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Chapter 104: Mystical Tortoiseshell and World Coin

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 104 - Mystical Tortoiseshell and World Coin

    “Haha, Fatty bro, do you think you can triumph over senior sister Shui Jing?” Hong Ying couldn’t help but laugh when she heard that.

    “I should have a chance right?” Little Fatty replied indignantly. “That bell of mine has no weakness and can only be broken. Even Mu Zi Rong who ate the Vitality Unleashing Pill had no way of destroying it with her Azure Shadowless Divine Sword. I don’t believe that Miss Shui Jing’s Water-type spells can destroy my defense! If she isn’t able to break the bell, then I am at least in a position where it is impossible to lose?”

    “Haha, then you’re deeply mistaken!” Hong Ying said with a laugh, “That big bell of yours is indeed surprising. But, it is still made from the lowest grade material after all. Furthermore, it was crudely made. I believe that at least 10,000 catties of black iron were shaved off by Mu Zi Rong during the last battle right?”

    “You’re right, lots of black iron fell off indeed. But this isn’t much either, there is still plenty more where that came from. Even if another few 10,000 catties fell off, it wouldn’t matter. I don’t believe that her Water-type spell is stronger than the might of the Azure Shadowless Divine Sword! Thus, she will not have any chance at all!” Little Fatty said resolutely.

    “Fatty bro, the only reason why you will think like this is because you are not familiar with Miss Shui Jing’s trump card! Let me tell you the truth, as Celestial Mei Hua’s disciple, her wealth is the greatest among us. Even my parents’ wealth are inferior!” Hong Ying said with a tinge of sadness.

    “What? Even the sect master’s wealth couldn’t be compared to hers?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said in shock, “Don’t tell me she also has a top grade magical artefact?”

    “Wrong, Miss Shui Jing wouldn’t even take a fancy to a magical artefact. She has a spiritual artefact!” Hong Ying laughed bitterly and said, “You have to know, even my parents only have a top grade magical artefact. They do not have a single spiritual artefact!”

    Hearing that, Little Fatty could not help but take in a cold breath! Although he was a low grade cultivator, he was still extremely familiar with the rankings of the artifacts. Normally, a magical tool was used by XianTian and Foundational cultivators. A magical artifact would be used by JinDan and YuanYing cultivators. As for a spiritual artifact, it was something that only FenShen cultivators could use.

    A spiritual artifact originates from a magical artifact. It is just that the process of refining it is extremely arduous. First, a perfectly refined and suitable magical artifact had to be chosen. Then, it had to be continually refined. In every stage of refinement, countless heavenly treasures would have to be used. Various strong formations would also have to be inscribed upon it. Furthermore, a cultivator has to nurture it with his own heart and mind. Only after a millennium and countless refinements, will there be a chance for the inanimate item to gain sentience, thus becoming a spiritual artifact.

    In other words, something like a spiritual artifact would require at least a thousand years to be refined successfully. Every stage of refinement has to be treated with utmost meticulousness. If anything went wrong during the refinement process, everything will be for naught. Furthermore, even if everything was done perfectly, a sentient artifact may not be born. Normally, a cultivator who is able to live for a thousand years would be a FenShen stage expert. Someone like that would normally refine multiple magical artifacts together. If a single one of them is able to gain sentience, it was enough for them to be extremely excited. If sentient items were to be born, one could figuratively die from happiness. In truth, many FenShen cultivators were unable to refine even a single spiritual artifact in their lifetime!

    After a spiritual artefact is successfully refined, it is telepathically connected to its owner. Having gain sentience, it could also cultivate. Thus, its might is much stronger than a magical artefact of the same grade.

    Although this was something extremely good, it was rarely passed down. Most of them would follow their owners to their grave. Thus, there were very few spiritual artifacts in the world. Besides, there’s another noteworthy feature of spiritual artifacts - they choose their owners. It is entirely up to their discretion, even low grade cultivators may be fancied upon.

    If a high-grade cultivator wanted to snatch another person’s spiritual artefact, there were only two options. Either he relies on fated affinity, or forcefully subdue the sentience. The outcome of the latter was normally the sentience being wiped out. If such a thing happened, then the spiritual artefact would be ruined and become a magical artefact.

    As such, sects would normally allow high-grade cultivators to attempt to refine the spiritual artefacts. They would allow the spiritual artefacts to pick their own owners.

    Being one of the largest sects in the cultivation world, Little Fatty was not surprised that there was a spiritual artefact. But what made him depressed was that it was in Miss Shui Jing’s hands.

    Although he has never seen one before, he knew of its prowess from the sect’s archive. Even the lowest grade spiritual artefact was much stronger than a top grade magical artefact. Mu Zi Rong’s Azure Shadowless Divine Sword was a pretty good magical artefact. But compared to a spiritual artifact, it could only be labelled as trash!

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty’s face changed slightly as he could not help but ask, “Junior sister, what is Miss Shui Jing’s spiritual artefact?”

    “Mystical Tortoiseshell and World Coin!” Hong Ying said.

    “Two artefacts?!” As Little Fatty heard that, he almost fainted! When other XianTian cultivators are going crazy over low-grade magical artefacts, she already possessed 2 spiritual artefacts! This, isn’t the gap far too wide?

    “It can be said to be 2 artefacts, it can also be said to be one. This is because they are a set!” Hong Ying explained, “Tortoiseshell, coin, they are all items used for divination!”

    “Used for divination?” As Little Fatty heard that, his eyes lit up and asked, “Then they shouldn’t be too useful in an actual battle right?”

    “Haha, if it is compared to a spiritual artifact of the same grade, it was indeed weaker in an actual battle. After all, their main purpose was for divination. But, it is still a spiritual artifact after all. Even the weakest spiritual artifact is still stronger than a magical artifact.” Hong Ying explained with a laughter, “The Mystical Tortoiseshell was for defence. It is definitely stronger than your lousy bell. The World Coin is used for attacking, and it is said that they can find the weakness of an opponent and attack it. It can even form a World Coin Formation. It is just too strong!”

    “If you put it that way, then am I not finished?” Little Fatty could not help but say with a bitter laughter.

    “Isn’t that obvious? Unless you also have a spiritual artefact, and it must be stronger than the Mystical Tortoiseshell and the World Coin!” Hong Ying laughed.

    “This~” As he heard Hong Ying say that, he thought of his own Natal Artifact. Be it the small pearl with a dimension, or the strange copper bell, they all seemed to be extremely powerful. It may well be a spiritual artefact.

    However, although it was okay to fool others with a black iron bell, if he revealed the extraordinary copper bell, he would probably not have any more peaceful days. Thus, considering the bigger picture, Little Fatty shook his head and decided that he would give up the idea of competing with Miss Shui Jing. He thought to himself, ‘We’ll assess the situation and decide the course of action! If I have any chance, I will give it my all. If I have no chance, it doesn’t matter if I give up. I have already obtained the top 10 position. The people from Daoist Huo Yun’s camp can’t possibly cover the skies with their palm and ask me not to go right?’