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Chapter 81: Meeting the Sect Master

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 81: Meeting the Sect Master

    The moment Little Fatty heard about Hong Ying, this first thought was a deep sense of inferiority! He initially thought that he could be considered to be a genius after getting his Natal Artifact, but the moment he compared himself to her, he could be considered nothing! It can be seen that it was still best to have caring parents!

    Just when Little Fatty was daydreaming, a Foundational cultivator approached him. He looked like a 30-year-old person with a very relaxed disposition. But Little Fatty knew that one could not judge a cultivator by his appearance. By estimation, he is definitely alive for at least a century.

    After finding Little Fatty, he smiled and said, “Song Zhong? The sect master wants to see you!”

    “The sect master wants to see me?” Little Fatty looked at him with a doubtful expression.

    The sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard was an expert at the YuanYing stage which was miles apart from Little Fatty. His status was high above Little Fatty, why would he suddenly want to see such an insignificant cultivator like him? Could it be that other party made a mistake?

    Obviously, nobody would dare to make a mistake about an instruction from the sect master. The other party only smiled, indicating for Little Fatty to follow him.

    As an outer court disciple, Little Fatty, of course, lacked the authority to voice out any questions or complaints. He could only meekly follow him and was then transported to a place called Mystical Sky Peak by the latter’s sword beams.

    Being a large sect in the cultivating world, the headquarters of the Mystical Sky Yard would definitely be majestic. There were large stone tablets and various intricately designed palaces on the peak of the mountain. Just the living quarters of the inner court disciples numbered over the thousands. Every courtyard had its specialty and it was as awe-inspiring as the palace of the royal family, or as elegant as the celestial realm. It was like glittering jewels to the eyes, capable of making people gasp in amazement.

    If someone were to think that all these were just ornaments, he would be deeply mistaken. In actual fact, the whole Mystical Sky Peak was a gigantic Nine Palace Eight Trigrams formation. When facing an enemy attack, this formation can be activated to surround the whole mountain peak. Unless there were several hundred YuanYing stage experts working together, the formation would definitely not be broken. This was, in fact, the foundation of the Mystical Sky Yard.

    Little Fatty was no stranger to this place at all. Little Fatty’s parents were well-known figures in the inner courts and had their own courtyard here before. He grew up here since young but was chased out from here after his parents passed away.

    Now that he returned to this place, Little Fatty cannot help but sigh in his heart. At the same time, his dissatisfaction towards the cold-blooded actions of the Mystical Sky Yard increased. His parents had sacrificed their lives for the sect, but the sect was unwilling to take care of their only offspring and threw him to become a servant. Little Fatty was only 6 when he was chased out. Any 6 years old kid, faced with such a treatment would definitely harbor a grudge in their heart.

    Just when Little Fatty was feeling emotional, the both of them already reached the highest point of the peak, outside the Mystical Sky Hall. The cultivator had brought Little Fatty into the most sacred place of the Mystical Sky Yard. After turning a few corners, they arrived in a lateral court.

    This was a very classy yard and was tens of feet wide. It was surrounded by artificial hills, a fish pond, bamboos and cypress trees. Under 100 feet tall iron tree, there was a stone table with a few stools surrounding it. A middle-aged couple was enjoying tea on the bench with a 10+ years old girl in red playing with a pine nut in her hands. There was also a Jindan cultivator respectfully standing behind them.

    The 4 of them turned to look at Little Fatty as he approaches. At the same time, Little Fatty felt that he was struck by 4 light beams. The couple’s gaze was extremely intense, but it was filled with gentleness. They were only probing, with no enmity in them. As for the beautiful lady, her face was suffused with curiosity. As for the only JinDan cultivator, his eyes was filled with sternness, as though he was warning Little Fatty about something, making Little Fatty feel exceptionally solemn. He thought to himself, ‘Don’t tell me I offended this JinDan cultivator without even knowing?’

    At this moment, Little Fatty also hurriedly sized up the middle-aged couple, which was the sect master and vice sect master.

    The sect master had a scholarly elegance and was dressed in a green Taoist robe. He did not have any extravagant accessories, and he was obviously a plain and simple person. However, although he was not handsome, but he had an upright charisma and was someone who gave a lasting impression.

    The middle aged lady had sharp eyes, was exceptionally beautiful and was dressed in red. She gave someone an impression of a wise and heroic person. Seeing her face, she was definitely one who had overcome adversities and had a fiery temper.

    As for the young lady, her cuteness was pure and innocent. Ever since Little Fatty came, she used her large curious eyes to stare at Little Fatty. That expression was as though she was looking at a pet, making Little Fatty tremble with fear.

    As for the JinDan cultivator, he had a modest gentlemanly look and a smile was always on his face. But even though he was smiling, his eyes had a chilly look in them. Especially the way he looked at Little Fatty, where his gaze was filled with enmity.

    Of course, only after Little Fatty cultivated in the Primal Chaos Formula was he able to feel it subtly. This was not seeing through his expression through experience, but it was a feeling deep within like a special ability. Normally, only a JinDan cultivator would achieve such an ability. But Little Fatty was able to feel it when he was at the 10th XianTian stage. This was all thanks to the mysterious Primal Chaos Formula. If not for this ability, he would definitely be fooled by his elegant appearance, thinking that he was genuinely smiling at him.

    Although Little Fatty felt the enmity in his heart, he could not show anything now. With a stomach full of doubts, he walked towards the sect master and bowed, “Disciple, Song Zhong, pay his respects to the Sect Master and Vice-Master!”

    Seeing Song Zhong, the sect master wife’s face changed slightly, with a tinge of sadness, as though they thought of something. As for the sect master, he simply laughed, “It’s enough, we’re all family. Dispense with the formalities!”

    As he said that, he happily glanced at Little Fatty and nodded with satisfaction, “Although you’re a little fat, but your foundations are very solid. 10th XianTian stage, with your pathetic talent you’re able to achieve this level, it really isn’t easy! It is evident that your senior uncles have spent a lot of effort on you!”