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Chapter 94: Azure Shadow Divine Sword

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 94: Azure Shadow Divine Sword

    Due to the presence of the nearby JinDan cultivator, even Mu Zi Rong would only dare to provoke Little Fatty softly. Likewise, Little Fatty did not want to stir a commotion. Doing so would only cause him to fall into her trap, losing his poise and become a joke. Thus, Little Fatty did not lash out at her but riposted, “Actually, with the way I am, I’m quite compatible with you!”

    “Bullshit!” After Mu Zi Rong heard Little Fatty’s remark, she was immediately enraged. She could not even be bothered with the JinDan cultivator by the side and scolded, “Even a fatty like you can hold a candle to me?”

    The moment Mu Zi Rong shouted she attracted the attention of everyone in the surrounding. Their gazes were all shifted as they looked with curiosity. As for the JinDan cultivator, he frowned and coldly swept his gaze over.

    Only then did Mu Zi Rong realise that she went a little too far and lost her poise. She hurriedly smiled to everyone in the surrounding, signalling that everything was fine. Only after everyone continued to admire the battle of the sword cultivator did she exasperatedly say to Little Fatty, “Darn fatty, if you have any balls at all, you better not surrender when I meet you later. I will definitely take care of you properly!”

    “Of course I have balls, I even have a handle too. You can try it if you don’t believe me!” Little Fatty replied with a lecherous smile.

    Mu Zi Rong was obviously not very well versed in scolding all these vulgarities. She could not understand what Little Fatty was insinuating and looked at him with a blank look. As for everyone in the surroundings, their shoulders shivered and almost burst out laughing. Despite his soft voice, all the cultivators by the side would naturally be able to hear it. Even the JinDan cultivator heard it as well. He could not help but stare at Little Fatty with an evident killing intent. Obviously, if not for his relationship with the sect master, this JinDan cultivator may even take care of Little Fatty on the spot right here.

    Seeing the expressions of everyone by the side, Mu Zi Rong finally realised that she was being sexually teased by Little Fatty. In an instant, her face flushed with anger and her body began trembling. She wanted to pull out her sword on the spot and hack this irritating fatty to death in an instant.

    But at this moment, the two cultivators locked in battle suddenly shouted simultaneously and unleashed their strongest moves. The spectators only saw a yellow dragon and 10,000 golden sword lights colliding with each other. Although the dragon was constantly being weakened by the sword lights, it still rushed forward stubbornly. Finally, it smashed fiercely onto the opponent, sending him flying with serious injuries. Thankfully, the JinDan cultivator moved in time and blocked the remaining attack. He then stuffed an elixir into his mouth, saving his life. But even if this was the case, the cultivator would still require at least a year or two in order to return to the pink of health.

    Although the Earth type cultivator defeated his opponent, seeing his breathless face, he had probably suffered quite a bit as well and would not recover in a short while. Thankfully, the competition is held once every 3 days. After he completes this battle, he would be able to make use of the next 3 days to rest.

    However, in just the first day of the competition, a 12th XianTian expert had already seen blood. This cruel reality really made the others shudder in fear and worried about the competition.

    The JinDan cultivator emotionlessly announced that the Earth type cultivator had advanced and waved the both of them off. Following which, he wanted to assign the next pair to battle. But, he did not expect that Mu Zi Rong could not sit still any longer and jumped into the ring. She pointed at Little Fatty’s nose and raged, “Darn fatty, come up here if you have balls!”

    Facing such a provocation, Little Fatty couldn’t even be bothered to look her in the eye. He only smiled to the JinDan cultivator and said, “With a senior overseeing everything here, how can a junior make the decision! Some people, thinking that as long as they have someone behind them they can ignore the presence of an elder!”

    When the people in the surroundings heard that, they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They thought to themselves, ‘This fellow is really too crafty. He is obviously afraid of battling her, but was still able to sound so convincing. He even pulled the senior down with him to be his shield. This should be exciting!’

    Indeed, the moment Little Fatty said that the JinDan cultivator was placed in an awkward situation. If he approved Mu Zi Rong’s request, then it was as good as being taken advantage by a XianTian disciple. Even if it was just for his face, he would not allow that.

    In actual fact, he was biased towards Mu Zi Rong. It was just that he was forced into a corner by Little Fatty. Thus, he could only helplessly glare and Little Fatty and announce coldly, “Mu Zi Rong’s request is denied. You take on this match!” As he said that, he pointed to a 13th XianTian disciple.

    Seeing the situation, Mu Zi Rong was both angry and regretful. She knew that if she were to be slightly more tactful and first sought the approval of the JinDan cultivator, things would have gone the way she wanted to. But now, she ruined it because of her impatience.

    Since things have already been developed to such a stage, it was useless for her to cry over spilt milk. She could only vent her anger on her opponent. With just a stamp of her feet and wave of her arm, a wave of green light appeared. Without even moving, the pure green sword light was able to turn the surrounding 1000 feet into an ocean of green light. A strong Wood spiritual Qi emanated from the three-feet sword, giving out waves of bone-cold killing intent resulting in the people in the surrounding to shudder.

    This three-feet green short sword was Mu Zi Rong’s magical artefact, the Azure Shadow Divine Sword. It was said that this was the masterpiece of a YuanYing ancestor of the sect. After being passed down through the generations, it landed in the hands of Mu Zi Rong.

    The moment the Azure Shadow Divine Sword appeared, without a single word, Mu Zi Rong shook her wrist. Countless of green sword light appeared and rushed like a wave towards her opponent. However, her opponent was completely unguarded. He wanted to first exchange greetings before starting the battle. Just when he was about to greet her, she had already attacked.

    When he reacted, the imposing sword light already filled the skies and rushed towards him. Being unprepared, he could only summon a few magical tools to defend against it. It was a pity, since no matter how strong a magical tool was, it was still a tool. There was no way to compare it with a magical artefact. Under the immense pressure of the Azure Shadow Divine Sword, the magical tools were destroyed in an instant. Following which, the sword wave struck him mercilessly.

    This poor 13th XianTian cultivator, he only got to shriek once before being swallowed by the sword light.

    Seeing the situation, the JinDan cultivator was also stunned. He hurriedly sent out a wave of golden sword light to block it. Only after some effort did he finally contain the countless sword shadows. In the end, after all, the sword light had disappeared, the audience could only see a bloodied body on the floor filled with countless of injuries. Although they were not fatal, but the sight of hundreds of bloody wounds was really frightful beyond belief!