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Chapter 92: I am the Strongest!

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 92 - I am the Strongest!

    The general way that they did this was that they would seal all the newly ripened Mystical Spiritual Fruit and scatter them randomly in a mountain. A restriction would then be placed on the mountain to prevent anyone above the XianTian stage from entering. All the sects involved would then send 10 XianTian disciples in to search for it, with the fruits belonging to the person who found it. But, the criteria was that they would first have to come out alive with it.

    You have to know, the sects have accumulated countless of grudges toward each other, especially between the righteous and evil sects. Moreover, they are going to fight for treasures in such a special place. How would it be possible for them to settle things peacefully? Thus, every time the Mystical Spiritual Fruits appeared, there would be countless of casualties amongst the elite disciples for all the sects. Once, more than a hundred people went in, but only 20 people came out alive, which was even less than the number of Mystical Spiritual Fruits. Even in the best years, only 70 to 80 people came out alive. In other words, the mortality rate of such an event was at least 50%.

    Despite this being the case, the various sects were not sick of this at all and would still send their best disciples in every time. First was because of the allure the Mystical Spiritual Fruits presented. Another reason was that this was a centurial event, thus not all their elite disciples would be able to take part. Thus, even if these disciples were to encounter misfortune, their sect foundations would not be shaken. However, once a disciple successfully obtains a Mystical Spiritual Fruit, it would mean that a new YuanYing cultivator would eventually be born in that sect. The people who participated were already the cream of the crop who had a very large chance of entering the YuanYing stage. With the Mystical Spiritual Fruit, it would be impossible for them not to enter the YuanYing stage.

    Plus, the chances of death for the children of those big shots was actually not high. After all, they all had high-grade magical artefacts and talismans. This was also the reason why their combat prowess was largely above the normal disciples. Furthermore, with the aid of their sect, their chances of obtaining the Mystical Spiritual Fruit would already be far higher than others. This was also why the sect master and his wife allowed HongYing to take the risk.

    In a blink of an eye, another century had passed and the Mystical Sky Yard was also preparing to fight for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. However, the upper echelons could not directly appoint the participants, thus they could only rely on the sect competition to decide this. So long as they were at the 10th XianTian stage and above and obtained the top 10 positions, they would have a chance to fight for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit.

    Of course, in order to favour the elites in the inner courts, the sect competition would be divided into 10 groups. The 10 elites of the inner courts would then be placed in a group each in order to prevent fratricide.

    In actual fact, anybody with some perception would be able to tell that the elites of the inner courts would almost definitely obtain the top 10 positions. After all, they each had a famous teacher to guide them and good magical tools to use. All of these was not something that an outer court disciple could compare with.

    According to the First Lady, Hong Ying being the sect master’s daughter would definitely be a seeded participant. Only to prevent things from being too obvious did they assign her to the 5th group. As for Little Fatty, he was placed in the 3rd group. But it was a pity that although he stayed in the inner courts, he was not an inner court disciple. Thus, he was not a seeded disciple. If he wanted to fight for the Mystical Spiritual Fruit, he could only fight the inner court elite in the 3rd group for that opportunity.

    Another thing worthwhile to be mentioned was that the groupings were decided by strength. The strongest was in the 1st group while the weakest in the 10th. In other words, Little Fatty’s opponent was the 3rd strongest in the inner courts.

    With regards to such an allocation, the First Lady was very displeased. But, because the allocation was done by the people of Daoist Huo Yun, it wouldn’t be good for her to force her way through the back door. Thus, she could only reveal some information to Little Fatty while she was teaching him the Fire Divine Lightning. At the same time, she offered to give Little Fatty some magical artefacts to allow him to be victorious.

    Little Fatty who had a treasure trove on him naturally rejected the First Lady’s kind intentions. At the same time, he assured her that he would definitely be victorious.

    Obviously, the First Lady was not very optimistic about it. Little Fatty’s cultivation was the lowest in the group. On the other hand, the inner court elite he was facing was at the 13th XianTian stage. Together with his high-grade treasures, the both of them could not even be compared on the same level.

    Furthermore, the rule of this competition was that any ‘one-use’ treasures could not be used, including talismans and divine lightning. Obviously, this was a rule which was especially aimed at Little Fatty who was a lightning cultivator.

    In the eyes of the First Lady, a Little Fatty without divine lightning probably could not even be compared to ordinary 10th XianTian cultivator. Thus, she was extremely opposed to this rule.

    However, Daoist Huo Yun fiercely argued that if Little Fatty could use the divine lightning, others would be able to use talismans. The talisman refined by a JinDan cultivator would be comparable to Little Fatty’s divine lightning. At that time, all the inner court disciples would then just casually use it. But, this sect competition was a measure of ability, not wealth.

    His intentions were extremely obvious. He was hinting to the First Lady that if Little Fatty was allowed to use divine lightning, he would allow his disciples to counter it with talismans. In such a situation, none of them would have any benefits. Due to the might of those two things, both parties might even be seriously injured.

    Facing such a despicable threat, the First Lady was rendered helpless. Even if she were to insist, the other cultivators would definitely object. After all, no one would want their disciples to face against opponents with talismans and divine lightning. Under such a scenario, both talismans and divine lightning were thus banned.

    Thus, the First Lady wanted to minimise the crevasse in their abilities by giving him magical artefacts but little did she expect to be rejected. Because of Little Fatty’s firmness and unwavering confidence in being victorious, she could only retract her kind intentions with regret. She could only let Little Fatty use this time to prepare himself and temporarily stop refining divine lightning.

    However, although Little Fatty agreed respectfully on the surface, he was not nervous at all. Even if he did not have the divine lightning, he still had the large iron bell, his puppets and the Wing Piercing Tiger. What does he need to fear with these treasures at hand? Not mentioning a mere XianTian cultivator, even if it was an extremely well equipped foundational cultivator, Little Fatty still possessed the confidence to put up a fight!

    After he revealed this information to Han Ling Feng, he stroked her smooth skin while saying, “Although you lost the chance to obtain the Mystical Spiritual Fruit, you still have me. Don’t worry, I will definitely let you eat a Mystical Spiritual Fruit!”

    “Really?” Han Ling Feng looked at Little Fatty with a face full of surprise and excitement, “Darn fatty, don’t tell me you’re just trying to console me?”

    “Nope, I promise to give you a Mystical Spiritual Fruit!” Little Fatty said solemnly.

    “But... your opponent this round is a 13th XianTian inner court disciple. With his abundant magical artefacts, can… can you win?” Han Ling Feng asked in doubt.

    “Cheh, aren’t you looking down on me too much!” Little Fatty couldn’t help but growl, “Your daddy I, am a strong man who battled 4 foundational cultivators!”

    “Really?” Han Ling Feng asked in surprise immediately, “When did that happen? Why don’t I know about it?”

    At this moment, Little Fatty also realised that he had a slip of tongue. He should not have made mention of his brilliant record. Thus, he acted dumb and said, “You just need to know that I’m the strongest! You doubt me? Let me show you my strength!” As he said that, he pressed Han Ling Feng under him like a man-eating tiger. Ignoring her pleas, he rushed in for the kill!