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Chapter 83: Chased out of the Sec

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 83: Chased out of the Sect

    The sect master did not bother about the guard’s pitiful face and threatened, “Any more suspicious movements and I will cripple you right here!”

    “Yes, your disciple doesn’t dare!” The JinDan cultivator replied with a face full of cold sweat. He hurriedly lowered his head and did not even dare to look at Little Fatty at all. It was evident the extent to which he was frightened.

    Having witnessed this scene, Little Fatty realized that those outer court elders had this JinDan cultivator as their backer. This sect master of his really lived up to the name of Fiery Dragon. With just a small display of anger, he managed to scare a JinDan expert witless.

    Just when the sect master was warning the JinDan cultivator, the sect master’s wife suddenly looked to Little Fatty in doubt and said, “Song~”

    As the sect master’s wife was about to shout his name, she shut her mouth, revealing an expression not knowing whether to laugh or cry. She wanted to call Little Fatty’s real name, ‘Song Zhong’. But that name really leaves people speechless, especially since her husband was the one who came up with it, making it extremely awkward.

    After pausing for a moment, she then thought of another way of addressing him and said, “Child, if the dimensional storage bag and flying sword issued to you is of such a quality, then what about the magical tool issued?”

    “Magical Tool?” Little Fatty shrugged his shoulders, laughed bitterly and said, “There was no magical tool at all. In any case, I have already entered the outer court for many years but have yet to receive it!”

    “Dammit!” The sect master was enraged to the point his face turned green.

    The sect master’s wife was also extremely mad but exercised better self-restraint. After taking a few breaths, she then asked, “Let me ask you, is it such that all the outer court disciples are like that, or are you the only one?”

    “Oh, of course, it isn’t everyone who is like this!” Little Fatty explained, “Either you have a background, or you bribe the elders, if not they would all end up like me!”

    “So this is the case!” The sect master’s wife heaved a sigh of relief and said, “So it is just that these few people are corrupted. I thought that the Mystical Sky Yard has grown destitute!”

    “Such corruption can’t be forgiven, isn’t this plain bullying?” The sect master raged, “Especially for them to bully Little Fatty Block. A puny outer court elder dares to commit flagrant offenses, such audacity! Did everyone in the inner court die? Why isn’t there anyone to take care of this?”

    (T/N: Little Fatty Block is supposed to be a more affectionate way for the sect master to call Little Fatty)

    “That’s right?” The sect master’s wife frowned and asked, “Child, with your status in the Mystical Sky Yard, why would an outer court elder dare to bully you?”

    “You must be joking Ma’am!” Little Fatty rolled his eyes and said, “Your disciple is but a mere servant who is in charge of cleaning up rubbish. What sort of status do I have?”

    “What?!” Hearing that, the jade table was smashed with an accompanying “Bang!”. He then bellowed, “You actually became a servant?”

    “Yeah!” Little Fatty said, “After my parents died, I was chased out of the inner court to be a servant in the outer court. Only after countless of years, when I entered the XianTian stage did I become an outer court disciple!”

    “Why is this the case?” The sect master’s wife was also enraged. She immediately interrogated the JinDan disciple, “Zhang Xing Yu! Tell me, what is this all about?”

    At the same time, the sect master also glared at him.

    “This, this~” Zhang Xing Yu face was filled with sweat as he stammered, not knowing what to say.

    At this moment, a group of people suddenly entered. They were the 8 elders who came in under the lead of a cultivator. They then paid their respects to the sect master and his wife together.

    The sect master immediately let go of the JinDan cultivator and roared, “Who is the b*st*rd that discounted Little Fatty Block’s magical tool and even issued such trash to him!”

    As he said that, he threw Little Fatty’s dimensional storage bag and the pathetic flying sword on the floor.

    All 8 of the elders were completely scared stiff by the sect master’s wrath. They were all trembling and could not even stand still. As for the elder Wang who issued the magical tool, he was almost frightened to death.

    Obviously, he could discern that Little Fatty lodged a complaint. Plus, he complained to the sect master. What he was most afraid was that the sect master addressed Song Zhong as ‘Little Fatty Block’. Although it did not sound nice, but it was obviously filled with the love of an elder. In order words, this darn fatty had deep ties with the sect master!

    Elder Wang felt as if his intestines were all twisted up. ‘What kind of foolish courage did I have? To even dare touch the sect master’s descendant? But, this darn fatty was obviously the servant who everyone bullied. How did he suddenly become the descendant of the sect master?’

    Trepidation and remorse suffused his heart. Getting interrogated by the sect master, how could one entertain any thoughts about lying? In actual fact, he also knew that since circumstances have already culminated to such a stage, denying it would only incur the full wrath of the sect master. It is said that his temper wasn’t bad, but he doesn’t like people to oppose him. If he were to adhere to him, there might be a chance to live. After all, it was only a small corruption. But if he were to oppose him, the lightest punishment would probably be getting skinned alive.

    Thus, under such circumstances, the astute elder Wang decisively knelt on the floor and cried out, “I’m the one who did it. I’m a b*st*rd, I deserve to die!”

    “You’re indeed a b*st*rd, you indeed deserve to die!” The sect master scolded, “Why did you do that?”

    “This, this~” Elder Wang cried out and said, “It is all because I was overly obsessed with avarice and seeing that he did not give me any benefits, I….I became blinded by greed! Sect master, I know my mistake, please have mercy on me?”

    “B*st*rd, how can I let you off!” The sect master then roared, “Men, cripple his cultivation method and chase him out of the Mystical Sky Yard!”

    “Yes!” The moment the sect master said that 2 foundational cultivators responded and grabbed elder Wang out.

    Elder Wang really managed to predict the sect master’s temper, saving his life. But, it was actually not much different from death. You have to know, the Mystical Sky Yard was not in the secular realm. It was located in the Vast Mountains where demonic beasts often rampage. In such a place, even an elder Wang with his cultivation intact would probably die, much less a crippled mortal. In order words, even though he was not sentenced to death by the sect, he would also become fodder for the demonic beasts.