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Chapter 80: Genius Hong Ying

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 80: Genius Hong Ying

    However, the natural strength of the puppet was really frightening. When utilised properly, the prowess of each puppet would be considered shocking. For example, Little Fatty equipped each of his puppets with over 100 black iron spears. It was refined with a special method and he even added in some precious materials, increasing the resilience of every spear. They even possessed minor penetrative effects. Thus, if the puppet were to throw it with all its strength, it could even create a foot-deep hole on his black iron bell. This could be said to almost match the piercing ability of a 7th-grade flying sword.

    Of course, because the spear was a physical object, the throwing motion would require time. Plus, the flying speed was also incomparable to that of the sword light. Thus, were a cultivator prepared, he could easily dodge it.

    However, although a single spear could be easily dodged, it does not mean that the same could be done for dozens of spears. You have to know, Little Fatty has an endless supply of materials in his Natal Artifact. The wind copper required to make the wind copper puppet is only slightly less common as compared to black iron, also forming a small mountain in his dimension. Under such circumstances, Little Fatty could naturally refine the puppets with all his might. Even factoring the low rate of success the trouble one undergoes in the refinement process, Little Fatty still managed to refine a total of 36 wind copper puppets over a period of few years.

    All these puppets are connected to Little Fatty’s mind and he could release them anytime during combat. If he releases them and gets them to throw the spears at the right moment, even Foundational cultivators may end up suffering!

    Besides, apart from these 36 wind copper puppets, Little Fatty also refined the 2 Wing Piercing Tigers which he attained into his own puppet as well. Each of this tiger had the combat prowess of a Foundational cultivator, which is considered a huge advantage! The only thing he was unsatisfied about was a lot of spiritual stones this puppet would exhaust every time it was used. Even with Little Fatty’s wealth, he would have to use it sparingly. At least, he cannot take it out to play with it casually, and it can only be used if he is caught in a big battle.

    In such a relaxing atmosphere, Little Fatty silently spent 3 more years in the outer court. Nobody in the outer courts knew that this seemingly ordinary Little Fatty killed the imperial tutor, regional governor, royal uncle. Nobody also knew that this brat even killed the sect master’s son of a middle sized sect. They only knew that Little Fatty was well taken care of by the higher ups, and had the highest allowance. He did not even need to do any missions and could obtain access to the whole outer court library. This invoked the jealousy of many a disciple.

    However, nobody dared to touch him, since he had the status of an Enforcement Hall disciple. This also helped him to save a lot of trouble.

    3 years passed in a flash, and Monkey was already a 5th XianTian cultivator. As for Han Ling Feng who already entered the inner courts, she had long ago the peak of the 9th XianTian cultivator. She had been stuck at that bottleneck for half a year, showing no signs of a breakthrough.

    You have to know, the 9th and 10th level is a barrier. After one passes that barrier, one would be at the accomplished XianTian cultivator. She would then easily reach the 13th level and then become a foundational cultivator. If she could not pass that barrier, she would be forever stuck without progress.

    As for Little Fatty, he already became a 10th XianTian cultivator and was steadily approaching the barrier separating XianTian from the foundational cultivator.

    Facing a Little Fatty who easily surpassed her, Han Ling Feng was ecstatic, but at the same time, she felt a trace of unwillingness. She constantly asked Little Fatty about how he broke through the bottleneck, but always received an answer which made her want to strangle him.

    “Bottleneck? What’s that?” Little Fatty will always reply with a straight face of honesty and innocence, making everyone think that he was telling the truth.

    In reality, he did not lie of Han Ling Feng. Once he entered the right track in the Primal Chaos Formula, it would be like a broad and open road for him with no obstructions at all. Things like bottlenecks were not things which he had experienced before.

    If not for the fact that she was very close to Little Fatty and was very familiar with his cultivation speed, she would not believe that there existed such a monster like Little Fatty in the world.

    But Han Ling Feng also accepted the fact soon after since Little Fatty was after all a XianTian cultivator who had successfully refined lightning spells. His affinity towards all 5 elements was so lousy yet could still cultivate with such speed. Adding another strange occurrence like how he did not meet any bottleneck was something that was acceptable.

    She then gave up on competing with this kind of monster and began to immerse herself in her own Dao. Through doing so, she managed to reap some rewards and saw the hope in her breakthrough.

    Just at this moment, a momentous event happened in the peaceful Mystical Sky Yard. The sect master and his wife came out from closed-door seclusion!

    The sect master entered closed-door training about one year after Little Fatty was born and were already in seclusion for about 20 years. At that time, everyone was very puzzled by them entering into seclusion. Not only was there no news at all, they also ignored all their responsibilities. The strangest thing was that, they were not experiencing any bottlenecks and their cultivation was still constantly increasing. Closed door training would not show any marked improvement in their cultivation speed, thus there was no need for closed-door training at all.

    But at this moment, all their doubts were resolved. This is because they entered into closed-door training as a pair, but exited as a family of three. As to the reason why they entered into closed-door training, was because the sect master’s wife saw that Little Fatty was really very cute. Her compassionate mother’s heart was stirred, affecting her Dao heart.* The sect master was concerned about her, adding the fact that he wanted a child, thus they decided to enter into seclusion to settle this matter.


    You have to know, high-level cultivators would not casually have children. To produce talented progeny, they would usually prepare various means. For example, they would eat special elixirs and cultivate special methods. They would then undergo intercourse with dual cultivation methods. After a child is conceived, they will also have to nurture the foetus. The child that was born would also be brought up with various treasures.

    The result of all these hard work would be an ultra genius cultivator. As for how much of a genius the child is? The talent of the daughter of the sect master was comparable to an expert 1000 years ago who entered into the YuanYing stage before he was 100.

    It could be said that once Hong Ying was born, the whole Mystical Sky Yard, Vast Mountains and all cultivators under heaven which called themselves geniuses all lost their shine.

    With such a talent, plus the care of such strong parents, what kind of results would be produced?

    The result was that 17-year-old Hong Ying was already a 12th XianTian cultivator!

    What was 17 years old? When Little Fatty was 17, he was only at the 1st XianTian level! As for Han Ling Feng, a cultivator who talent wasn’t too bad, she was over 30 this year and stuck at the 9th XianTian level. Even all those talented individuals who entered the inner courts were unable to cultivate to such a level at such a young age! The youngest 12th XianTian level cultivator produced by the Mystical Sky Yard was over the age of 20!