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Chapter 102: Big Hoo-Ha

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 102 - Big Hoo-Ha

    The next instant, the sword lights coming out from the Azure Shadow Divine Sword swelled to ten feet in length; and the amount easily increased by more than ten times. The waves of sword lights formed into Azure Dragons that was more than 10 feet in length, completely encircling Little Fatty’s bell like a bundle.

    For the sword lights released this time, every one of them was able to pierce at least a half-foot into the Black Iron. The multitudinous sword lights pressed forward, shaving off a thick layer of the bell in an instant. Furthermore, the sword lights did not merely hack at the bell, even the surrounding area around it was not spared. The penetrative Qi from the sword recklessly reduced the area to rubble and debris, causing the battleground to be blanketed in a layer of dust. Even hidden inside the bell, Little Fatty could feel the ground trembling from the destruction, and it seemed like he was not standing on solid ground; but rather on top of a tiny boat floating in the middle of a turbulent sea. He was even having trouble keeping his grip on the wine cup in his hand.

    Witnessing this scenario, Little Fatty was not worried at all. Instead, he merely gave a cold snort and willed his bell to increase in size. From the original 30 feet in height that was withstanding the brunt of the attack from the Azure Dragon sword lights, it further increased to an astounding 300 feet in height, with a diameter of over 100 feet. The bell now resembled a small hill, sturdily rooted on the ground, intimidating all who gazed upon it.

    When she saw this, Mu Zi Rong inwardly let out a cry of joy. She thought that she had finally forced Little Fatty to finally reveal his hidden cards, and she further strengthened her attack. The azure sword lights resembled a river having burst out of a dam, flowing down from the Nine Heavens, frantically smashing towards the great bell.

    In the face of the fearless attacking, countless fragments of black iron fell from the bell like raindrops falling (on my head) from the sky. *Ding Ding Dang Dang* The sounds of them landing resounded continuously, echoing over a few li.

    Following the continuous depletion of the Black Iron, the big bell’s size also started to shrink a little. Mu Zi Rong even thought that she gained the upper hand, and while continuing her violent attacks, could not resist shouting our gleefully: “Darn Fatty, can’t hold on anymore? Wait for a little while more, I will reduce this broken bell of yours to shreds in a moment. Then, I will then chop you into mincemeat!”

    “Haha, is that so?” Hearing this, Little Fatty could not help but let out peals of laughter. “If that’s the case, then let Junior congratulate Senior Sister in advance, congratulations! Let me tell you honestly, after your untiring efforts, you have already reduced this bell by about 1/10 of its thickness! I believe that if you were to continue to batter this at full strength for another hour, you would probably be able to destroy the bell. Haha, I’m excited for you to grace me with your presence!”

    When Mu Zi Rong heard those words, she was immediately stunned! One has to know that after consuming the Vitality Unleashing Pill, there was only a short time frame where the cultivator could convert their Vital Qi into Spiritual Qi. This process usually did not last for more than a minute. Furthermore, the converted Spiritual Qi could not be replenished, and how much one used meant how much was lost; at the pace, the Mu Zi Rong was crazily depleting her spiritual energy, let us not even talk about an hour, she probably could not even last for a minute with this insane burst. How would she carry on fighting?

    She had already unhesitatingly staked her all on this, even to the point of unsparingly using the Vitality Unleashing Pill. But she was still unable to obtain a victory. Despair, loss, pain and anger, all her negative emotions rushed out like a bottle being uncorked. With this momentary lapse in her concentration, she unexpectedly lost control of her own rampaging Spiritual Qi. The large amount of energies released by consuming the Vitality Unleashing Pill became like a horse without a bridle, wreaking havoc in her meridians.

    This sort of scenario was the infamous cultivation deviation. Mu Zi Rong was only a XianTian cultivator, and her meridians could only withstand the original capacity of her Spiritual Qi. Increasing the amount occasionally wouldn’t be much. But to have such a violent increase in Spiritual Qi to the level of a foundational cultivator, it would easily result in a shock to the system. Especially when it was not under control, the rampaging Spiritual Qi had already seriously injured her meridians in just a short while.

    One only saw Mu Zi Rong abruptly spitting out a geyser of blood, before falling unconscious; her body falling headlong back towards the ground. At that moment, she was over a hundred feet in the air. If she were to fall onto the ground in her current state, even if she did not die, she would probably break all her bones!

