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Chapter 82: A Gentlemans Revenge

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 82: A Gentleman's Revenge

    Hearing that, Little Fatty was stunned and thought ‘All of my seniors uncle did bother about me at all? Even though Qing Feng Zi did help me, that was only a few years ago. The only reason why I am able to cultivate to this level is because of my own hard work. What has it got to do with them?’

    As for the sect master’s wife, after she heard this statement, she frowned and scold in a jokingly manner, “What are you saying? What do you mean by pathetic talent?”

    “Of course I’m referring to the talent of this little fatty.” The sect master then added, “In the past, I said that his father was a fire type cultivator with wood as his supporting attribute and should find a fire type cultivator for his wife. In the end, he found a water type cultivator with the supporting attributes of metal and earth. In the end, they gave birth to this fatty which had an average affinity with all five elements! After living for hundreds of years, it can be said that I have seen many things! But I have never seen someone with such a poor attribute affinity, don’t you think this is pathetic?”

    After hearing this, Little Fatty’s face immediately turned red and his forehead was full of black lines. He thought to himself, ‘No wonder the sect master had the nickname of fiery dragon. He was even being labeled as someone who doesn’t bother about taboos. This guy is really casual with his words! How can he describe someone like that, am I really that bad?’

    As for the lady, she was already swaying back and forth from laughing too much, almost falling flat on the floor.

    The JinDan cultivator tried his best to hold in his laughter, but from the way his body trembled, one could see how much effort he took to hold it in.

    As for the sect master’s wife, she rubbed her forehead and was rendered completely speechless. She thought to herself, ‘How blind was I back then, to choose someone like him to marry?’

    Although he was ridiculed by the sect master, Little Fatty was not angry at all. This is because he could feel that the sect master did not treat him as a stranger, that’s why he could be so unrestrained. If not, how could a person who had been the sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard for a few hundred years be an idiot who speaks without thinking.

    Awkward as Little Fatty might be, he still felt the warmth of a family. It also washed away all nervousness of him meeting a lofty figure.

    However, at this moment, the sect master who was laughing had a sudden change in his facial expression and stared intently at Little Fatty’s waist.

    Little Fatty initially thought that he did not wear his belt properly, which would really be too embarrassing! He unhesitantly checked his dressing and found that there was nothing wrong. He looked back at the sect master in doubt, as though he was asking the sect master why was he staring at him.

    The sect master did not say anything, but frowned and stretched out his hands. Subsequently, Little Fatty felt his belt loosen and the dimensional storage bag on his waist disappeared and appeared in the sect master’s hands.

    After grabbing hold of the dimensional storage bag, the sect master investigated the inside with his spiritual sense. He realised that there was only a pathetic flying sword, a few low grade spiritual stones and a bottle of low grade elixir. In an instant, his facial expression turned cold.

    He was enraged and inquired, “Little Fatty, why are you so poor? Why are you using such a broken dimensional storage item? Even if you threw this on the streets, nobody would want to pick it up!”

    Seeing that Little Fatty’s dimensional storage item was very unsightly, the sect master begin to have doubts. Realising that the things inside are so pathetic, he could not help but probe.

    You have to know, Little Fatty is now a 10th XianTian cultivator. Moreover, he was still young and had a bright future ahead. Such a person possessing a pathetic dimensional storage item, was really too surprising.

    In actual fact, it wasn’t that Little Fatty could not afford to buy a new dimensional storage bag. It is just that he had the dimension within his Natal Artifact which could store almost everything. Thus, he did not find the need to spend money on a dimensional storage bag, thus he continued using that broken dimensional storage bag.

    Initially, Little Fatty only used it to conceal his identity, and he was already used to it. But now, the sect master felt that something was amiss and started to interrogate him. Little Fatty suddenly had an idea. In the past, when he just became an outer court disciple, the court elder made life difficult for him. Not only did he give him the lousiest dimensional storage item and flying sword, he did not even give him a magical tool.

    Little Fatty had always kept this matter in his heart. It is just that he was still a person without influence and was unable to take care of an outer court elder which had plenty of backing. Thus, he could only let him go scot free. Since the sect master asked about this matter, naturally it would a prudent decision to utilise this opportunity for revenge on that court elder..

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty immediately acted innocent and said, “Your disciple is poor, and can only use the dimensional storage item which the sect issued!”

    “What?!” The sect master’s face immediately turned green when he heard that, “This is the dimensional storage bag which the sect issued to you?”

    “Yes, the flying sword as well. It was all issued to me when I just became an outer court disciple.” Little Fatty then added, “Back then, the outer court elder said that the sect was in a quandary and could only take out these items. Plus, the magical tool could only be given to me a decade later. You disciple thought, since the sect was having troubles, I should not be too ostentatious, thus I continued using this!”

    “Haha!” The sect master laughed out of anger. He took the broken flying sword and laughed coldly, “My Mystical Sky Yard is such a large sect, but under my leadership, it has fallen to the point of issuing such rubbish to my sect disciples? I have really failed as a sect master!”

    The sect master wife looked at the pathetically broken flying sword with a face full of killing intent. She then seethed with rage and said, “This can’t do, when we went into seclusion, the sect was still prospering and the items in our storage was brimming. The disciples of the Weapons Hall all exhausted their means to make many weapons. It has only been a short while, how can it be that we have became so poor? There must be something wrong somewhere!”

    “Whether or not there is something wrong, we will find out when we call that outer court elder!” The sect master then instructed, “Summon all the 8 elders of the outer court!”

    “Yes!” There was immediate acknowledgement from the outside and people immediately summoned the elders.

    After sending someone out, the atmosphere seethed with tension. when the sect master and his wife had their attention elsewhere, the JinDan cultivator’s expression changed and signalled to Little Fatty with his eyes. He was obviously threatening Little Fatty to keep his mouth shut.

    However, what the JinDan cultivator did not expect was that the sect master seemed to have eyes on his back. The moment he made an expression change, he was immediately found out. The sect master immediately turned over and glared at him, “Is your face itchy? Are you seeking for a beating?”

    “Your...your disciple doesn’t dare!” Facing the wrath of the sect master, he trembled till he stammered.