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Chapter 107: Appearance of Spiritual Treasure

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 107: Appearance of Spiritual Treasure

    As Little Fatty heard that, his face turned red and was at a loss for words.

    However, those around them had no idea what they were saying and expressed curiosity.

    “Haha!” Miss Shui Jing laughed softly and said, “Actually, it doesn’t really matter, this isn’t a secret anymore. It’s good that you know about it. Now, we are on an equal playing field!”

    As she said that, she waved her hands and a palm sized grey tortoiseshell appeared by her side together with 6 round coins revolving around the tortoiseshell.

    It was as though those two items were alive, as they continuously revolved around Miss Shui Jing. The way it moved was like an ebullient child, and was especially cute.

    Most of the people in the crowd were unfamiliar about the artifacts’ origins. Only the two JinDan cultivators, Little White Dragon and Peerless Sword Deity knew about them. The JinDan cultivators obviously did not say anything. They only stared at the two treasures with envy.

    But, Little White Dragon and Peerless Sword Deity were unable to control themselves. With a face full of greed, they immediately shouted, “Mystical Tortoise Shell and World Coin! Spiritual artifact, this is a spiritual artifact!”

    “Spiritual artifact?”

    “Spiritual artifact?”

    “Spiritual artifact?”

    As the people in the crowd heard that, they all went crazy and exclaimed as their eyes turned red. You have to know, most of the people here were XianTian cultivators who would not even have a top grade magical tool. Seeing a magical artifact was enough to make them excited for half a day. Now, two live spiritual artifacts appeared in front of them. This was something that only a FenShen cultivator would have. For these country bumpkins to see such a thing, how could they contain their excitement?

    As for Little Fatty who was the lead character, he stared at the two spiritual artifacts unblinkingly and studied them carefully. If one were to take a casual glance, the Mystical Tortoiseshell didn’t seem to be very noteworthy. But upon closer inspection, one would realise that there plenty of different flashing incarnations within the tortoiseshell. Despite the large amount of incarnations, they all appeared in an orderly fashion. Little Fatty also heard before that these incarnations contain the heavenly laws within them. The number of incarnations coincide with the numbers of the Heavenly Spirits, Earth Fiends. It is just that the number is not 108, but 108 thousands! A whole 108 thousand incarnations were inscribed on to it. The thousand years of effort by the senior is really not fabricated. [1]

    With something like this to protect her, even if Miss Shui Jing could only unleash a mere fragment of its power, Little Fatty would still need hundreds and thousands of divine lightning to break it. Under the rules where he is not allowed to use his divine lightning, there was almost nothing he could do.

    As for the six large coins, they all glittered like gold and had an oppressive spiritual Qi as they revolved around the Mystical Tortoiseshell with rhythm. Although it seemed to be a harmless embellishment, its might was extremely frightening. The destructive might of these coins may not be able to compare to other spiritual artifacts, but it would be far stronger than a high grade magical artifact. What was the most annoying thing about it was that because it was sentient, it was able to identify the weak point of an opponent and focus all its attacks on it. Especially after it forms a World Coin Formation, its might would be extremely strong. Even though Miss Shui Jing was still too weak and could only unleash a small portion of its might, it was more than enough for her to take care of foundational cultivators and fight with ordinary JinDan cultivators! This was the scariest part of a spiritual artifact. Even if it was a rookie who has a spiritual artifact, they would still be able to easily challenge opponents at a higher stage than them.

    When Little Fatty was investigating the Mystical Tortoiseshell and World Coin, Miss Shui Jing’s gaze was locked onto his large bell. This seemingly tattered bell was actually filled with mystery, especially to Miss Shui Jing. Her Plum Blossom Divination could almost calculate everything. No matter how strong her opponent was, if given enough time, some traces of weaknesses would still be found.

    But only with regards to this bell, Miss Shui Jing had already started calculating about it meticulously ever since she heard about it. But, even up till now, she did not have any clue at all. The use of it, its materials, its specialty and weaknesses, she was unable to calculate any of these things.

    What made her most depressed was that when she calculated other things, no matter how tedious it was, she would still have a rough direction. But for this bell, it gave her a feeling of not knowing where to start from. She had a feeling of having so much strength, but not knowing where to use it on. In Miss Shui Jing’s life, this was the only time something like this happened.

    After she had this feeling, Miss Shui Jing could only laugh bitterly and give up the thought of calculating and looked towards Little Fatty. At the same time, Little Fatty also shifted his gaze away from the two spiritual artifacts and focused on Miss Shui Jing’s face. Thus, in this moment, their gazes finally met.

    Because they were opponents and both wanted to win, their gazes would normally be filled with fighting spirit. As both of their gazes met, there would definitely be sparks.

    But, this scenario was completely out of the ordinary. After their gazes interlocked, they were both completely sucked in.

    Little Fatty suddenly felt that he entered a mystical place. The surface of the water was still, as the full moon hung in the sky and its reflection in the still water. Silence and a sense of mysteriousness prevailed. Unknowingly, Little Fatty felt as though he touched the heavenly laws, as his Dao heart begin to stir. The Primal Qi in his body also began to circulate in his body according to the Primal Chaos Formula.

    From the perspective of an outsider, Little Fatty was suddenly stunned and a strong wave of spiritual Qi burst out from his body. His robes fluttered in the strong wind as he floated in the air. As for the bell, it silently floated above his head as it shuddered slightly.

    At the same time, the same situation also appeared with Miss Shui Jing. It is just that she entered into a primal chaos space, with no skies, no earth, only endless primal chaos. In the primal chaos, there was the universe, wind, lightning, water and fire. They lived and died, with countless transformations.

    Miss Shui Jing also comprehended a certain heavenly law, as her Dao heart was moved by such a mystical scenario. The Divine Water Moon Formula that Miss Shui Jing was cultivating also begin to circulate as she began to float in the air. Her two spiritual artifacts also began to move rapidly as though they were children who found a new toy.

    [1] The heavenly stars and earth fiends are all part of a chinese myth with regards to the Big Dipper constellation. In the Big Dipper constellations, they believe there to be 36 heavenly spirits and 72 earth fiends. The numbers of those 2 adds up to 108. Legend has it that the heavenly stars and earth fiends would work together to fight to demons.

    Also, in the original, it is 108 万 which is 1 080 000. But I think that it flows more smoothly in english if it’s 108 thousands. Thus, I changed it to 108 thousands.