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Chapter 90: Sect Competition

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 90: Sect Competition

    “Heh heh, I’m not going to be bothered with you guys, I’m going off to play!” As she said that, she jumped on the Wing Piercing Tiger and flew away in a streak of light. At the same time, she did not forget to shout, “Fatty bro, fatty bro, come catch me! Hurry up! Hurry up!”

    Hong Ying would naturally stay and leave as she wanted, but Little Fatty did not dare to behave similarly. He could only laugh bitterly as he looked towards the sect master and his wife, asking for their opinion.

    The sect master’s character was naturally carefree, he laughed and said, “Foolish kid, hurry up and chase her!”

    “Heh heh, then I’ll be going!” Little Fatty laughed foolishly and followed suit on his Wing Piercing Tiger.

    When they disappeared, the sect master ran his hands through his beard and laughed bitterly, “This Pudgy boy is really as stubborn as his father. He isn’t even willing to owe us anything. You taught him the Fire Divine Lightning, and he immediately gave a Wing Piercing Tiger to Hong Ying!”

    “This is called having a backbone! Every other person would die to have some relationship with us. But this child remained indifferent and did not even suck up to us. It is this character of his which I am satisfied with!” The First Lady nodded and said.

    “En, I also like his temper!” The sect master smiled and said, “But I hope that he will be able to walk further than his father in this road!”

    As they finished talking, they smiled to each other and walked back to their room hand in hand.

    Riding a majestic Wing Piercing Tiger up in the skies with the company of an extremely beautiful lady is definitely a wonderful thing. As for Little Fatty, he spent many hours enjoying that, and only until the moon was up did he reluctantly send Hong Ying back to the sect master’s place.

    When the both of them left, they were both silent. But as though their hearts were connected, they knew what was on each other’s mind. That was an entirely different feeling. Although Little Fatty was already 20+ years old and had withstood the baptism of countless of intense battles, he could not help but be trapped in this feeling also.

    Simply put, when he saw Hong Ying disappear, he felt an acute sense of loss. At the same time, it was as though a seedling sprouted in his heart. With complicated emotions, Little Fatty returned to his Serene Cloud Yard.

    The Serene Cloud Yard was about ⅔ of a hectare. There were thousand-year-old trees, mountain buffs and a fish pond in the yard. In the midst of that was a majestic 3 storied building.

    Facing this place, Little Fatty naturally knew it like the back of his hand. Before he turned 6, this was his home, where he stayed with his parents. It was a place filled with his beautiful childhood memories.

    When he returned, he became emotional, to the point it washed away the reluctance he felt when he bid Hong Ying farewell. With complicated feelings, he removed the restriction set on the Serene Cloud Yard with a sect issued jade strip. Finally, he entered into a hidden room underground.

    This place was actually used to store the wealth obtained by Little Fatty’s family, but it was now filled with all the possessions of Zhang Yu Xing. Of course, according to the sect master’s commands, everything here now belonged to Little Fatty.

    Zhang Yu Xing would naturally have placed many restrictions on this place before, but it was already removed by the sect master and would definitely not be any danger. As such, Little Fatty came in without a worry and began to count the items.

    Zhang Yu Xing was really worthy of being the JinDan disciple in charge of the outer courts since he had really benefited a lot through all these years. In this hidden room, Little Fatty found many things. There were over 100 bottles of elixirs and over 10,000 spiritual stones which included 4-5 thousand middle-grade spiritual stones. Besides that, there were many materials and magical tools. However, they weren’t fantastic and could not even catch Little Fatty’s eye.

    After counting everything which Zhang Yu Xing had, Little Fatty muttered with disappointment, “Everything in here is only worth about a million spiritual stones which are nothing more than loose change to me. What a poor broke!”

    Of course, despite saying that, Little Fatty was actually quite delighted deep within his heart. After all, all these was obtained without a single effort. The amount he gained was definitely worthy of celebration.

    Just when Little Fatty was cleaning up, he suddenly noticed someone touching the restrictions on the outside, signalling a guest. Little Fatty did not dare delay and hurriedly stopped his current work to take a look. The moment he stepped out, he saw a lady dressed in white with hair fluttering and smiling to him. That wonderful figure and familiar face, who else could it be but Han Ling Feng?

    The moment he saw such the beautiful lady visiting him in the night, his eyes shone and a nameless passion burned in his lower abdomen.

    “Roar!” Little Fatty let out a sound like an unleashed beast and pounced towards Han Ling Feng. He wrapped her in his bosom and rushed straight into the Serene Cloud Yard.

    Following which, the originally quiet courtyard was filled with the sounds of ragged breathing and delicate moans.

    After the ‘storm’, Little Fatty cuddled Han Ling Feng, comfortably lying on the top level of his Serene Cloud Yard. While stroking her, he smilingly asked: “Senior Apprentice-Sister, has there been any progress in tackling your bottleneck?”

    “Nope!” Upon broaching the subject, she could not help but reveal a depressed expression, saying: “This is merely the barrier for the 10th Xian stage, and it’s already so difficult; next time when I advance to the foundational stage, even going towards the JinDan level, how difficult would that be?”

    “No rush, take your time, you will eventually succeed!” Little Fatty encouraged her.

    “But it has already been a good half year, I haven’t even made any headway!” Han Ling Feng said, sounding slightly annoyed.

    “En!” After Little Fatty heard that, he actually mused pensively: “If that’s the case, why not you go take a break, you might as well wait another half year before attempting another breakthrough!”

    “What?! What nonsense are you spouting? It’s not enough that you didn’t offer to help, you’re still telling me to wait for another half year?!” Han Ling Feng could not help but yell: “You heartless Fatty, what exactly are you scheming?!”

    “Listen to me!” Little Fatty helplessly said, “The reason why I’m asking you to stop cultivating is to prepare for the sect competition half a year later! You should know, the sect competition is separated into 3 categories. If you advance to the 10th XianTian stage, you will have to face 11th, 12th, or even 13th level XianTian experts. If you do not advance, you will be the strongest in the 9th XianTian category and will have a very big chance to win!”

    “This~” As Han Ling Feng heard that she frowned and said, “Even if I won the sect competition, that meagre prize wouldn’t be able to make up for my lost time. Ever since we handed over the 5 elements spiritual mine, do you think I still have a lack of spiritual stones?”

    “This isn’t a matter of spiritual stones, but a problem of risks!” Little Fatty said solemnly, “I’m afraid that as you advance, you will be intentionally injured in the competition!”

    “It shouldn’t be so exaggerated right? Isn’t intentional injury prohibited during the sect competition? Besides, it isn’t worth trying so hard just for some rewards from the sect right?” Han Ling Feng asked in doubt.

    “Under normal circumstances, that is indeed the case. But it is different this time!” Little Fatty said solemnly, “The top 10 of the 10th XianTian stage and above group would receive a special prize. That prize is extremely important. It is important to the point that the sect master and his wife also exited from their seclusion during this time just so their daughter can enter into the top 10!”