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Chapter 79: Three Years Later

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 79: Three Years Later

    Actually, if not for the fact that Little Fatty had an average affinity with all 5 elements, he would already have been made an elite disciple at the inner court. With the sort of elemental affinity which he had, if not for the fact that his cultivation wasn’t too bad for his age and his Earth Divine Lightning, the JinDan stage experts would not even give him a second glance.

    However, even if he had the Earth Divine Lightning, there was still the issue of his cultivation. It was mediocre amongst people of his age, and could not cover the fact that he had only an average affinity with all 5 elements. This was the only reason he was considered an exception since one would not be able to tell for sure what was his exact potential. Thus, the JinDan stage experts wanted to monitor Little Fatty for a while to see if he could develop himself further. Thus, they did not directly accept him into the inner court, but let him remain in the outer court.

    Of course, even though it seemed so on the surface, Little Fatty’s status in the sect would be different from now on. Because of his special characteristics, plus his contributions this round, he would definitely enjoy a series of privileges.

    Firstly, Little Fatty’s allowance each month would be 10 times more than what it is now. He would be given the highest salary of an outer court disciple, the salary of a 13th XianTian stage. Secondly, he does not need to do any sect missions, only needing to pour his efforts into cultivating bitterly. In addition, if he faced any difficulties, he could directly consult the higher stage experts. Finally, Little Fatty received a special privilege to view any of the books in the library of the outer courts. With such conditions, Little Fatty’s future would definitely be limitless.

    But, all of those were things for when he returned to the sect. The current pressing matter was to seek an explanation from the Mechanical Sect.

    After hearing the story, the 5 JinDan cultivators were all enraged. A lowly Mechanical Sect actually dared to touch their Mystical Sky Yard disciple. Without saying anything else, they all went to the headquarters of the Mechanical Sect. Being the witness, Little Fatty would naturally have to go as well.

    The large troop of people flew there on a 300 plus feet giant magical artifact, a pure white flying boat. This flying boat was the lousiest giant magical artifact in the Mystical Sky Yard, but it was still more than enough for a hundred people to ride. Plus, there were many offensive mechanical magical artifacts on the underside of the boat. It was a pity that Little Fatty was unable to see the ferocious side of this boat this time since there wasn’t a battle.

    There were 4 levels on the boat, with over a hundred rooms. Little Fatty was also allocated a room, which was about 10 feet wide. Though it was not spacious, and the only furniture inside was a praying mat, but the spiritual Qi was very abundant. It was not any less abundant as compared to the conditions of the Mystical Sky Yard and was beneficial to one’s cultivation.

    With the transport of this boat, they easily traversed over 100,000 kilometres in just a few hours. If Little Fatty were to fly on his own, he would need a few days at the least.

    The Mechanical Sect was located on a mountain called the Misty Mountain. It used to be located on the Vast Mountain, but due to previous conflicts, it was forced to shift over here.

    According to the information, the Mechanical Sect had only about a hundred plus people. Besides the sect leader and his wife, there were no other JinDan stage cultivators already. There were only tens of foundational cultivators to support the sect. But despite the case, this was a considerable force in the secular realm. Thus, this resulted in them breeding such a lofty attitude. In the end, they were seeking their own deaths by provoking the Mystical Sky Yard.

    This time, 5 JinDan cultivators, dozens of foundational cultivators were all here to demand an explanation from them. Their sect may even be wiped out completely!

    It was without doubt that the people of the Mechanical Sect were quick thinkers. After knowing that they got themselves into such a huge mess, they decisively abandoned this place. The troops of the Mystical Sky Yard had made a trip in vain. In order to show their determination, the Mechanical Sect even destroyed all their infrastructures to prove that their leaving was permanent.

    Facing the ruins, the troops of the Mystical Sky Yard were speechless. The world was such a big place, if the people from the Mechanical Sect wanted to hide, trying to find them would be akin to finding a needle in the ocean even with their manpower.

    As such, for the disciples who cannot even be considered cultivators in the Sect, they were sent in droves to find clues all over the world, however naturally without much success. Helpless, the troops of the Mystical Sky Yard could only return empty handed. After sending a bounty to the cultivators, they did not take any further action.

    In actual fact, the bounty was nothing more than for consolation only. So long as the people of the Mechanical Sect were not idiots, they would definitely not reveal themselves easily. In any case, cultivators have very low requirements to survive. They can just casually find a deserted cave to cultivate for a hundred years. After this whole incident was over, then they could magically reappear forgetting about everything that happened. Even if the Mystical Sky Yard were to find them then, it wouldn’t be much of a problem anymore.

    After all, this was not any sky shaking event. If the Mystical Sky Yard were to still chase them to their deaths after a hundred years, they would only be laughed at for being petty. They were a righteous sect after all, and definitely, have some form of bearing to maintain.

    Besides, the Mystical Sky Yard did not lose out in any way. Although a few monks died, but the sect master’s son was killed. Little Fatty even reaped so many treasures. Thus, strictly speaking, Mystical Sky Yard was the one who had the advantage.

    Thus, despite not managing to wipe out the Mechanical Sect, the cultivators of the Mystical Sky Yard did not really mind. The purpose of them coming today was not to wipe out their sect, but only just to seek an explanation for the face of the Mystical Sky Yard. Whether or not they killed anyone was honestly not very important.

    Of course, this was only the thoughts of the higher ups in the Mystical Sky Yard. Little Fatty did not feel this way. After all, he was the victim and the superior of the disciples in the temple. Now that everyone in his temple was killed, it really made him feel like he let them down. Thus, Little Fatty was silently resolved in his heart that he will take revenge no matter how long time would have passed. As long as he meets those 4 cultivators, he would definitely kill them.

    With an indignant spirit, Little Fatty followed the troops back to the Mystical Sky Yard and continued with his cultivation.

    In the following days, Little Fatty’s days were really relaxing. Every day, a third of his time would be spent on cultivating the Primal Chaos Formula and refining both the Negative Water Lightning and Earth Divine Lightning. He would then spend the remaining time on the Mechanic Refinement Method.

    With the endless materials and primal flame, Little Fatty’s progress was extremely fast. In just a short 3 years, he already had the ability to refine low-grade puppets. A low-grade wind copper puppet was equivalent to a 7th-grade magical tool.

    Such a puppet was about 7 feet tall and had a robust built. It had a strength of about 10,000 catties at least. However, it is only able to do physical labour but is unable to cast any spells. It cannot even use any magical artifacts which require the use of spiritual Qi. Despite its stunning defense and strength, most still considered it rather useless. In an actual battle, it may not even be able to win a 3rd stage XianTian cultivator. With just a few casual restrictive spells, it would be enough to render the puppet useless.