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Chapter 108: Storm of Desire

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 108: Storm of Desire

    Seeing the explosive rise of both their spiritual Qi, everyone thought that the battle was about to start. They all held their breaths and prepared to watch the upcoming show.

    However, what disappointed them all was that both Little Fatty and Miss Shui Jing were immersed in that wonderful state and could not be bothered about anything else. They only stared at each other but had no intentions of attacking.

    After waiting for half a day, the audiences were beginning to get impatient. But, the two JinDan cultivators managed to identify what exactly was going on. Both their eyes were in a daze. Once in awhile, their faces revealed expressions of enlightenment faces, obviously having reaped great benefits.

    After realizing this, both the JinDan cultivators were shocked and thought to themselves, ‘Isn’t this the sect competition? Why did it suddenly become dual cultivation? Don’t tell me we are wrong?’

    Just when they were puzzled, Little Fatty and Miss Shui Jing’s spiritual Qi had also expanded to its maximum, as though it was about to explode. Seeing the situation, both the JinDan cultivators were shocked. They both knew what the outcome of a spiritual Qi explosion is, they would not even be left with any bones! It was nothing if that darn fatty died, but if Miss Shui Jing died, even their lives wouldn’t be enough to quell the anger of Celestial Mei Hua. Contemplating this, they did not dare to even hesitate and hurriedly raised their hands to stop them.

    Just at this moment, Little Fatty’s bell suddenly rang out loud. When everyone heard the sound of the bell, it was like a wave of enlightenment, with countless mysteries spreading out at that very moment. Everyone who heard that bell at that moment were completely shaken by the sound of the bell. They could also feel the mystical state of the bell.

    As for Little Fatty and Miss Shui Jing, their hysterical Qi also became tranquil and they both awoke at the same time. When they woke up, the both of them were completely shocked. Unknowingly, they both advanced a level. Miss Shui Jing reached the 12th level while Little Fatty reached the 11th.

    This advancement was completely out of the blue. Originally, they would have to spend at least a year and a half before they could advance. But, in just this short 10 minutes, the both of them advanced easily. The whole process was as smooth as it can get without any bottlenecks at all. Just like that, they managed to advance so easily!

    Not just that, even after they advanced, both their minds were still filled with the scene which contained the heavenly laws. Their comprehension of the heavenly laws had not completely ended either.

    You have to know, celestial cultivation is actually the cultivation of the Dao heart. For them to advance, apart from their spiritual Qi, the understanding of heavenly laws is also extremely important. Only after they understood a portion of the heavenly laws would they be able to advance. But, it is easy to cultivate spiritual Qi, but not the mental state. Thus, all cultivators would face such a thing as bottlenecks. Many people were even stuck on those bottlenecks, without any chance for them to take a step forward for all their life. Thus, a cultivator places large emphasis on the comprehension of the mental state. They would definitely take every opportunity to comprehend them, afraid that they would miss the chance.

    Thus, when Little Fatty and Miss Shui Jing felt that their comprehension was not completed, how would they be able to fight right now? They only smiled in tacit understanding and flew away separately to maximise this fortuitous moment.

    Although Little Fatty and Miss Shui Jing left, nobody on the scene left. This is because, the shock from the ring of the bell was really too strong. Thus, they all had their own enlightenments and began to meditate on the spot. Even the two JinDan cultivators were not any different.

    A few days later, an extremely shocking news spreaded in the Mystical Sky Yard. During the day of Little Fatty and Miss Shui Jing’s battle, all the hundreds of spectators had enlightenments, largely improving all their mental states. There were even 7 of them who had made an advancement, including a JinDan cultivator.

    This female cultivator had been stuck at the elementary JinDan stage for 10 years already. After the ring from Little Fatty’s bell, she immediately comprehended heavenly laws and meditated for 7 days straight, advancing into the middle JinDan stage. The smoothness of the whole process was something which she did not even imagine. You have to know, such a breakthrough would normally require many preparations, such as elixirs and assistive formations. It can be said that every breakthrough a JinDan cultivator makes, they would have to make a large effort. For her to advance just by 7 days of meditation without any elixirs, formations, magical artifacts to aid her, this was indeed extraordinary.

    All of these was due to the ring of the bell. That ring managed to help hundreds of people who were present there to receive enlightenment, and even for 7 of them to advance. Such an ability was something completely unheard of!

    If this bell were to continue ringing, any future bottlenecks would become extremely easy to breakthrough. The Mystical Sky Yard would also have large amounts of disciples advancing, thereby largely increasing their strength.

    If this was really because of the large bell, then the value of the bell was definitely not any much lower than a spiritual artifact. It may even be stronger than those weaker spiritual artifacts. How could it be possible for people to not get greedy for such a thing? Suddenly, Little Fatty’s unintentional actions made everyone in the Mystical Sky Yard go crazy. Not only those normal disciples, even the 4 YuanYing stage experts were alerted.

    If not for the sect master protecting him, Daoist Huo Yun would definitely rush straight to the place where Little Fatty was cultivating to snatch the bell away from him!

    A few days later after Little Fatty had finished his comprehension, he was completely shocked by the situation of his doorstep. There were a total of 4 JinDan cultivators guarding at the doorstep! Even the sect master would probably not receive such a treatment.

    Seeing Little Fatty appear, the 4 JinDan cultivators immediately surrounded him and solemnly said, “Song Zhong, the sect master summons you!”

    “Yes~” Little Fatty answered in a perturbed state of mind and entered an extremely concealed room in the Mystical Sky Hall under the ‘escort’ of the 4 JinDan cultivators.