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Chapter 93: Pampered Girl’s Provocation

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 93: Pampered Girl’s Provocation

    Half a year passed swiftly and the sect competition officially started. It seemed as though many people received the news. As such, many legends appeared in this sect competition. Even those close door XianTian experts who were apathetic about past sect competitions had appeared to participate.

    Referencing from previous sect competitions, there would be a maximum of 30 to 40 participants above the 10th XianTian stage. However, for this competition, the number of participants registered had reached eighty, perfectly forming 8 different groups. This way, if someone from a group managed to continuously defeat 3 of his opponents, they would enter the top 10. Consequently, obtaining the right to participate in the search for the Mystical Sky Fruit.

    Seeing so many strong contenders making their appearance, Han Ling Feng made a prudent decision in adhering to Little Fatty’s advice. She did not rush to break through to the next level, thus taking part in the mid-stage XianTian competition. With her current strength of the 9th XianTian stage coupled with her arsenal of magical artifacts, it would be a trifling matter to sweep up all the ordinary disciples competing at the same level. Her spot as the champion was imminent. After all, inner court disciples would not appear in this competition class.

    As for Little Fatty, he was required to undergo a wave of brutal killing before he could even enter the top 10. The strongest practitioner in his group was nicknamed , Mu Zi Rong. According to hearsay, this girl was one of the rising stars amongst the younger generation in Mystical Sky Yard. Ranked 3rd, she was Daoist Huo Yun’s granddaughter and was greatly pampered by him. In addition to being a Wood Attribute Sword Cultivator, she excels in the ‘Azure Shadow Sword’. Furthermore, she also possessed a high-level magical artifact, the flying sword ‘Azure Shadow’!

    Regarding Mu Zi Rong, rumours abound in the Mystical Sky Yard pertaining her. The most noteworthy were that she was an individual of unparalleled arrogance. With immense innate talent and a noble parentage, naturally, her overall prowess would vastly outstrip her peers’. Even in the inner courts that were inundated with experts, she could still rank 3rd, which was indicative of her strength. While her strength won her praises and admiring gazes everywhere she went, it also bred in her an arrogant, conceited attitude. When she saw someone she did not meet eye to eye with, she would teach them a lesson. Be it outer court disciples, or even inner court elites, there were countless who were victimized by her. Thus her reputation in Mystical Sky Yard was composed of half praise and half infamy.

    Such a person was generally narrow-minded. If Little Fatty defeated her, she would definitely harbour a grudge against him! Thinking about how he was left without any choice but to offend such a crazy person, Little Fatty could not help but feel a migraine. He even contemplated giving up this competition! In the end, he gritted his teeth and decided he had to snatch the opportunity for the right to participate in the Mystical Sky Fruit hunt. Not for any other reason, but simply because he had promised Han Ling Feng that he would get her at least one of those fruit.

    Although Little Fatty fears creating trouble and was cowardly, he was not the type of person to break his promises. Whatever the case, he could not let his beauty down!

    Carrying this determination, he rode on his Golden Eagle Sword, and stealthily arrived at the examination grounds on his own on the day of the competition.

    The Mystical Sky Yard’s lands were immense, and the competition grounds were located in ten odd plazas in different places. The mid and low-class XianTian competition would take place in the outer courts. While the upper-class disciples’ battles would be held in an empty area inside the inner court.

    Upon arriving, Little Fatty immediately chanced upon quite a few elite disciples, and could not help but gulped in fear. This place was indeed filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Those in the 10th XianTian stage numbered not more than five, similar to those in the 11th XianTian stage. The majority were in the 12th XianTian stage, with some even being powerhouses of the 13th XianTian stage. Everyone had an imposing demeanor, wearing artifacts or tools on their heads which released a divine presence both awe-inspiring and threatening; they appeared indolent, but each and everyone was in fact hiding a murderous intent.

    This was especially so when Little Fatty appeared, this group of people seemed to have discussed in advance; all of them turned and directed their gazes towards this horizontally challenged figure. All of them had complicated gazes; some gave him supercilious looks, some wrathful, and some jealousy. Only one looked at him with undisguised warmth. That gaze naturally belonged to Hong Ying.

    It was a pity, that even though Hong Ying caught sight of Little Fatty, she was sandwiched in the midst of three solid layers of humans; all with the motive of wanting to get a closer relationship with her. Originally when she saw Little Fatty, she wanted to take the chance to wiggle away from those people annoying her. However, she saw Little Fatty frowning to her, followed by him pretending not to know her. Immediately, she knew that Little Fatty was not willing to be too close to her out in the open. Doing so would only make him an enemy in the public’s eye.

    Hong Ying furrowed her brows but ultimately chose to respect his wishes. She merely greeted him with a smile and did not engage any further.

    At this time, ten odd JinDan cultivators flew over from afar; naturally, they were the hosts for the competition this time. Floating among the clouds, they explained the rules to the disciples below them. Because the rules and regulations were already passed down a long time ago, these high-ranked cultivators only skimmed through the rules. Then, they proceeded to organize the competitors to their respective fields as well as to serve as judges.

    These cultivators moved quickly; upon speaking a few words, the crowd gathered into ten small groups and reported to the area allocated to them.

    Little Fatty, together with 8 others, of which 6 were male and 2 female, followed a green robed JinDan cultivator to a grassy plain. Without saying anything else, he immediately picked out 2 male cultivators and sent them into the competition grounds.

    Both of them were sword cultivators dressed in Taoist robes. One was tall, one was short. One was the Fire attribute, while the other, Earth. The moment the entered the arena, they exchanged some customary greetings before taking out their swords to battle.

    The battle between sword cultivators was indeed spectacular. Both of them floated in the air 100 feet apart and began to unleash their sword skills. Countless of resplendent sword lights filled the skies in an instant. The cries emitted from the swords almost shattered the eardrums of those present. Together with the countless of sand and gravel being stirred up, that scene was spectacular indeed. Those watching by the side could not help but widen their eyes and admire it carefully.

    Just at this moment, Little Fatty suddenly felt a fragrant breeze by his side. Following which, a beautiful lady dressed in light green appeared by his side. This lady’s figure was extremely prosperous. Although she didn’t look too old, with a childish appearance, her figure was even better than Han Ling Feng who had been on the ‘battlefield’ for so long.

    However, despite her beauty, her chin was always slightly raised. Plus, her face filled with an unspeakable arrogance which greatly discounted her beauty.

    After coming to Little Fatty’s side, she pretended to watch the battle but softly said to Little Fatty with disdain, “You must be Song Zhong? With such a demoralizing name, it really suits your bucket like figure!”

    When Little Fatty heard that, he was immediately enraged. He was still thinking of how he could achieve victory without offending the other party. But now, she took the initiative to provoke him. How could he endure it silently?