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Chapter 105: Two Live Treasures

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 105: Two Live Treasures

    Soon, the day for Little Fatty’s battle against Shui Jing arrived. That particular day was a bright, cloudless, sunny. Little Fatty rode his flying sword to the competition grounds and almost fainted on the spot.

    The competition grounds was already flooded with people, with the surrounding 1000 feet being densely packed. Not only were the inner court elites there, even many outer court disciples were here as well. There were over hundreds of people who came. Obviously, they were called here by a certain someone, if not they were not qualified to come near here.

    With the crowd in sight, Little Fatty knew that it was Daoist Huo Yun’s camp behind the scenes. They obviously wanted to let them all see him be a joke!

    Although he was extremely displeased, he will not back out now because of the gravity of the matter. He could only land in frustration and stand alone on the competition grounds, allowing everyone to gossip about him as though he was an animal on display.

    “Woah! This is the guy who defeated that devil, Mu Zi Rong!”

    “So fat, and he isn’t handsome at all. It seems that he isn’t strong either and only barely met the requirements for joining the sect competition. How could someone like him defeat Miss Mu’s Azure Shadowless Divine Sword?”

    “It is said that he has a perverse giant bell. Even after Miss Mu consumed the Vitality Unleashing Pill coupled with the might of her sword, she was still unable to harm him the slightest. In the end, she went into cultivation deviation!”

    “Really? Why isn’t he taking it out?”

    “Maybe he is hiding it, who will casually take out such a treasure. Even with his bell’s defence, he still may not be an opponent worthy of Miss Shui Jing, the first in our sect!”

    “Not necessarily, Miss Shui Jing specialises in Water-type spells which are weak in attack. They are only able to target the weakness of the opponent in order to be effective. But this time, this Song Zhong’s bell is able to cover his whole body. I’m afraid even Miss Shui Jing won’t have any idea on how to deal with it?”

    “Cheh, Mu Zi Rong and gang all has a magical artefact. Miss Shui Jing has such a strong master, how would she not have anything good? I’m sure she has a high-grade magical artefact. It is just that the previous few opponents were too weak, thus there was no need to reveal it!”

    “Haha, she will definitely have to take it out this time. It seems that we have a show to watch!”

    “Heh heh, we have brother Song to thank for this. If not for this, we will not be able to enter either! Speaking of which, brother Song is the only outer court disciple here. I am hoping for him to create a miracle and take care of these so-called inner court elites!”

    “That’s right, those b*st*rds of the inner courts are too outrageous! They are all condescending and aloof and are extremely vicious. They don’t even treat us as a human! It is indeed time for someone to come out and teach them a lesson!”

    While Little Fatty stood there and listen to everyone’s chatter, he could not help but laugh bitterly and say, “I was only forced to teach Mu Zi Rong a lesson. Do I really have to become the representative of the outer courts to face the inner court elites? For these guys to say these things, do they really want to force me to my death!”

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty could not help but look around him. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he found Little Monkey in the midst of the outer court disciples staring at him with a face full of worry.

    Seeing this situation, Little Fatty smiled slightly and nodded his head, indicating that he was fine. Only then did Little Monkey reveal a smile. But his countenance still showed an iota of worriedness.

    Just at this moment, there was a commotion in the crowds. A group of people shoved the disciples aside and arrived in front of Little Fatty.

    Seeing this, Little Fatty frowned. It was obvious that someone was creating trouble for him. However, he was not too worried. Nobody would dare to openly engage him on the competition grounds. That would be disrupting the competition, and it would definitely draw the displeasure off the higher echelons. Even if their identities were special, they would still be sternly rebuked for sure. These guys would only throw a few sarcastic remarks at most. With regards to this, Little Fatty was not afraid in the slightest. Wasn’t it just a quarrel? Why would he be afraid? Thus, Little Fatty only silently observed and sized up the crowd approaching him.

    This was a group of ten, which was obviously led by the 2 youngsters in the front who were well dressed. Although the others following did not have low cultivations, they all look disgustingly sycophantic. Little Fatty ignored the followers and carefully studied the 2 youngsters.

    One of them was dressed in green, the other yellow. It was all weaved by high-class silk and refined with a spell. The defence of it would not be any lower than a magical tool. Their clothes were festooned with an array of items. There were some jade pendants, some ring shaped magical tool, and even jade bangles. All of these were magical tools with their own respective functions. Normally, a person would only bring one of each item. But these two fellows brought 3-5 pieces of each item. Making their bodies glitter with jewels.

    But, the way the items were bundled together made them seem extremely vulgar. However, it was obvious that they did not understand that. They even thought that they looked extremely good and walked around proudly with their chest lifted up.

    With an expression like they wanted to get beaten up, they both walked proudly up to Little Fatty. The guy dressed in yellow first laughed coldly and gave a cursory head-to-toe look at Little Fatty with disdain. Only then did he say eccentrically, “You brat, you’re Song Zhong?”

    “It is I indeed!” Little Fatty replied calmly.

    “Cheh, ‘Song Zhong’? What kind of stupid name is that?” The yellow shirt guy said with sarcasm, “It is one thing for you to look so ugly. Why is it that even your name is so shameful?”

    “Precisely!” The green shirt guy also added with sarcasm, “Even an idiot like you is able to remain in the sect? That is the stigma of the sect! If I were you, I would have committed suicide a long time ago rather than make a fool of myself!”

    “Haha!” As he said that, he and his bunch of rogues started laughing.

    Seeing the other party being so rude, Little Fatty was also angered deep in his heart. Even though he was angered, he did not show it at all. He only asked calmly, “It is true that my name isn’t the best. But isn’t both of your names also extremely shameful?”

    “Nonsense!” The guy immediately shouted, “My underlings, tell this idiot my nickname!”

    “Little fatty, you better listen up!” A follower stood up and said proudly, “This, is who everyone calls Jade Face Little White Dragon, Li Jing Long, the young master of the Li family. The other is known as Peerless Sword Deity, Zhang Qing Jiang, the young master of the Zhang family!”

    Hearing their own nicknames, and having their underlings proudly announce it, their face immediately lit up as they stood there in conceit. All of their other underlings were extremely pleased and praised them with a thumbs up.

    But after Little Fatty heard that, he turned and walked away without saying a word.

    The guy in yellow was immediately anxious as he shouted, “Brat, where are you going?”

    “I’m going to find a place to puke!” Little Fatty replied without turning back.