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Chapter 95: Ingenious Exploitation

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 95: Ingenious Exploitation

    Seeing that person’s pitiful state, everyone present couldn’t help but be shocked. Even the JinDan cultivator’s face changed and frowned. His mouth twitched, as though he was about to lecture Mu Zi Rong. But, in the end, he could only helplessly shake his head and help heal the poor child.

    As for Mu Zi Rong, she seemed to be completely indifferent to it and looked at Little Fatty with a cold smile. That meaning was obvious, which was that she would also slaughter Little Fatty to such a state.

    Facing Mu Zi Rong’s provocation, Little Fatty was but a little startled. With a calm expression, he asked: “Don’t tell me you are intending to do this to everyone you face?”

    “Haha, you’re right!” Mu Zi Rong laughs maniacally and said, “Especially you, I will give you extra ‘care’!”

    Mu Zi Rong initially thought that the moment she said that, Little Fatty would be intimidated and beg for mercy. But never did she imagine that a cunning smile appeared on Little Fatty’s face. It was as though he had successfully plotted something. This bemused Mu Zi Rong as she thought if she had fallen for this darn fatty’s scheme.

    Just when Mu Zi Rong was still puzzled over this matter, a competitor suddenly said with a pale face to the JinDan cultivator, “Senior, your disciple suddenly caught a cold. I am truly unable to participate in the battle today. Thus, I can only forfeit the match!”

    As he finished, he hurriedly paid compliments to the JinDan cultivator and ran.

    The JinDan cultivator was stunned. Before he had the time to react, all the remaining participants all found excuses to forfeit the match. All of their excuses were extremely pathetic, with it encompassing stomach aches or even diarrhoeas! How could a cultivator above the 10th XianTian level still suffer from such an illness? It was obviously all just an excuse to escape the battle!

    What flabbergasted the audience was that even the Earth type sword cultivator who already won a match was extremely adamant about forfeiting. Furthermore, the moment he finished what he had to said, he ran away as though he was afraid the JinDan cultivator would reject his request.

    In the next instant, only Little Fatty, Mu Zi Rong and the JinDan cultivator were left on the competition grounds. Mu Zi Rong also finally understood the meaning behind Little Fatty’s cunning smile. He was obviously using Mu Zi Rong to scare away all the other competitors.

    You have to know, this competition was a round robin elimination match. Under the circumstances that only one person can advance, they would all have to face Mu Zi Rong somehow in order to reach top 10. After witnessing Mu Zi Rong’s overbearing performance, how would they dare to compete against such a mad lady?

    If they were not going to fight Mu Zi Rong, they would not be able to advance, gaining nothing at all. Thus, they were all unwilling to fight with their all just to finally meet Mu Zi Rong to get slaughtered by her. Under such circumstances, they all decided to forfeit the match.

    In the end, the result was that Little Fatty was the only competitor who did not forfeit the match. It would be considered a walkover and he could enter into the next level of the competition. Although he would have to face Mu Zi Rong straight away in the next match, it was only a matter of time and not worthy of his worry. The most important thing was that Little Fatty could avoid the upcoming battle. He was confident of winning, but his opponent was still at the 12th or even 13th XianTian stage. It was too much of a chore to win against them. Such a scenario where he won without a battle was the best result.

    Mu Zi Rong seethed with anger after knowing that she was just used by Little Fatty. She scolded, “These b*st*rds without balls!”

    Seeing the situation, the perplexed JinDan cultivator could only announce, “The results of today’s competition was that the both of you will advance to the next stage. You guys will come here again 3 days later to compete for the top 10 position!” He flew away after saying that.

    Mu Zi Rong instead shouted out hurriedly: “No, I can’t stew like this for three days, let’s thrash it out today!”

    “This~” The JinDan cultivator did not dare to aggravate this mistress, and could only turn towards Little Fatty with a bitter expression, silently pleading for his consent.

    How could Little Fatty accede to Mu Zi Rong’s whims? Even though the fight was inevitable, since he could provoke her further, he would gladly do so! He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Senior sister has already competed once, if you were to fight with me, wouldn’t my victory be unethical?”

    “Bullshit, you think you can triumph me?” Mu Zi Rong flared up immediately. “What kind of unrealistic dreams are you harbouring?”

    “That I don’t care, I just refuse to compete today!” Little Fatty replied indolently. “Senior, the Sect has set the rules ages ago, that every match has to be carried out with a three-day rest interval. I believe no one has the guts to disregard the rules and force the other party to compete, right?”

    The JinDan cultivator rolled his eyes, thinking, ‘you’ve already brought out the Sect rules, what else can I say?’ At this juncture, he could only nod his head and affirm: “Ok then, the next match will be in three days time!” Upon finishing his sentence, he did not even dare to take a glance at Mu Zi Rong, and immediately rode his flying sword, disappearing into the horizons.

    Witnessing this scenario, Mu Zi Rong wanted to vent her seething wrath upon Little Fatty straightaway. But who would have thought, Little Fatty actually made the first move by flying to the neighbouring sector a few li away! This short few li, based on the flying sword’s speed, was covered in an instant, Mu Zi Rong did not even get the chance to stop him, and could only hatefully watch as he blended in with the spectators there. With a JinDan cultivator serving as the judge, Mu Zi Rong naturally did not dare to take action in front of the masses, and could only vengefully stamp her foot, muttering to herself: “Darn Fatty, three days later, I’ll definitely turn you into minced meat!” She could do nothing but simmer as she left.

    Upon seeing Mu Zi Rong disappear from the horizon, Little Fatty also wanted to return to his courtyard. However, his ear caught snippets of a conversation amongst the audience, which immediately attracted his attention, his feet that were about to move also naturally stilled.

    “Look, look, Miss Shui Jing Yue is coming up!” [1]

    Miss Shui Jing ? I heard she is the strongest amongst the inner court elites!”

    “Not only is it restricted to the inner court, even if you were to compare across the whole Mystical Sky Yard, she is still placed at the top amongst the younger generation. Although she is still in the XianTian stage, some seniors have already commented that her strength is already comparable to the Foundational Cultivators!”

    “Is she really that powerful? Didn’t someone say that she is only 20 years old this year?”

    “What do you know, Shui Jing Yue’s strength is unfathomable. This is already acknowledged by everyone in the Sect, else why would she be given the position of the seeded disciple for the first group!”

    Upon this bout of murmurings, a spark of interest pertaining Shui Jing Yue has developed in Little Fatty. Though they had never met, but her reputation had already preceded her.

    Her prowess was evidently strong by virtue of being the number 1 expert of the Xiantian cultivators, whose might had suppressed inner disciples who are three or four decades old, and whose age had yet to reach 20. Regarding this individual, Little Fatty had heard several rumours.

    [1] Not sure whether it was a mistake, but the author wrote her name as Shui Jing Shui Zhong Yue, which is quite a mouthful. Try saying it fast. So anyways, we tried to change it purely to English, but it turned out quite weird too; Calm Moon Reflection (WTF) so we decided to shorten it to Shui Jing Yue. :)