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Chapter 110: Unreasonable

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 110: Unreasonable

    “You really can’t judge a book by its cover, who could have guessed that this Little Fatty’s karmic luck was actually this fortuitous!” The Sect Master could not help but sigh out loud: “Not sure how you stumble upon a method which complements the Divine Water Moon Formula. Such a godly formula with such high qualifications, and furthermore chanced upon this millennial rare occurrence, being able to pry into the inner state of the Divine Water Moon Formula! Your future prospects right now can be considered immeasurable!”

    The Sect Master and wife duo were genuinely happy for Little Fatty, however, Daoist Huo Long who was sitting at the side was filled with jealousy, he could not help but spit out bitterly: “Hng, with this kind of trash with five affinities, dreaming of having an unlimited potential? I might just die of laughter!”

    The original joyous Sect Master, in turn, choked in anger upon hearing those irrational words, and immediately roared, “Then why don’t you go and die?”

    Hearing such a vicious comeback, Daoist Huo Long was indignant, and was prepared to start a war of words, but was unexpectedly stopped but the First Lady’s bellow of anger: “All of you shut up, stop uttering nonsense!”

    Both Daoist Huo Long and the Sect Master immediately composed themselves once more, only glaring daggers at each other, as though they were roosters fighting for supremacy.

    The First Lady ignored them, instead turned to continue speaking to Little Fatty: “For this competition, we can more or less come to a conclusion about this matter, but with respect to the ringing of your bell, this still remains a mystery! In accordance to the disciples’ testimonies, all their cultivation gains were attributed to the large bell. Regarding this, what have you to say?”

    “Nothing!” Little Fatty could only helplessly shrug and replied “This bell of mine is just a broken plaything made out of black iron, other than its thickness, has completely no other extraordinary features. What happened that day was probably a coincidence!”

    “Many of the heavenly treasures in this world are all disguised as unassuming things, and are typically regarded by vulgar plebeians as trash not worth a single cent!” Daoist Huo Long took this time to interject, “It is highly possible that this bell is an overlooked divine treasure!”

    “That’s not possible~” Little Fatty could only smile bitterly and say.

    “Whether it’s possible or not, shouldn’t be based on what a greenhorn in the XianTian stage such as you says, isn’t it?” Daoist Huo Long pressed on in disdain.

    Hearing this, Little Fatty was thankful he did not die of anger, and so chose to roll his eyes and ignore him totally.

    *Cough* *cough* Seeing the awkward situation, the First Lady could only cough to break the awkward silence, then gently spoke: “Child, though your Senior Uncle Daoist Huo Long is vulgar and does not speak any pleasantries, but his words still make some sense. For all we know, this bell could be some treasure that you have not sensed!”

    In his heart, Little Fatty screamed inwardly, ‘Of course it’s a treasure, I should be the clearest out of everyone here!’

    His heart was not willing, but on account of giving face to the Sect Master and his wife, he could only summon out the large iron bell, and bitterly smile, saying: “If that’s the case, then could I trouble Madam to scrutinise this for me, and tell me if it’s a treasure?” Upon finishing his sentence, he placed the bell onto the ground, allowing them to analyse it.

    The moment Little Fatty placed the iron bell in front of him, the three strong spiritual sense locked onto the iron bell, continuously searching around it and probing its depths. Even though the bell’s thickness was over a hundred feet thick, it was like a piece of paper under a YuanYing cultivator's spiritual sense. It only took the time worth to eat a meal for them to finish scrutinising the bell, and every inch of the black iron had been scanned with their spiritual sense!

    After scrutinising, the three Yuanying Daoists retracted their divine senses reluctantly. They expressed disappointment on their countenance, obviously, their search bore no results.

    Little Fatty, on the other hand, felt relief, and jubilantly asked: “How was it, did the esteemed elders find anything?”

    “None!” The First Lady then reported her findings in a dejected manner, “ It’s just a black iron bell. Other than its abnormal thickness, there is nothing extraordinary about it.”

    However, Daoist Huo Long exclaimed, “That may not necessarily be the case!”

    “Oh! Did Senior brother discover anything?”, the Madam replied in surprise immediately after Daoist Huo Long made that statement.

    “I didn’t make any discovery either, but to just come to a conclusion that it is ordinary isn’t correct either!” Daoist Huo Long said blandly, “From my knowledge, many spiritual treasures typically possess a sort of means to ward off spiritual sense. Even the FenShen and LiHe Stage seniors were not able to penetrate those treasures using spiritual sense, let alone us!” [1]

    “There’s some truth in your words!”, the Sect Master and wife replied after having been enlightened.

    Hearing this, Little Fatty could not help but roll his eyes, not sure whether to laugh or cry. However, in a split second, his thoughts spun, and he purposefully revealed a worried mood on his face.

    This change was naturally caught by Daoist Huo Long’s vigilant eyes, and the seeds of doubt were sown in his heart. He casually asked: “This fatty, are you hiding anything?”

    Having heard those words, Little Fatty was startled. He waved his hand and replied “None, none, really none at all! “

    Having said those words, Little Fatty’s frantic expression still betrayed his inward thoughts. This not only aroused suspicion and doubts in Daoist Huo Long but in the First Lady too.

    Daoist Huo Long then narrowed his gaze and exuded a murderous aura, “Really~ None~ At~ All~?”

    “Really none at all!” Little Fatty then proceeded to stamp his feet, beat his chest, and confidently say, “ This is but a mere broken bell. If not for my destitute circumstances and having no treasures to speak of, I would have given you this bell as a tribute!”

    “Thanks!” After expressing his gratitude, Daoist Huo Long had swiftly stretched out with his hands and kept the bell that was on the floor.

    Attributing to the fact that he was a Yuanying expert, and the movement was too unexpected and sudden, Daoist Huo Long thus managed to commit such a shameless robbery under the couple’s presences.

    The couple and Little Fatty were stupefied! Never did they expect Daoist Huo Long, as a lofty Yuanying cultivator and an elder, to be so shameless!

    Only after a few moments did the sect master regain his senses and composure, and he yelled: “Huo Long, what exactly are you doing?”

    “Nothing much?” With a facial expression suffused with innocence, Daoist Huo Long asserted “It is as you have heard it, he wanted to gift the bell to me. I merely gave my thanks and kept the bell afterwards!”

    “Bullshit! Aren’t you too shameless?” The sect master could contain his rage no further and howled: “Are you not embarrassed to covet a junior’s possession?”

    “Shouldn’t a junior show piety to his elders?” Daoist Huo Long smirked. “Your disciple has given you countless gifts too! Besides, this treasured bell is of an unimaginable value. So tell me, aren’t you shameless too?”

    “You... You... You! Such sophistry!” The sect master was angered to the point of almost losing his consciousness.

    [1] Li He stage is another cultivation stage. In Chinese, it means to separate and reunite.