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Chapter 101: Crazy Lady

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 101: Crazy Lady

    The moment the large bell covered Little Fatty, the sword light of the Azure Shadow Divine Sword also arrived and slashed against the bell. With a wave of metal crashing and sparks flying, the iron bell was filled with craters and scars as the sword shadows flew past.

    Although the Azure Shadow Divine Sword was a magical artefact, it’s greatest strength was not in its attack. Its strength lay in the increase in the quantity of sword lights. Thus, the sword lights given out by it would be 10 times stronger than that of other flying swords. With just a shake, it would be able to release over a thousand sword lights. But, each sword light was limited in power and could only wear the black iron layer down by 2 to 3 inches.

    However, this was after all the result of just a wave of her sword. Seeing the depth of the sword scar, Mu Zi Rong was not shocked but happy. She thought to herself, ‘This lousy bell would only be 2 to 3 foot thick at best. That would already be over 10,000 catties heavy. I doubt a poor broke like you will be able to do anything special. With this thickness, I would be able to destroy it in just a few dozens of slashes. At that time, see how I will take care of you!”

    Thinking about this, Mu Zi Rong’s energy rose and she completely let go of her defence. She concentrated all her spiritual Qi on her sword and commanded her sword to release an unceasing attack, unleashing wave after wave of sword lights.

    From afar, it can be seen that the countless of densely packed sword shadows formed a large azure dragon over 1000 feet long and dozens of feet wide. It rushed forward like a tsunami and smashed unceasingly on the large bell. After every attack, an inch thick of the black iron layer would be shaved off. In just a few breaths, an uncountable amount of black iron was shaved off.

    However, what made Mu Zi Rong frustrated was that the bell was obviously not just a few feet thick. Although she shaved off so much black iron, the size of the bell remained the same. It did not change just because of the black iron which was shaved off. It was as though a thin layer of its skin was removed and was completely unaffected. Such a result was something which Mu Zi Rong just could not accept.

    It was at this precise moment that Little Fatty’s annoying voice sounded from under the bell, “Senior sister give it your all! I’m still waiting for you to trample over me!”

    Mu Zi Rong was completely angered! She almost fainted from anger and said in exasperation, “Darn fatty, continue being arrogant. I will definitely reduce you to a state where you can’t cry even if you wanted!” As she said that, she ignored the large exhaustion of spiritual Qi and continued attacking. In just a moment, the sword shadows of the Azure Shadow Divine Sword was strengthened. The quantity of it also increased greatly, adding to the dragon’s bulk.

    However, no matter how Mu Zi Rong pressed her Azure Shadow Divine Sword, the giant bell was like a stubborn rock which could not be moved regardless of the torrential rain or storm slamming upon it. Even though the fragments of the black iron bell littered the grounds, it still seemed to be completely unaffected.

    At the same time, Little Fatty’s mouth was still as merciless as ever as he taunted, “Senior sister, senior sister, hurry, hurry and slash me, hurry and slash me! Can you hurry up and slash me!”

    “Why are you still not here yet? I’m already growing tired of waiting!”

    “Don’t tell me you’re really in love with me and you are trying to go easy on me? Ai yah yah, if that’s really the case, I wouldn’t know what to do!”

    As Mu Zi Rong heard what Little Fatty said, she literally steamed from all the pent-up anger! She was already giving it her all and unleashing all she could. But no matter how she tried, it was completely useless. No matter how many attacks the large bell received, no matter how much black iron was shed, it just wouldn’t be destroyed.

    No matter how much she effort she put in, Mu Zi Rong’s attack obviously could not last forever. Despite the strength of her attack, it did not last for more than 5 mins before exhausting over 80% of her spiritual Qi. At this moment, Little Fatty who was under the bell was still in tip top condition. It can be said that even if Little Fatty exited the bell now, he would be able to win her with just his Golden Eagle Sword.

    However, Little Fatty was obviously not going to let Mu Zi Rong go like that. He did not have any intentions of going out at all. He just sat down in the bell and ate the bbq fish which he prepared previously. Furthermore, he did not forget to mock her while he drank some wine.

    “Senior sister, you’ve already run out of strength? If that’s the case then you would have lost already! According to our bet, if you lost, you would become my slave! Ai yah yah, if that’s the case, then wouldn’t you have to wait upon me even when I bathe? If I were to go to the washroom, won’t you have to help me clean~” Before even finishing what he had to say, Mu Zi Rong had already gone past her boiling point.

    Only now did Mu Zi Rong understand that she had already fallen into this darn fatty’s trap. He intentionally provoked her to waste all her energy in that wave of attack. Plus, she even made such a bet in a fit of rage. Now, she was completely trapped. She couldn’t win, but she also could not afford to lose! Helpless, Mu Zi Rong resolutely made a stunning decision.

    “B*st*rd, I will fight it out with you!” As she said that, she took out an elixir and swallowed it without a second word.

    Seeing the situation, the JinDan cultivator cried out, “Vitality Unleashing Pill! Am I imagining things?”

    When Little Fatty heard the name Vitality Unleashing Pill, he was also shocked. He knew that this was an extremely violent pill which would unleash the potential of one's body. After consuming it, one’s strength would be increased greatly, but at the price of overdrafting one’s vitality. After that, it would definitely cause damage to the person’s vitality which could only be nursed back through the means of spiritual Qi and a few years of time. Thus, even if Mu Zi Rong obtained victory through the use of the Vitality Unleashing Pill, she would also lose the rights to compete for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. After all, something so momentous would not be delayed for a few years just for her.

    Hearing Mu Zi Rong use the Vitality Unleashing pill and sensing her spiritual Qi increasing exponentially, even exceeding the XianTian stage, Little Fatty hurriedly shouted, “Senior, senior, she’s cheating. The Vitality Unleashing Pill is considered a one-time use treasure which is banned!”

    *Cough cough* The JinDan cultivator coughed twice in awkwardness and wanted to announce that Mu Zi Rong lost due to an infringement of the rules.

    But, he did not expect that Mu Zi Rong to glare at him and rage, “The sect only said that any one time use magical tool, divine lightning, talisman could not be used. But the Vitality Unleashing Pill is an elixir which isn’t part of this list. It doesn’t seem that the rules banned any form of elixirs right?”

    “This~” The JinDan cultivator was immediately placed in a spot. In actual fact, what Mu Zi Rong said was nothing more than just an excuse. Disallowing the use of any one time use magical artefacts and talismans was for the purpose of balancing the abilities of the richer and poorer disciples. The Vitality Unleashing Pill also had such an effect, however, it possessed side effects. This was after all just a competition, thus it was completely unnecessary for someone to injure their own vitality for a few years just because of this.

    If she was an ordinary disciple, the JinDan cultivator would not even bother arguing with her and forfeit her right to participate. But, this was Mu Zi Rong, someone who had such a strong backing which he did not dare offend. Seeing how her eyes already turned red, how would he dare to resist her?

    Just at this moment, the medicinal effect of the Vitality Unleashing Pill was completely unleashed, elevating Mu Zi Rong’s strength to that of the foundational stage. If she waited any longer, the spiritual Qi would slowly disperse and her Vitality Unleashing Pill would then be wasted. Under such circumstances, Mu Zi Rong could not be bothered with what the JinDan cultivator had to say and channelled her spiritual Qi into her Azure Shadow Divine Sword.