    Seeing the scenario turn for the worse, the JinDan cultivator thankfully did not get frightened to his death. Furthermore, how could he allow anything to happen to Mu Zi Rong? He hurriedly stepped in to intercept her fall, then circulated his spiritual energy to suppress the rampant spiritual energies in her body. Under the JinDan cultivator’s care, the raging spiritual energies in Mu Zi Rong’s body finally calmed down and started to disperse. This signified that Mu Zi Rong was temporarily out of the danger of being a cripple. However, due to the damage her meridians had suffered, further exacerbated by the consequence of consuming the Vitality Unleashing Pill, she would still probably need a good ten years or so to completely recover from her injuries.

    Through his divine sense, Little Fatty had observed the going-on even while safely hidden behind the steel bell of his. When he saw how that 1 sentence of his caused Mu Zi Ling to be angered to the point her life lay on a thread, he could not help but feel a sense of satisfaction. However, he also felt apprehensive, because he knew that he had really gotten into deep trouble this time.

    Upon keeping his bell, he silently stood there whilst waiting for the JinDan cultivator to finish treating Mu Zi Rong. It was after much effort before the JinDan cultivator finally brought her back to consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, it only took a moment for her to understand the situation at hand. However, not only did she not make a fuss, she only stared at Little Fatty with extreme coldness, before spitting out the words: “Darn Fatty, this great aunt will admit defeat today. However, you better not rejoice too early; we still have plenty of chances to play in the future. In this lifetime, I, your great aunt will not let this rest!” After she said her piece, she immediately closed her eyes, ignoring Little Fatty completely

    Seeing this scene, the JinDan cultivator could only let out a bitter laugh before telling Little Fatty: “Song Zhong ah, let me first congratulate you for advancing this time and becoming the top for this group!”

    Little Fatty sensed a hidden implication, and thus followed up by asking: “And what comes after that?”

    “... And I advise you, to quickly prepare for your funeral! You’re dead this time!” Finishing his sentence, the JinDan cultivator did not even wait for Little Fatty to reply. He immediately carried the immobile Mu Zi Rong and flew away.

    Watching the both of them disappear into the horizon, Little Fatty could not help but smirk.

    “Cheh, what’s their problem? B*st*rds who can’t even bear a single loss! This daddy here haven’t even asked you to honour your promise of being my slave, and you still dare to threaten me?! Seeing that you’re a woman, I’ll not haggle about minor details with you. But if you come and seek trouble with me in the future, this daddy here will definitely collect my debt, with interest!” After he said that, Little Fatty also took his leave, riding off on his flying sword.

    Little Fatty won efficiently and left satisfied; with a wave of his hand without disturbing any of the scenery. Little did he know, that his actions this time would lead to huge waves in the future.

    Was Mu Zi Rong an ordinary cultivator? She was a seeded disciple, an inner court elite who was ranked third!

    Before the competition, practically everyone had come to a reasonable conclusion: that was the majority of the seeded disciples would end up advancing. Even under unforeseen circumstances, it mainly applied for those in the lower tiers. But, it would be almost impossible for there to be any surprises within the top 5 of the sect.

    Miss Shui Jing in the first group, publicly acknowledged as the first amongst the younger generation. She far outstripped her peers, and practically had no opponents on the same level. Thus, there was no way she could have been defeated.

    From the second to the fourth group, these were all the children of the inner court elders. Every one of them possessed a frighteningly powerful magical artefact. Under the circumstance where XianTian cultivators or even Foundational cultivators would only have access to magical tools, their victory was guaranteed with their magical artefacts. To be in possession of such great magical artefacts, they could completely fend off attacks from an ordinary foundational cultivator; let alone those ordinary disciples from the outer courts!

    As for Hong Ying in the fifth group, even without a proper magical artefact, she could still fight those with magical artefacts to a standstill, this spoke volumes about her ability, and she definitely had the ability to turn up her nose around the people in the generation. At the same time, with her status as the darling daughter of the current Sect Master and First Lady, nobody would probably dare to win her.

    Therefore, these five people were considered to be the most popular option to advance. This was something that was common knowledge amongst everyone in the Mystical Sky Yard. However, even with such favourable odds to win, the 3rd placing Mu Zi Rong was unexpectedly knocked out in the second round. One could only imagine how big of a hoo-ha this is!