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Chapter 91: Inner Workings of the Competition

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 91 - Inner Workings of the Competition

    “What?” As Han Ling Feng heard what Little Fatty said, she replied in shock, “Even the sect master’s daughter is taking part?”

    “Yes, not just Hong Ying, even the children of the other big shots in the sect. As long as they’re above the 10th XianTian stage, they will all take part in the competition. Plus, they were all strictly instructed to obtain the top 10.” Little Fatty said solemnly, “The competition this round will be extremely competitive. The children of all those big shots all possess high-grade magical tools. Plus, they are all extremely proud and hold everyone in contempt. If you meet someone in a bad mood, you may be injured. Thus, I think it is best for you to not participate!”

    “If that is really the case, then, of course, I will avoid all these people. But the question is, why is this the case?” Han Ling Feng asked in doubt, “Isn’t it so that neither of them took part in the past?”

    You have to know, the sect competition of the Mystical Sky Yard is only to examine the cultivation of the disciples. Of course, those who perform well will have a chance to enter the inner courts and receive considerable rewards. Although those were important to normal disciple, it is insignificant to the children of the big shots.

    The truth is, these rewards are mainly to give the normal disciples a chance. As such, the disciples of the inner courts were all instructed to not participate. However, someone like Hong Ying who had almost everything she wanted, should not have any reason to participate in the competition. It would seem like a joke if she were to participate. It was as though a rich man was begging together with the beggars, which is an extremely shameful act. Thus, Han Ling Feng was extremely puzzled by this.

    After hesitating for a moment, Little Fatty finally said, “The sect would announce to the world that this is the century sect competition. It is also to give the young ones a chance, but will revert to normal in future!”

    “Announce to the world?” Han Ling Feng’s eyes lit up and hurriedly said, “Then there would obviously be news that they’ll spread within the sect right? Did you hear anything?”

    “Yes!” Little Fatty nodded and said, “Last month, when the First Lady was teaching me how to refine the Fire Divine Lightning, she mentioned it to me. She wanted me to try my best to achieve the top 10 position because there is serendipity to be found!”

    “Serendipity? What is it about?” Han Ling Feng immediately asked curiously.

    “This~” Little Fatty replied with difficulty, “This matter is a top secret and she doesn’t allow me to tell it to anyone!”

    “Darn fatty, I am already like that and you still treat me as an outsider?” Han Ling Feng immediately wiggled her slender waist to pester Little Fatty, then complained, “Do you still have any conscience?”

    Little Fatty did not know what to do and could only bitterly laugh, “Alright alright. Anyway, so many people already know about this and it wouldn’t make a difference if you knew too. But, you must not spread it around. If the First Lady knows that the secret was leaked by me, I will be too ashamed to face people!”

    “Don’t worry, I’m not the kind of girl who gossips!” Han Ling Feng hurriedly replied.

    With regards to this, Little Fatty trusted Han Ling Feng. They have been in a secret relationship for so many years but nobody caught wind of it at all. It can be seen how tight Han Ling Feng’s lips are. In truth, being a princess, she would definitely not be just a flower vase. Apart from being a little mischievous, she was still very sharp in her mind. Thus, Little Fatty did not really mind telling her this secret. It can also be considered to deepen their relationship.

    When Little Fatty was refining the Fire Divine Lightning, the First Lady told him a very important secret. The secret was that the sect competition this time was related to the allocation of a type of spiritual fruit.

    This spiritual fruit was called the Mystical Spiritual Fruit which was an extremely rare spiritual item in the Vast Mountains. In the entire Vast Mountains, there was only about 7 to 8 Mystical Spiritual Fruit trees which grew in an extremely hidden place.

    The reason why the Mystical Spiritual Fruit was so important was because of its amazing ability to strengthen and widen a cultivator’s meridians. During cultivation, all the spiritual Qi will be channelled through the meridians, thus the stronger and wider the meridians, the more spiritual Qi channelled. This is something which would directly influence the rate of one’s cultivation.

    According to measurements, the Mystical Sky Fruit was useless to any cultivator of the foundational stage and above. However, it could increase the size of the meridians of a XianTian cultivator by about 10% and strengthen it by at least 30%. Such an effect could increase one’s cultivation speed by 20% at least. In other words, what used to take 100 years of cultivation would only require 80 years.

    You have to know, as a cultivator progresses, especially after the JinDan stage, they could easily cultivate for a hundred years. They may even require a hundred years for an advancement. It is possible for those who are nearing their end to utilise this opportunity to advance further to lengthen their lives by another few hundred years.

    Additionally, this was only the effect of a single Mystical Spiritual Fruit. It is said that this fruit could be eaten up to 3 times. Although the effect would be progressively weaker, the cumulative effect would still be useful. If one were able to consume 3 Mystical Spiritual Fruits, it would result in an increase of about 30% in their cultivation speed.

    Furthermore, the Mystical Spiritual Fruit was useless to expert cultivators, unless an expert is able to refine it into an elixir for them. Obviously, such a treasure was coveted by many. Initially, when it was first discovered, many battles erupted because of it, eventually spreading across the whole Vast Mountains. Be it evil or righteous, all the cultivators went crazy over it.

    This great battle lasted for over a hundred years and even YuanYing cultivators lost their lives. As for the JinDan and foundational cultivators, the death toll would have exceeded 10,000 at least. In the end, both the evil and righteous, dozens of large sects, were all frightened by the immense amount of casualties. Finally, they were forced to sit down and end the battle through negotiation.

    The result of the negotiation was that both the evil and righteous would watch over the trees together. As for the fruit, there was no way to allocate them properly. The dozens of large sects all had complicated relations. Plus the fact that they formed alliances with smaller sects, it culminated in a great big mess. There was no way for them to reach a common consensus at all.

    Besides, every time the Mystical Spiritual Fruit bore fruit, the numbers were different. They could not possibly fight over the issue of distribution every hundred years, right?

    As such, they could only helplessly adopt a special method to allocate these fruits.