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Chapter 106: Meeting Miss Shui Jing Again

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 106: Meeting Miss Shui Jing Again

    “Hahaha~” The moment Little Fatty said that, everyone present burst out into laughter.

    Little Fatty was disgusted to the point he felt like puking after the both of them revealed their nicknames. In such a scenario, who would be able suppress their laughter?

    Besides, there were many outer court disciples present today. They were already displeased by the tyranny of the inner court disciples and pitied Little Fatty who was a fellow outer court disciple. Thus, they took this opportunity to laugh out loud without restraint. Anyway, there are so many people laughing. Those two idiots would not be able to find trouble with them all; it would be a waste not to laugh.

    Faced with the laughter of the masses, they were all stunned. Especially the two youngsters, they were exasperated.

    Little White Dragon who was dressed in green could not help but roar, “B*st*rd, you dare to make a fool out of us?!”

    “Darn fatty, don’t tell me you’re not afraid of my Peerless Divine Sword?” The Peerless Sword Deity also shouted.

    The moment they shouted, the surrounding audience laughed even harder. You have to know, although the nickname Little White Dragon was a little forced, it was still alright. But, how could the nickname of ‘Peerless Sword Deity’ be used by a XianTian stage idiot? If you are really a Peerless Sword Deity, then what would the sect master’s Fiery Dragon Divine Sword be counted as? Actually, everyone also knew that although these two idiots were talented, they only make the mark to enter the inner courts and could barely be counted a genius. They were far from those extremely perverse weirdos. Only people like Hong Ying or Miss Shui Jing can be considered to be a supreme genius.

    If we were to evaluate strictly, without their magical artifacts, their combat abilities would only be that of an ordinary inner court disciples. In fact, because of their playful nature, they may be slightly weaker. Such a person, how is he deserving of being called ‘Little White Dragon’? How is he befitting of being called ‘Peerless Sword Deity’? Isn’t this obviously them trying to blow their own trumpets? Thus, the surrounding audience laughed even louder.

    After Little Fatty heard this, he immediately stopped, covered his ears with his two hands, rolled his eyes and made a face to show that he was extremely disgusted. This incited another round of louder laughter.

    ‘Little White Dragon’ and ‘Peerless Sword Deity’ could not take it any longer. They roared and wanted to attack together, teaching Little Fatty a lesson.

    Just at this moment, a few red rays flew over from the horizon. The next instant, a male and female JinDan cultivator appeared in the competition grounds. Seeing the messy situation in the ring, as well as everyone trying to control their laughter, the both of them was puzzled.

    With the JinDan cultivators in the ring, ‘Little White Dragon’ and ‘Peerless Sword Deity’ were terrified. They stopped looking for trouble with Little Fatty and hurriedly moved to the side respectfully.

    The crowds also became silent due to the arrival of the JinDan cultivators, returning to their previous quiet state.

    Very quickly, a white light appeared from the horizon and a white dressed fairy landed in the competition grounds tens of feet away from Little Fatty. She is Little Fatty’s opponent, Miss Shui Jing.

    Before Miss Shui Jing even had time to catch her breath, she heard two people shouting, “Junior sister Shui Jing, I am your senior brother, Little White Dragon! I’m here specially to support you! Don’t need to worry about anything and beat this darn fatty up!”

    “Junior sister Shui Jing, I am senior brother Zhang, Peerless Sword Deity. With me rooting for you here, that darn fatty wouldn’t dare to win against you. You can just take care of him with ease!”

    The moment both of them said that, the crowd was immediately filled with commotion. As for Miss Shui Jing, her eyebrows frowned and was completely speechless. Seeing her expression, it was as though she ate a fly and was completely disgusted.

    The JinDan cultivators also could not take it and the female cultivator shouted, “Unrelated people, stop making noise!” At the same time, she glared at them fiercely.


    Those two idiots were still intending to continue saying something, but after being glared at by the JinDan cultivator, they closed their mouths in fright. The way it seems, they were extremely afraid of this female cultivator.

    Seeing that both the participants are here and that it was about time, after some discussion, the male cultivator announced, “Start the competition!”

    Although the judge announced the start of the competition, the two on the ring did not have the intention to begin. Being the junior brother, Little Fatty respectfully paid his compliments, “I pay my respects to senior sister, I hope senior sister will go easy on me!”

    “You flatter me!” Miss Shui Jing also replied in courtesy, “Junior brother is too polite. I’m afraid the one who needs to go easy isn’t me, but you!”

    “Ah~” The moment the crowd heard what she said, they were all shocked. This is because they all knew Miss Shui Jing’s temper. She absolutely isn’t one to ridicule the weak. Since she said it so seriously, there was definitely a reason for it. Although it doesn’t mean that she thinks she’s weaker, it still shows that Miss Shui Jing is rather cautious towards Song Zhong and did not have absolute confidence of winning. That was totally unprecedented.

    Even after the two JinDan cultivators heard what she said, they revealed shocked expressions. They both knew Miss Shui Jing’s background and understood how magical her Plum Blossom Divination was. Thus, her words would definitely have meaning behind them. It was also because of this that they found it to be weird. When Miss Shui Jing swept through the whole Mystical Sky Yard and is crowned as the undisputable first in her generation, there is someone who is able to contend with her in the outer courts! How would they not be surprised!

    After Little Fatty heard what Miss Shui Jing said, he laughed bitterly and said, “Senior sister must be joking!”

    “Not necessarily!” Miss Shui Jing said calmly, “Shui Jing never lies! That bell of yours in indeed magical. At least up until now, I have not found a way to break through it!” As she said that, her eyes were fixated on Little Fatty as she seemed to be searching for traces of the bell.

    Little Fatty was also not a petty person. After he understood her intentions, he immediately took it out. With a casual wave of his hand, a 2 feet tall, tattered bell floated above his right palm.

    “That’s the one!” Miss Shui Jing’s eyes lit up as she praised, “So mysterious, I can’t even fathom its roots and use! Much less talk about breaking it! If junior brother is to use it to protect yourself, I will definitely be placed in a spot!”

    “You praise me too much, senior sister!” Little Fatty smiled and said, “I believe that you are still confident of breaking it, right?”

    As Miss Shui Jing heard that, she smiled slightly and said, “It seems as though junior brother knows something! En, I know! It seems that Hong Ying that lass has betrayed me! Am I right?”