Huo Long, what you just said is a little too much!” The First Lady also could not help but seethe in anger.

    “Haha, maybe. But I honestly only spoke from my heart. I really want to make peace with this adorable little fatty!” Daoist Huo Long then said with a devious smile, “Child, I wonder if you’re willing to give me the face?”

    Facing the threat of a YuanYing cultivator, how would Little Fatty dare say anything else? He could only smile bitterly and say, “This disciple doesn’t dare. Since you like that bell, I will just give it to you out of filial piety and will not want anything in return!”

    As he said that, Little Fatty respectfully returned the flying sword back to him.

    “Haha, what a good boy!” Daoist Huo Long immediately laughed heartily and said, “But, business is still business. Since I have already given you the flying sword, you just have to keep it!”

    “Despicable!” The sect master shouted, “Huo Long, you have completely thrown the face of an elder!”

    Sect Master, what nonsense are you spewing? I have only made a deal with the child! I did not take advantage of him!” Daoist Huo Long raged, “Don’t tell me this is illegal too?!”

    “Although it isn’t illegal, but can you answer to your conscience?” The First Lady held back her husband who was on the verge of blowing up and said, “This thing of his may be hiding a spiritual artifact. However, you are now trying to brush him off with such a lousy flying sword. Is this fitting of your status?!”

    “That is only a maybe!” Daoist Huo Long hurriedly defended himself, “Junior sister, don’t forget that this is indeed a tattered bell. I used a 7th-grade magical tool worth a hundred thousand spiritual stones to exchange for it. How am I taking advantage of him?”“A tattered bell? I can’t believe you have the cheek to say that!” The sect master said with a cold laugh, “This tattered bell which you speak of is able to defend against the attacks of your Azure Shadowless Divine Sword! If it is considered to be rubbish, what would your magical artifact be considered? Trash amongst trash?”

    “This~” When Daoist Huo Long heard that, he was stunned speechless. Indeed, in the cultivator’s world, the value of a treasure does not lie in its materials but its functions. Although the large bell was a little tattered, it was still able to defend against the attacks of a magical artifact. Under normal circumstances, it should be valued at the level of a magical artifact. Thus, for Daoist Huo Long to use a 7th-grade magical tool to exchange for it was obviously him trying to take advantage of others.

    “Senior brother! Face is as important to man as the bark is to the tree!” [1] The First Lady could not hold in her anger any longer too, and started lambasting him!

    [1] This is a Chinese phrase. Their insults are actually quite cool. Seeing the semi-neutral First Lady speak, Daoist Huo Long also knew that he went a little overboard this time. Thus, he hurriedly attempted to soothe the situation, “Alright, alright. On account of junior sister’s face, I will add another 8th-grade magical tool. This should be enough right?”

    “It isn’t enough!” The First Lady immediately said, “Far from enough! You have to use a magical artifact to exchange for it!”

    “Use a magical artifact to exchange for this broken bell? Do you take me for an idiot?” Daoist Huo Long couldn’t help but shout.

    “Senior brother, you should know deep in your heart that it isn’t us taking you for an idiot but you taking us to be idiots! This bell may be related to the secret of a spiritual artifact. Just based on this point, it is worth a magical artifact. But, you purposefully omitted this point!” The First Lady then said with a cold laugh, “Don’t tell me you really think that we are foolish enough to lack such judgement?”

    “Like you said, this ‘may’ be related to a spiritual artifact. For all we know, this might not be the case!” Daoist Huo Long then said, “Junior sister, speaking from my conscience, this involves risk!”

    “It’s precisely because it involves a risk that it’s only worth a magical artifact! If it was a definite thing, then it would be worth much more!” The First Lady said calmly.

    “How is this news not definite? The few hundred disciples outside are able to prove how amazing this thing is!” The sect master added on angrily, “If you’re willing, take out a magical artifact. If you’re not, although we’re poor, we are still able to take out a magical artifact!”

    “Two, we are able to take out two magical artifacts!” The First Lady smiled and said to Little Fatty, “We are also his seniors and are still qualified for him to be filial towards us, right?”

    “Yes yes!” As Little Fatty heard that, he happily said, “Actually, this is meant for me to be filial towards you~”

    “Shut up!” Daoist Huo Long was immediately panicked as he heard that and hurriedly said, “Junior sister, don’t you know the meaning of sequence! This item was something which I snatched for first! Isn’t it just a magical artifact?! I will take it out!”

    “Okay, then take it out!” The First Lady then said with a smile.

    “This~” The moment Daoist Huo Long heard this, his face turned red and said helplessly, “Can you give me a few days? I do not have any suitable magical artifact with me, wait for me to get one for him!”

    Daoist Huo Long naturally had magical artifacts on himself. It was just that he couldn’t bear to take it out. It was either something for himself to use, or it was a high-quality magical artifact which he couldn’t bear to give it out. Thus, he wanted to drag a few days to casually get a trash magical artifact for him.

    The sect master and his wife were obviously not pushovers. They could tell with a single look what he was scheming. Thus, they took this chance to say: “I’m sorry senior brother, a business deal talks about sequence but it also talks about immediate payment. Nobody will like you to owe him something. If you’re a little tight on your hands, then it’s best for you to give up this opportunity!”