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Chapter 109: Moon Water State

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 109: Moon Water State

    The moment Little Fatty entered, he was immediately inundated by the enormous pressure effused by the strong cultivator trio and was almost injured. Thankfully, the spiritual Qi which they effused were against one another and not against him. Thus, the moment Little Fatty entered, two of them immediately kept their spiritual Qi. As for the last person, he also kept it after a moment of hesitation.

    Three YuanYing stage cultivators appearing in front of him at once is a first for Little Fatty. Apart from the sect master and his wife who were seated in the centre and on the left, there was also another cultivator dressed in a red robe on the right. His hair was red, and he had a fiery and irascible face. A red dragon was embroidered on his red robe. Without a doubt, Little Fatty could guess that this was the vice sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard, Daoist Huo Long.

    Although they were from different camps, he was still the junior. Little Fatty also did not dare to be disrespectful and paid his compliments to the sect master and his wife before Daoist Huo Long.

    But, after Little Fatty paid his compliments, Daoist Huo Long waved his hands rudely and growled, “Little fatty, stop your hypocrisy. Hurry up and say, what is with that bell?”

    Little Fatty did not expect that Daoist Huo Long would be so domineering and be so impolite to a junior like him. He did not have the demeanor of an elder at all! He possessed zero disposition of a taoist who cultivates his temperament and character. Instead, he looked like the hooligans running around in the streets. Such display made Little Fatty not know how to react and fell into a daze unknowingly!

    Even though Little Fatty fell into a daze, the sect master was no pushover. Seeing Daoist Huo Yun’s rude attitude towards his grand disciple, he roared, “Huo Long, how rude can you be?!”

    The first lady’s expression turned cold and said with dissatisfaction, “Senior brother Huo Long, even if this child has a treasure, it doesn’t go against the sect rules, and he definitely can’t be considered a vicious criminal. Do you have to talk to him like you’re interrogating a criminal?!”

    Hearing what the both of them said, Daoist Huo Yun also knew that because of his anxiousness, he was a little rude. But, his stubborn personality did not permit him to admit his mistakes and he shouted, “In what way am I interrogating him like a criminal? I only spoke a little loudly! Anyway, this isn’t the first time already, is there a need to make a fuss out of this?!”

    The sect master also had a fiery temper and could not be bothered with such bluster as he replied, “I don’t care if this is your first time or not, but in no way are you to treat my junior this way!”

    Daoist Huo Long was enraged as he heard that, “This is the way I usually speak and I can’t change it. What do you want to do about that?”

    “Shut up if you can’t change it!” The sect master bellowed.

    “I’m just not going to shut up!” Daoist Huo Yun snarled.

    The sect master then unleashed his spiritual Qi furiously. Daoist Huo Long also held no restraints and unleashed his spiritual Qi. In an instant, the secret room was completely overwhelmed with their spiritual Qi. If not for the First Lady protecting Little Fatty with a barrier, he would have most likely made a fool out of himself right now.

    “Both of you shut up! I’ll ask him!” After the first lady protected Little Fatty, she roared. The moment she roared, both the sect master and Daoist Huo Long immediately became quiet and kept all their spiritual Qi. It can be seen that the first lady is the one with the most might here.

    Seeing that they both stopped, the first lady then turned to Little Fatty with a smile, “Child, do not be afraid. As long as we are here, nobody will dare bully you!”

    Given how the situation had developed, what can Little Fatty as a mere junior possibly say? He could only smile bitterly and nod, “Yes, I know!”

    “That’s good!” The first lady then asked, “Child, that day when you were battling Shui Jing, a single ring of your bell helped the hundreds of people present to comprehend the heavenly laws. There were even 7 people who successfully advanced to the next level. I would like to know, do you know why this had happened?”

    “Something like that happened?” Little Fatty was initially startled, then he laughed bitterly and replied, “Your disciple was also in a daze back then. In any case, after the competition ended, I hurriedly went into close door cultivation and am completely clueless about what happened!

    “Now you know what happened!” The first lady said gently, “Can you tell me how did this happen?”

    “I’m afraid I can’t!” Little Fatty said with a bitter laughter, “Your disciple really doesn’t know anything!”

    “Then what about your battle with Shui Jing? Why did both of you suddenly advance a level?” The first lady continued asking.

    “This~” Little Fatty rubbed his head and replied, “Your disciple is also not very sure. Anyway, on the day of the competition, when the both of our eyes met, I felt like I was trapped in a mystical world. The mysterious and mystical feel that place gave me allow me to have a completely new understanding of the heavenly laws. Your disciple knew that it was a rare chance and sunk into the state of comprehension. Only until I heard the bell ring did I awaken and realise that my cultivation went up by a level!”

    “What exactly did you see?” The first lady asked impatiently.

    “A tranquil lake with the full moon hanging in the sky and moon reflected in the water!” Little Fatty explained, “Simple, but hidden within were countless mystical heavenly laws! I was completely enraptured by it, having difficulty extricating myself from it!”

    “The Moon Water State!” This time, it was said by all three of the YuanYing cultivators with expressions full of shock.

    Seeing that, Little Fatty became extremely curious and asked, “Ma’am, what is the Moon Water State?”

    “It was what you saw!” The first lady answered enviously. “What your senior sister Shui Yue cultivates is an ancient technique called the Divine Water Moon Formula which was based upon the mystical Moon Water state! Such a state would only be in the hearts of a cultivator of the Divine Water Moon Formula. Anyone who is able to see it can comprehend the heavenly laws from it, raising their cultivation or even breaking through bottlenecks! Child, you really received a great blessing this round!”

    “This~” Little Fatty suddenly asked in doubt, “Don’t tell me it’s extremely difficult to see it?”

    “Of course, that is the deepest secret of a lady’s heart. It requires her to wholeheartedly reveal it to you. Plus, it needs to be combined with a certain fortuitous encounter before you’re able to see it! Do you think there are many people who are able to achieve such chemistry with a fairy like Shui Jing?” The first lady scolded with a laugh.

    Little Fatty was stunned, then he replied with a bitter laughter, “Ma’am, but why am I able to see it? This is the first time I met her and we are complete strangers!”

    “That is because she also saw your state!” The first lady then said solemnly, “It is said that the Divine Moon Water Formula is one with sentience. If it meets a strong cultivation method which fulfill its requirements, both their cultivators will be able to achieve a telepathic connection and will attain mutual benefits!”

    [1] The author decided to change the name of Daoist Huo Yun to Daoist Huo Long. Long is the chinese word for dragon.