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Chapter 78: Returning to the Sec

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 78: Returning to the Sect

    “Your disciple used this to kill him!” As he said that, Little Fatty took out an Earth Divine Lightning pearl. At this moment, it was impossible for him to hide it any longer. If he did not reveal it, he was afraid that the sect would not easily choose to enter a conflict with another sect. This was as good as letting everyone in the Cool Breeze Temple die in vain. Thus, he could only take this item out. In any case, what transpired was clear and he wasn’t afraid of any investigation.

    Being a foundational cultivator, the moment he saw the shiny gold pearl, he exclaimed, “Earth Divine Lightning? What’s the meaning of this?”

    “What do you mean?” Little Fatty feigned ignorance and asked, “This is refined by me.”

    “Refined by you?” Qing Feng Zi’s eyes almost popped out as he roared, “How can this be possible? Even I don’t know how to refine it, from whom did you learn it from?”

    “I learnt it myself from a jade strip!” Little Fatty said honestly.

    “Jade strip? Although the Earth Divine Lightning is one of the lowest class, it is still worth over a million spiritual stones! I won’t be able to afford it even with all my possessions. Where did you get it from?” Qing Feng Zi asked in amazement.

    “Remember the last time I killed the imperial tutor to take revenge for someone? Afterwards, I returned his family heirloom to his cousin. Out of gratitude, he gave me a piece of yellow jade, which was the Earth Divine Lightning!” Little Fatty replied heartily.

    Qing Feng Zi slapped his thighs loudly and regretfully replied, “If I knew that I can get a divine lightning by killing the imperial tutor, I would have slaughtered them all already!”

    “Heh heh, but it is already over!” Little Fatty then took out the jade strip and handed it over to Qing Feng Zi and solemnly said, “Senior uncle, if you want to refine the Earth Divine Lightning, you may have it!”

    Seeing Little Fatty’s sincere face, Qing Feng Zi shook his head, smiled bitterly and said. “Your Senior Uncle is a wood type cultivator and is not suited to refine the Earth Divine Lightning. If it was the Wood Divine Lightning, that’ll be great!”

    “Child, I appreciate your intentions, but it’s best if you keep the item!” Qing Feng Zi then reminded, “Do not let anyone know that you have this jade strip. You can just say that you killed them with a talisman I gave you. If others were to know that you possess such a great treasure, trouble will ensue!”

    “Yes, your disciple understands!” Little Fatty knew that Qing Feng Zi was concerned for him, and so he replied respectfully.

    “That’s good! Let’s go back first and you can brief me on what transpired on our way back!” As Qing Feng Zi said that, he pulled Little Fatty and flew back to the Mystical Sky Temple.

    On the way back, Little Fatty narrated to Qing Feng Zi what happened in the past few days in detail. How he was in close door cultivation, how they suddenly barged in and slaughtered everyone, how he escaped after killing someone. As for how he managed to escape from the 4 foundational cultivators, Little Fatty explained that he only managed to escape because they were wary of his Earth Divine Lightning. Plus the fact that the bell was sturdy, thus allowing him to escape.

    Although Qing Feng Zi was full of doubts, he could not find any flaws. As he saw the bell, he could not help but take in a cold breath and thought to himself, “How many attacks did this bell tolerate before being reduced to such a state? Why is it that after being damaged like that, it is still not destroyed?”

    Doubtful as he was, Qing Feng Zi did not think too much about it. After all, the bell was really injured, which proved how intense the battle was. Little Fatty definitely experienced a bitter fight. Seeing how his child was bullied, Qing Feng Zi’s heart was suffused with rage. How would he bother about such things? The only thing that mattered was how to report this matter to make it a serious enough matter to frustrate the sect enough to send experts for vengeance.

    After a while, Qing Feng Zi and Little Fatty returned to the sect. Qing Feng Zi then wrote an emergency letter and sent it back to the sect on his flying sword. He then gathered everyone from the sect and singled out the previous temple head of the Cool Breeze Temple. He interrogated him about his relationships with the Mechanical Sect and whether or not he embezzled anything.

    This was a monumental matter, not only was the Cool Breeze Temple destroyed, but many people died. This also almost caused the death of Little Fatty. The main reason was still because of the underground deals with the Mechanical Sect. If not for those, that teen would definitely not have shown up. What frustrates Qing Feng Zi the most was that even though he made some underhand deals, he should have at least informed Little Fatty about it. If Little Fatty knew about it, he would have been a little more polite to the other party. It would not have resulted in such a conflict causing a blood debt!

    Under normal situations, Qing Feng Zi would close an eye with regards to the embezzlement. But, who asked this guy to have killing intent hidden in his heart and even wanted to harm Little Fatty. In the end, this matter got blown out of proportions. How could Qing Feng Zi expect Little Fatty show mercy to him?

    The previous temple head’s cultivation was destroyed and he was imprisoned in the chilly lake for a hundred years. This was his punishment. After destroying his cultivation, he would be a mortal. Plus the fact that he was imprisoned in a place like the chilly lake, he probably would not even be able to survive for 10 years before turning to a pile of bones

    After settling this traitor, the only thing left to do was to wait. Thankfully, the response from the sect was swift. After the message was sent, the Mystical Sky Yard sent dozens of cultivators in less than a month. There were even 5 JinDan cultivators as the leaders. In their presence, even Qing Feng Zi was a generation under them and had to speak to them respectfully.

    Little Fatty then explained to them what happened in detailed and did not conceal the Earth Divine Lightning. Since they all had such a high status, they were probably uninterested in such a low-grade divine lightning spell. Plus, they definitely would not bother to threaten a junior like himself.

    Despite that, when they heard that Little Fatty refined the Earth Divine Lightning, they were all taken aback. The majority were skeptical about it until Little Fatty took out the divine lightning as evidence. Only then did they acquiesced. At the same time, they also knew that an unparalleled genius has emerged in the Mystical Sky Yard. The future of a XianTian cultivator, that could refine an Earth Divine Lightning, was limitless!

    If Little Fatty was a normal disciple, they would probably spare a few words of praise and seal his mouth with some magical tools. However, Little Fatty was a cultivator who mastered the Earth Divine Lightning and had limitless potential. This increased his value drastically.

    Without any arguments, all the JinDan cultivators agreed to let Little Fatty return to the sect for cultivation. At the same time, they promised him that if he could reach the foundational stage before 40, not only would he become an inner court disciple, they would make him an elite disciple and look after him well.