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Chapter 89: Hong Ying riding the tiger

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 89: Hong Ying riding the tiger

    “En? Why do you think so?” The sect master’s wife asked in doubt, “Are you afraid that they will develop feelings for each other?”

    Haha, that’s not the case!” The sect master laughed, “Even if that was the case, with Little Fatty’s talents and achievements, he is also worthy of being my son-in-law! I don’t really mind that.”

    “Then what are you worried about?” The sect master’s wife asked.

    “I’m afraid that the pudgy boy will receive a setback!” The sect master then explained, “Think about it, that pudgy boy seems to be a little foolish. Although he had his fortuitous encounters, looking at his simple and honest looks, his brain is probably rather rigid and is probably the kind of guy who learns things slowly. But our daughter is an unparalleled genius and is able to learn everything so quickly. I’m afraid that Pudgy Boy would develop an inferiority complex if they are to learn things together. Then that won’t be good!”

    As the sect master’s wife heard that, she laughed bitterly and replied, “I’m afraid that you’re wrong this time. At least in the case of divine lightning, the one who should be inferior is our daughter!”

    “What? This, how can this be?” The sect master replied in shock, “That Pudgy Boy is even smarter than our daughter?

    “He’s not necessarily smart, but the rate at which he comprehends something new is really very high. 10 days, in just 10 days, he had already grasped the fundamentals of Fire Divine Lightning. The only reason why we came out after a month was because our daughter just managed to learn it!”

    “That’s different! That Pudgy Boy already knew how to refine divine lightning and had prior experience. He would naturally be much faster!” The sect master hurriedly defended.

    “There should still be a limit to his speed!” The sect master’s wife replied solemnly, “Take me for example, when I learned the Negative Water Lightning, I had already refined Fire Divine Lightnings for over 10 years but it also took me 10 odd days. It can be seen that this child’s ability to learn was not any lower than me!”

    “Haha, really? I didn’t expect that this little fatty was this capable!” As the sect master heard that, he said with surprise, “It seems that the development of this child is really something to look forward to!”

    “En!” The sect master’s wife nodded her head. Just when she was about to say something, she suddenly paused to stare at something outside, in sync with the sect master.

    A streak of purple light could be seen coming from the horizon, and in an instant, that light had already appeared in front of them, blabbing with an excited voice.

    “Father, mother, come take a look. Fatty big bro gave this to me, a very pretty dog!” Hong Ying shouted as she flew down on a gigantic purple mechanical animal. That was a flying tiger with all four paws on the clouds, and wings heralding strong winds, majestic beyond words. Hong Ying who was riding on top of it felt an indescribable joy.

    The sect master and his wife instantly recognized that it was a Wind Piercing Tiger.

    “You said that Pudgy Boy gave this to you?” The sect master asked in shock.

    “Yes yes, Fatty big bro had a pair of these, so he gave me one!” Hong Ying then asked excitedly, “Dad, is it pretty?”

    “Beautiful, of course, it’s beautiful!” The sec master could only smile bitterly and say: “This Wind Piercing Tiger is toy worth at least a few million spiritual stones, how could it not be beautiful?”

    “Hong Ying, did you steal this from Little Fatty?” The sect master’s wife suddenly glared at her child.

    “No, I didn’t do anything okay! It’s Fatty bro that gifted this to me, truly I’m not lying!” Afraid that his mother would ask her to return her treasure, she hurriedly went to reassure her. “IF you don’t believe me, you can go ask Fatty bro, see, he’s here!”

    As she spoke, Hong Ying raised her slender hand and pointed towards the horizon, indeed, one could see another ray of purple light streaking towards them. A mere few breaths later, Little Fatty stepped off a similar Wing Piercing Tiger and paid his respects to the two elders. Actually, he did not want to intrude upon the sect master and his wife’s privacy. However, Hong Ying just received her new precious toy and demanded that she show it to her parents. Since Fatty could not stop her incessant pleading, he could only follow suit.

    When the couple saw this scenario, they immediately waved their hands, dispensing with the formalities. They urgently asked, “Child, was it Hong Ying that snatched this from you? If that’s the case, hurry and tell us, I will not spare the rod on her!”

    “How would I dare to do that!” Panicking, Hong Ying cast a glance at Little Fatty.

    “Keke!” Little Fatty broke out into a smile, saying: “Madam, you misunderstood, this is intended as a present to her.”

    “See, you see, he already said so!” Hong Ying could not help but add a few sentences.

    “Be quiet!” The first lady glared at her, frightening her so much that she retreated behind the Sect Master’s back. She then adopted a benign tone, speaking towards Little Fatty: “Child, this item is worth a lot, you can’t just randomly throw it out as a present!”

    “Madam, isn’t this just a Wing Piercing Tiger? It is really nothing much!” Little Fatty replied. “Besides, I didn’t even spend a single spirit stone for this, I took it off someone!”

    “Wo, from whom did you snatch such good stuff?” The Sect Master could not help but inquire.

    “It was from the Mechanical Sect’s young master, the last time he came to decimate my Clear Breeze temple under a pretext, in a fit of anger, I killed him using my Earth Divine Lightning, hence taking ownership of these two treasures. Since I have not much use keeping them, I might as well use it to gain favor. So, I gave it to apprentice...apprentice~”[1]

    Speaking to this point, Little Fatty got stuck, because he simply had no idea how he should be addressing Hong Ying. According to the family tree, Hong Ying was his Senior-Aunt. But if he were to follow the Sect’s hierarchy, then Hong Ying would be his senior apprentice-sister. Thus, Little Fatty was at a loss as to how he should address her.

    Seeing his dilemma, the first lady smiled, saying: “Just call her Junior apprentice-sister, after all, she’s still younger than you.”

    “This isn’t too good, is it?” His face turning red from embarrassment, Little Fatty said: “As the saying goes, one should respect those with seniority, I should call her Senior apprentice-sister!”

    “Yes, that’s right, I want to be the senior!” Hong Ying butted in again.

    “Speak no further. We are all family here, and the hierarchy is not determined by strength!” Dismissing Fatty’s sentence with a wave of his hand, the Sect Master declared, “Just call her Junior would do!”

    “I don’t wanna!” Seeing that the situation was turning disadvantageous for her, she started acting like a spoilt brat. Seeing this situation, the first lady’s eyes took on a strange gleam, saying: “This Wind Piercing Tiger could be considered a gift from Senior to Junior apprentice. If you are so insistent on being a senior, no problem, just return Little Fatty his tiger, and present another gift of equal or higher value to him! Can you do that?”

    “Ah, this, this~” Heartbrokenly staring at the bold and powerful aura the Wind Piercing Tiger was exuding, she gritted her teeth before reluctantly saying: “If I’m a junior then so be it! But, don’t expect me to call him Senior, I will only address him as Fatty bro!”

    “HAHAHA~” The Sect Master immediately started laughing like a heartless b*st*rd, and his wife’s shoulders also started trembling uncontrollably. Only Little Fatty was depressed beyond words, and could only stare at Hong Ying with a plaintive gaze.

    [1] → This part is a little tricky, for Junior and Senior sisters in a Sect they are addressed as 师妹 or 师姐 respectively. So for the Chinese part, Fatty only said the 师(shi1) word, meaning apprentice or teacher. So I did a literal translation in that case. (Mainly because I was lazy and could not think of a better word to replace. Heh heh.)