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Chapter 98: Hong Ying Visits

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 98 - Hong Ying Visits

    “Unless she targeted only the weak points!”

    When this person’s voice rang out, Little Fatty’s heart had also arrived at the same answer. You have to know, the Earth Divine Armour was considered to be an extremely strong defence spell within the XianTian stage. But in reality, it was still a low-grade spell which a high-grade cultivator would not even put in his sights. The biggest flaw of this spell was that it wasn’t perfect. The defence of this spell was uneven, with some parts being stronger, while others weaker.

    However, the locations of the weak and strong parts were interchangeable. Everyone had their own habits and would even adjust it according to the situation on the battlefield. However, these things were all the secrets of a cultivator which would not even be told to the people closest to them.

    Theoretically speaking, it was not impossible to figure out where the weaknesses were. Facing an Earth Divine Armour, a YuanYing cultivator could use their strong spiritual sense to completely understand the flaws. However, it was impossible for someone of Miss Shui Jing’s level to accomplish that.

    However, something that was seemingly impossible indeed happened. Combining with Miss Shui Jing’s stunning performance, Little Fatty could only come to a stunning conclusion; this Miss Shui Jing may really have the ability to predict the future.

    Facing such a bizarre opponent, how would he handle her? The moment Little Fatty thought about this, he could not help but be completely sucked into his thoughts and lost the mood to watch the rest of the competition. He then strolled back to his Serene Cloud Yard and sat in the courtyard mulling this matter foolishly.

    The strongest attacks which Little Fatty had was his 3 divine lightnings. However, although the might of the divine lightning was strong, it would be useless if it couldn’t hit the target. Facing others, he could still attempt a sneak attack or use some special methods to control the direction of the divine lightning in the air. However, if he was to face Miss Shui Jing when the divine lightning is still in his hands, she would already know the direction and method he would use to attack. It would then be a breeze for her to dodge or block it. Even if he were to expend all his divine lightning, he may not even be able to harm her at all. How is he going to deal with such an opponent?

    ‘Don’t tell me I can only rely on the all-round defence of the large iron bell to hide and fight a battle of attrition with her? But she is after all the disciple of a YuanYing cultivator. Who knows what other methods she might have. If she is able to destroy the outer shell of the black iron bell, revealing the treasure inside, won’t that cause me endless trouble?’ He was not willing to reveal such a precious treasure which might bring him problems!

    Just when Little Fatty was deliberating, a purple light flew towards him from the horizon. Then, a ferocious Wing Piercing Tiger landed. Hong Ying then jumped down from it happily and ran to Little Fatty with excitement and said, “Fatty bro! I’ve advanced, how about you?”

    “Heh heh, of course, I advanced as well!” Little Fatty said with an indifferent smile.

    “Really? Then who did Fatty bro fight?” Hong Ying hurriedly asked.

    “I don’t know!” Little Fatty shrugged his shoulders and said. (LOL)

    “Cheh, fatty bro is a liar! You don’t even know who you fought, how could you have advanced!” Hong Ying said in disbelief.

    “It’s true!” Little Fatty laughed bitterly and said, “My opponent forfeited before even entering the ring. I didn’t even know who he was!”

    “Woah, you really have good luck! You are actually able to meet someone who would forfeit this super important competition!” Hong Ying said curiously.

    “Good luck?” As Little Fatty heard that, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. He could only bitterly say, “Goodness, I’d rather not have this kind of luck!”

    “What’s wrong?” Hong Ying asked with a puzzled look, “Aren’t you happy that your opponent forfeited?”

    “In my group of 8, 6 people forfeited. Don’t you think that this is something strange?” Little Fatty said with a bitter laughter.

    “Eh? Why did so many people forfeit?” Hong Ying immediately asked in shock.

    “This is because there is a maniac. With just a single sword, she slashed someone to the point that he was completely filled with wounds and blood. She then arrogantly threatened us that anyone who fought with her would be faced with such a consequence!” Little Fatty then helpless shrugged his shoulders and said, “They were all here in order to get into the top 10 spot. However, to achieve this goal, they had to fight that maniac. But anyone who faced her would be reduced to such a pitiful state! Since they were not confident of passing that barrier, they all decided to forfeit! I managed to win under such circumstances!”

    “Only an inner court elite would be able to do something like this. Fatty bro belongs to the 3rd that case, is the maniac that b*tch Mu Zi Rong?” Hong Ying immediately drew the conclusion.

    “That’s right, it’s her!” Little Fatty shrugged his shoulders and said, “Do you still think that I have good luck?”

    “Ai yah yah, you probably don’t have good luck, but horrible luck!” Hong Ying immediately said worriedly, “There is actually nothing good about Mu Zi Rong. It is only her Azure Shadow Divine Sword which is strong. The last time I fought her, I was suppressed to the point I could not breathe. But at least I made it through and did not give her a chance to take any advantage of me!”

    “What?” Little Fatty said in shock after he heard that, “You’re one level lower than her but you’re able to fight evenly with her?”

    “Of course, what’s so strange about that?” Hong Ying said like it was nothing, “In truth, she is not my opponent at all. It is just that her flying sword is better than mine. If I have a flying sword of the same grade as her Azure Shadow Divine Sword, we would not just have fought to a draw!”

    “What, you’re saying that you used an ordinary magical tool to fight Mu Zi Rong, who used the Azure Shadow Flying Sword, to a draw?” Little Fatty said in shock.

    “Yep!” Hong Ying said with pride, “Actually, of all those who proclaim themselves to be Mystical Sky Yard’s four geniuses, three of them are just there to fill in the numbers. They can only surpass those in their generation by relying on their better weapons. They were actually not any much stronger than others. Despite that, they are all extremely proud. Especially Mu Zi Rong that idiot. It really makes me want to puke!”

    “How about the other two? Who are they?” Little Fatty hurriedly asked.

    “One of them was nicknamed Little White Dragon, the other Peerless Sword Deity!” Hong Ying then said disgustedly, “Goodness, they were obviously good for nothing but yet they still came up with such a nickname for themselves. It’s really too disgusting!”

    Little Fatty rubbed his head and said, “But I heard that they were well taken care of by the senior. Their talents weren’t too bad and are geniuses which are rarely seen?”

    “Cheh, their talents are indeed pretty good. But they are pretty lazy and extremely proud! How can they achieve any accomplishments?” Hong Ying said with disdain, “Do you know? When I just came out, who knows what the both of them were thinking. They insisted on sparring with me. Seeing that I did not have a good flying sword to use, they even took the initiative to not use their magical artefacts and used an ordinary flying sword to fight with me. Guess what the results are?”

    “Wo~” Seeing Hong Ying who was filled with a devious smile, Little Fatty could not help but feel pity for those two people. He then carefully said, “Don’t tell me they made a fool out of themselves?”