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Chapter 96: Miss Shui Jing

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 96: Miss Shui Jing

    It is said that Shui Jing’s origin was extremely mysterious. Nobody knew anything about her family background. They only knew that she was an unofficial direct disciple of Celestial Mei Hua. She had always been cultivating with Celestial Mei Hua and came out extremely rarely. She could be said to be the most mysterious person in the sect. Who would have thought that even she would participate in this sect competition?

    Apart from this news, Little Fatty only knew that this Miss Shui Jing was a Water type cultivator who specialized in Water-type magic.

    When Little Fatty first heard the news, he was extremely puzzled. You have to know, the attacks of Water-type spells were weaker than Fire spells. Its defense was weaker than Earth type spells. Apart from its wide variation, there was almost nothing advantageous about it. Plus, magic cultivators were more vulnerable. They were not as sharp as sword cultivators, nor scary as lightning cultivators. Even bodily cultivators may be able to tyrannize them occasionally.

    How is it possible that someone like Miss Shui Jing who did not have an advantage in talent and cultivation method be considered the top expert in the Mystical Sky Yard? You have to know, that position is not something which could be obtained easily. If it was not true, it would only be a joke if it were to spread. Not only would the elders not agree to it, even the disciples would not be able to accept it. For example, someone as arrogant like Mu Zi Rong was actually satisfied with being the 3rd. It is said that she had never taken the initiative to provoke Miss Shui Jing. It was evident how she was completely convinced by Shui Jing’s strength.

    Regarding such a legendary and mysterious lady, Little Fatty yearned to meet her ages ago. When he heard that she was going to battle, obviously he would go bear witness to her strength.

    He hurriedly stopped and looked at the competition grounds where he saw an unrivaled beauty dressed in white. This lady was not tall and gave people an extremely gentle impression. However, her demeanor was like the moon in the lake and was effuses an aura of tranquility. Especially her large and clear eyes, which had a mystical feeling amidst the mysterious feeling. She was indeed someone who gave a strong impression of her.

    What surprised Little Fatty the most was her cultivation level. It was merely at the 11th XianTian level! This really made Little Fatty extremely shocked! There was no shortage of 13th XianTian cultivators of the sect. Plus, there were even people like Mu Zi Rong who possessed high-grade magical artifacts and cultivation methods. Even with all these elites, they were still incomparable to an 11th XianTian lady, who was only a Water magic cultivator! Goodness, isn’t this too unfathomable?

    Seeing her true strength, not just Little Fatty, even everyone by the side emitted gasps of astonishment. There was no way that they could ever imagine that the cultivation level of the sect’s top expert in this generation to be that low.

    However, even if that was the case, Little Fatty did not dare doubt Miss Shui Jing’s placing. For her to be placed in the 1st group, it was definitely based on her own abilities to receive the acknowledgment from the higher ups. They would definitely not bluff about such a matter, which would only be a joke. If that was the case, there would be only one explanation left. This Miss Shui Jing’s strength was definitely extremely perverse! This attracted Little Fatty’s attention even more.

    Just at this moment, Miss Shui Jing’s opponent, a 13th XianTian cultivator entered the ring.

    Obviously, he was apprehensive of Miss Shui Jing’s reputation. Thus, he appeared to be unnatural when he entered the ring.

    As for Miss Shui Jing, she maintained her calm and composed demeanor. Seeing the other party appear, she greeted with utmost humility, “Junior sister pay her respects to senior brother. Please show me mercy!”

    The moment Miss Shui Jing said that she immediately won the admiration of the people around her. With her status as the disciple of Celestial Mei Hua, there was no need for her to be so courteous to an outer court disciple. However, she did not forget about basic etiquette despite her status and even took the initiative to greet the other party.

    Although both belonged to the top ranks, Miss Shui Jing was stronger than Mu Zi Rong by 1000, or even 10,000 times. Seeing her conduct, people like Little Fatty with low status couldn’t help but be suffused with a favorable impression of her.

    Miss Shui Jing’s opponent did not expect that she would be so courteous. He hurriedly reciprocated her greetings with a bitter laughter, “Junior sister should be the one to show me mercy! I only hope that junior sister would save me some face and not trash me too badly!”

    “Senior brother is too courteous!” Miss Shui Jing smiled with slight embarrassment. Then, she said in a serious tone, “It isn’t early anymore, senior brother please make your move!”

    “Alright, if that’s the case then I won’t stand on ceremony!” As the cultivator said that, he regained his composure. Then, he suddenly exhaled and shouted, “Earth Divine Armour, equip!”

    Subsequently, the ground beneath him began to emit scintillating yellow light which soon took shape in the form of an armor, wrapping him in it.

    The Earth Divine Armour was an Earth type spell with an extremely strong defense. When the spell is cast, everyone present immediately knew that he was an Earth type cultivator. Everyone’s eyes immediately lit up and thought to themselves, ‘An Earth magic cultivator facing a Water magic cultivator. The Earth would suppress the Water. Plus, his cultivation is higher than Miss Shui Jing by 2 levels. Under such circumstances, he shouldn’t lose right?’

    Not only did the people in the surroundings think about that, even Miss Shui Jing’s opponent was filled with confidence at that moment. After he protected himself properly, he completely gave it his all and was prepared for an intense fight.

    “Earth spikes!” With a loud shout, he squatted and slammed both his hands on the floor.

    At the same time, Miss Shui Jing’s left hand began moving behind her back. As for her right hand, she just lightly touched the braid in front of her chest and calmly took a diagonal step. Although it only seemed to be a single step, when she stopped, she was several feet away from her original position.

    At this moment, the ground where Miss Shui Jing was originally standing on was filled with 5 one foot thick rock spikes. They formed a cross with the center located at where Miss Shui Jing was standing at, sealing her surroundings completely.

    If Miss Shui Jing did not take a diagonal step, but a step to the front, back, left or right, she would have definitely been struck.

    Witnessing such a scenario, everyone was dumbfounded. ‘Earth spike’ was a spell which was only able to generate a single spike. It could easily be dodged by moving to the left, right, front or back. After that Earth magic cultivator carefully remodeled the spell, it was able to produce 5 spikes, sealing all four directions.

    Under normal circumstances, any ordinary person who heard ‘Earth spike’ would move to the left, right, front or back to dodge it. This would also eventuate into falling for the trap and be struck. But as for Miss Shui Jing, it was as though she already knew that it was a trap and did not follow what an ordinary person would do. Instead, she dodged diagonally! This situation was indeed strange.