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Chapter 84: Life Imprisonmen

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 84: Life Imprisonment

    After the punishment, the sect master eyes then swept across the other elders and raged, “Did any of you ever bully my Little Fatty Block?”

    The moment they heard that, all of their faces turned green. They all trembled in fear as their face was filled with guilt. But, none of them dared to stand up and say ‘no’.

    As the sect master, how could he not see that something was fishy? He also could not be bothered to ask about the details. He just waved his hands and said, “Excommunicate them!”

    “Yes!” A few cultivators immediately appeared from outside the yard and dragged all the elders out. In an instant, 8 outer court elders of the Mystical Sky Yard were sacked because of Little Fatty.

    Outer court elders were not any lofty figures to begin with, and nobody would be bothered about it. After the sect master sent them all away, his wife then asked Little Fatty, “Child, these people are greedy, they should expect their just desserts. With the wealth your parents leave behind, you shouldn’t have been in such dire straits?” As she said that, she pointed to the dimensional storage bag and flying sword on the floor.

    As Little Fatty heard that, he laughed bitterly and said, “Ma’am, although my late parents may have left many things behind, the sect has confiscated it all. I was relegated as a servant with nothing at all!”

    “What? Preposterous! Your parent’s private wealth should all belong to you. By what right of virtue does the sect has to confiscate them!” The sect master then faced Zhang Yu Xing and lash out, “Which b*st*rd did that?”

    “This, this was something everyone agreed on~,” Zhang Yu Xing said in cold sweat.

    “Everyone? Who does the everyone comprise of?” The sect master asked with a cold laughter.

    “This, this~” Hearing that, Zhang Xin Yu became extremely nervous. He did not name anyone. In actual fact, he also can’t. If he were to name them, it would be tantamount to an act of betrayal to his sect mates and he would never find his standing in the Mystical Sky Yard.

    “Not speaking? That’s simple also!” The sect master’s wife then asked, “Let me ask you, the Serene Cloud Yard that this child’s parents stayed in, who does it belong to now?”

    “Uhhh~” Zhang Xin Yu wiped off a layer of cold sweat, before answering: “After a general discussion, the place was transferred under this disciple’s name!”

    “Transferred to you?” The sect master raged, “So what you’re saying is, you chased your junior brother Song out of his house and swallowed all of his possessions? Haha! I thought that such a filthy, disgusting and melodramatic scene would only appear in the secular world! I never imagined that our Mystical Sky Yard, a utopia like this, the place of cultivators, that something like this would happen! You’re amazing!”

    “Senior uncle sect master, listen to my explanation!” Zhang Xin Yu knelt down on the floor and cried out, “After junior brother Song’s parents passed on, their only child should rightfully be taken care by us. But the problem is, you also understand what this child’s talent is like. Under the skies, there isn’t anyone who is worst than him! Such a person would definitely not be able to achieve anything. It would be a waste to leave all those treasures which junior brother Song and his wife left behind to him!”

    “You should also know that all these things were not easily earned. It was all painstakingly collected by junior brother Song and his wife. Rather than wasting it on such a trash, shouldn’t it be left to someone who needs it more? This would help junior brother Song make the biggest contribution to the sect, no?” Zhang Yu Xing said with a tearful voice, “I believe that even if junior brother Song was alive, he would have done the same thing also, thus I~”

    “Ha! You’re really good at finding excuses!” The sect master laughed in anger, “The things he collected so painstakingly should obviously be left for his child. Don’t tell me it should be left to you? What do you think you are?”

    “The key is, it’s a waste?” Zhang Yu Xing argued.

    “It is his problem even if it was a waste. What rights do you have to interfere?” The sect master questioned.

    “Besides, using it on this child may not even be a waste!” The sect master suddenly added, “Without the inheritance of his parents, he could still cultivate to the 10th XianTian stage by the age of 22. This is already the standard of an inner court disciple! It can be seen that an average affinity with all 5 elements may not be trash, but a genius instead!”

    “That’s right!” The sect master exclaimed, “If he had inherited everything his parents left behind, his cultivation would definitely be much deeper. In terms of speed, he may not even lose to my Hong Ying! Such a genius can only be seen once in a thousand years!”

    “It’s a pity he was delayed by a guy who thinks that he knows it all!” As the sect master said that, he glared coldly at Zhang Yu Xing and scared him silly.

    “No no, this Song Zhong is definitely an accident! He, he~” Seeing that things weren’t going well, he hurriedly explained.

    However, the sect master has already lost his patience. He waved his hands and interrupted him, “Shut up! Zhang Yu Xing, you bullied your junior brother’s only child and even seized all of his possessions. Your crimes are really great and they cannot be pardoned! I announce as the sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard that the Serene Cloud Yard will be transferred back to Little Fatty. Everything inside no longer has anything to do with you, it all belongs to him!”

    “What?” Zhang Yu Xing was immediately anxious and asked, “Senior uncle, how can you do that? What about all of my savings from all these years?”

    “But there are things in there that Little Fatty Block’s parents left to him!” The sect master said mercilessly.

    “I can return it all to him, but what about my stuff?” Zhang Yu Xing hurriedly asked.

    “How would I know which is yours and which is his?” The sect master replied indifferently.

    “This, this disciple promise not to touch any of it~” Zhang Yu Xing hurriedly replied.

    “Hmph! Do you think I will still believe you? Let me tell you honestly, everything you say here to me is nothing more than a fart to me!” The sect master laughed coldly and said, “Besides, I can’t be bothered to differentiate between all that. I only know that you took his courtyard and everything inside. It is only fair that everything is to be returned! Do you understand?”

    Seeing that the sect master so full of killing intent, he knew that nothing could be changed. He did not dare to say anything else but bowed his head, “Yes, your disciple understands. If senior uncle has nothing more for me, your disciple will take his leave. There are still many things for me to do in the outer court!” As he said that, he wanted to pay his respects and leave.

    “It’s alright!” The sect master laughed coldly and said, “There are many things to be done in the outer court, I definitely wouldn’t dare to let you suffer. It’s best for you to go to the back mountains to train in seclusion. Whenever I’m dead, is whenever you can come out!”

    “Ah?” Zhang Yu Xing was stunned as he heard that. You have to know, the place where all JinDan cultivators enter into seclusion is not in the back of the mountains. That is where they imprison prisoners. In other words, he has already become a prisoner in accordance to the lifespan of a YuanYing cultivator. He would most likely be imprisoned for over a few hundred years, and may not even live until then! That was as good as life imprisonment!”