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Chapter 100: Fighting Azure Shadow

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 100 - Fighting Azure Shadow

    “Stop dreaming! Something like the Lesser Plum Blossom Divination has high requirements to learn it. Apart from being talented, you must have a high aptitude as well. You’ll need to possess a photographic memory, and have amazing mental arithmetic! Such a genius is hardly seen even in a thousand years!” Hong Ying then said in frustration, “Actually, when I was younger, my parents had tried recommending me to Miss Shui Jing’s master before. It was a pity that I was too stupid and will get a headache the moment I see those complicated calculations. Thus, I lost the chance to cultivate the Lesser Plum Blossom Divination!”

    “Forget it then!” Little Fatty was still planning to find a chance to cultivate the Lesser Plum Blossom Divination. But after hearing what Hong Ying said, he immediately gave up that thought. He then let the matter go and asked with a smile, “Junior sister, why are you looking for me?”

    “Aiyah! I almost forgot!” Hong Ying then twiddled with the edges of her clothes and said with a shy face, “I feel like eating bbq fish again!”

    Turns out, when Little Fatty was still living together with Hong Ying, he was found out by her whilst he snuck out to eat the bbq fish. The eyeless fish and spiritual mushroom were worthy of being called heavenly delicacies, and was able to conquer this little girl in but just a moment. As such, in every 3 to 5 days, she would return here to eat it.

    Although Little Fatty treated this delicacy with great importance, his heart was indeed moved by Hong Ying. Plus, the sect master and his wife had shown him great kindness. Thus, he could never bring himself to reject her request. It was the same this time. Seeing Hong Ying being so shy, he could not help but laugh and say, “Are we having it here, or should we change a location?”

    “The back mountains, let’s go there!” Seeing Little Fatty agree, Hong Ying immediately say excitedly, “Yesterday, I went to the back mountains to play and found a place. There is also a type of wild chicken there which seems to be really yummy! Let’s go try it this time!”

    As she said that, she summoned her Wing Piercing Tiger and shouted as she got on, “Hurry up!” before flying up excitedly.

    Seeing this, Little Fatty could only helplessly get on his Wing Piercing Tiger and chase after her.

    In a flash, 3 days passed and it was time for the competition again.

    In the afternoon, within the back mountains of the Mystical Sky Yard, Mu Zi Rong and a JinDan cultivator silently stood there waiting for Little Fatty to arrive.

    At this moment, countless of spectators sporadically filled the other competition rings. It was only this place which consisted of 2 pitiful souls. All the disciples who wanted to spectate were all frightened away by Mu Zi Rong’s glare which was filled with killing intent.

    In comparison to Mu Zi Rong’s killing intent, that JinDan stage judge was feeling helpless. Originally, with his status, he should be the last to arrive. But today, he was forced to come early by Mu Zi Rong who could not wait to teach Little Fatty a lesson. In the end, he had to wait for a low-grade disciple. How could he endure that? If not for Daoist Huo Yun being so tyrannical, he might even have the heart to kill Mu Zi Rong!”

    Just when the both of them were getting impatient, a golden light appeared from the horizon. Following which, a green clothed cultivator who was like the size of a giant bear landed on the ring. This person had a resolute face and his skin was all tanned bronze. However, even though he seemed honest and straightforward, his eyes were filled with a tinge of craftiness. This person who just arrived was none other than our Little Fatty.

    Seeing Little Fatty arrive, Mu Zi Rong’s eyes surged with killing intent. She immediately scolded, “Darn fatty, you are finally here to give up your life!”

    “Wrong!” Little Fatty smiled and with a flip of his hands, a 2 feet high bell appeared on his palm. At the same time, he laughed and said, “Actually, I am here to give the senior sister a bell!”

    (TN: This is a pun by Little Fatty. In Chinese, ‘Zhong’ can be written in a few ways. It can be written as a bell, or it can be written as an ‘end’. In this case, Little Fatty means that he would be sending her to her death.)

    The moment Mu Zi Rong heard that she was almost angered to death. She immediately scolded in frustration, “With just you, you want to take my life?!”

    Seeing how Little Fatty’s words were so hostile, the JinDan cultivator could not help but frown and glare at him with dissatisfaction.

    Who would have thought, Little Fatty laughed nonchalantly and said, “Senior sister’s status is too high. No matter how much courage I have, I would not dare to kill you!”

    Hearing Little Fatty say that the JinDan cultivator’s face became slightly better.

    But, Little Fatty continued, “However, senior sister’s road in this competition will be ended by me! This can also be counted as giving you an end, no?”

    “Utter nonsense!” Mu Zi Rong raged, “With just your body that is full of fats and a broken bell, you want to win against me? This is just too preposterous!”

    “Heh heh, my abilities are indeed lowly and do not amount to much! But, senior sister may like someone like me and purposely lose to me. Who knows if that will happen!” Little Fatty said with a devious smile.

    “Bullsh*t, the only thing I like is to make you into mincemeat!” Mu Zi Rong said in exasperation.

    “Really?” Little Fatty smiled and said, “If that’s the case, then let us have a bet! I dare to say that senior sister definitely would not bear to harm me at all! If you injure me, I will admit defeat and commit suicide on the spot!”

    Hearing what Little Fatty say, Mu Zi Rong almost fainted from anger. Currently, she was completely possessed by her anger and could barely think straight. She did not even consider why Little Fatty dared to say that and shouted immediately, “Good, good good! You darn fatty, I will bet with you today! If I cannot slaughter you later, I will be your slave in future without complaints!”

    “If that’s the case, then we have a deal!” Little Fatty replied with a cunning smile. At the same time, he said to himself, ‘Haha, she is indeed someone without brains! I would like to see what will you do when you lose!”

    Mu Zi Rong was already on the verge of explosion and already could not contain her urge to hack Little Fatty to pieces. Before even waiting for the official start time of the competition, she roared at the JinDan judge, “Why aren’t you starting the competition yet?”

    Even though it was not time yet, but facing a nigh insane Mu Zi Rong, the JinDan cultivator was also frightened out of his wits. He did not dare to provoke her and could only say with a bitter laughter, “You guys can begin then!”

    The moment the JinDan cultivator said that Mu Zi Rong lifted her Azure Shadow Divine Sword. Thousands of sword shadows immediately appeared and rushed towards Little Fatty like poisonous snakes under Mu Zi Rong’s control, wanting to tear him into pieces.

    Facing the fierce attack of a magical artefact, Little Fatty was not hurried at all. He only threw his bell lightly in the air. The next moment, the bell expanded to 40 feet high and landed on top of Little Fatty. With a loud bang, Little Fatty became surrounded by the large bell. The base of the bell even managed to dig 2 to 3 feet into the ground.